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When Richie Rich was cool


I know it’s hard to believe, but Richie Rich was a cool dude once.

Once upon a time the character, originally created by Harvey Comics in 1952 as a companion feature in Little Dot, actually had a personality, clever stories and appealing comic art chiefly by animator Steve Muffatti, and cartoonists Warren Kremer and Ernie Colon.

Leslie Cabarga and I spent the summer mining the Harvey Comics vaults and cherry-picked the best of the original Richie Rich comics of the 50s and 60s for a new trade paperback volume due out next month. This is the second of several high quality Harvey Comics reprint books we are compiling for Dark Horse.

If you’ve only been exposed to the latter spin-off comic books of the 1970s and 80s, the cheap animated TV shows or that Macaulay Culkin movie, I urge you to give this volume a look. Amazon has just put our Richie Rich book up for pre-order and has posted the the first several pages, including the entire first six-page Richie story from Little Dot #1 (click the Search Inside: Amazon Online Reader option).

  • uncle wayne

    There was a time when RR was NOT cool!?

    I, quite frankly, ENJOY the (latter-day) animated version. Its pace is zippety (and clever!) Thank YOO for the thumbs up on the tip-top “cherries!”

  • top_cat_james

    Is a Sad Sack PB in the works, Jerry?

  • uncle wayne

    Oh my God! I had not gone to the “Dot” covers yet. I had forgotten her wonderful “obsession!” Great covers. Thanx for the (great) memory!

    [P.S.: I wound up m MARRYING Little Lotta!]

  • Uncle Wayne – I admit the Richie Rich shorts done by Film Roman in the late 1990s were actually pretty good.

    Top Cat James – No. A Sad Sack volume is not in our plans.

  • Nic Kramer

    Yeah, I read about some of the bad comics from the Harveyville Fun Times, but believe me. It dosen’t get any badder than the Richie Meets the New Kids on the Block stories. Talk about “The “Wrong” Stuff!” Boy, that Montgomery really gummed up that time! Okay, okay I’m done with the bad jokes.

  • i wonder what it says about me that i aspire to look like that “thief” that richie rich is beating up?

    either way this is great! i love when these collections come out!

  • I am very fortunate in that I well remember these comics and THIS is my Richie Rich (though sometimes I do admit to a longing for Jackie Jokers, but I just liked the fact that RR had a friend in show business!) I am also fortunate in that I know Uncle Wayne AND Little Lotta Plenty!!

  • I LOVE old Richie Rich comics! When I was a kid in the 80s, they put out a reprint book called “Richie Rich Relics” that had lots of swell old stuff. Did Howie Post do many Richie Rich stories, or was he mostly a Casper guy? By the time I was born, he was at Star/Marvel doing Heathcliff, Madballs and the like.

  • Richie’s design in the first comic is certainly appealing (not completely different from later)

    And it’s in Color. Jerry, is most of the rest of the book going to be in b&w?

  • loved the casper, this a a mega-great series. gr8 job jerry and leslie!

  • Richie Rich was NEVER cool, sorry. :-(
    Give me Uncle Scrooge for fiscal misadventures any day.

  • WOW! What a coincidence, I just recently did a Richie Rich Throwback pic on my blog! I loved the Hanna Barbara version. I can’t wait to get the book. I will surely give it a plug over at my blog. Keep up the great work Brew.

  • Larry_T

    Got mine pre-ordered!

    Even though I have most of the original comic books from those early days (Little Dot, Little Lotta, and Richie Rich PLRB) I’m still picking up the book out of interest to see which stories are considered Richie’s finest…. Did you get the Hallowe’en story, “Walla The Magician” drawn by Ernie Colon into this compilation, Jerry? That has got to be one of the most bizarre Richie stories even penned….. it freaked me out as a kid and it’s weird to read even today….. Richie gets totally terrorized in that one :P

  • What? Richie Rich stopped being cool?
    Why doesn’t anyone ever tell me these things?!

    *burns all of his Harvey comics*

  • ThePeterNetwork

    I kinda enjoyed that little Richie Rich preview there. I forgot what spunk he had. And you said he was a backup story in Little Dot? I had a crush on her. LOL

  • OM

    …Two Points:

    1) Actually, that was Lotta Plump. Plenty was Bob Oscar’s surname over in Dick Tracy.

    2) Ernie Colon did his best work on Richie Rich, which to be honest is where he should have stayed. His forays into the more “super-hero” books weren’t suited for his particular art style, as noted in his artistically dismal Legionnairs Three in the mid-80’s. Probably the best example of how poorly received his DC work was invovled the Phantom Stranger Secret Origins issue, where Colon did the art for one of the four “possible” origins of the Phantom Stranger. Of the four, his is the one that the majority of fans dismiss as being implausible, although they’re also quick to admit that much of their prejudice against that particular story has to do with Colon’s art – it was just too “Harvey” for a Vertigo title and character!

  • To comment on the comments, Sad Sack is still owned by Alan Harvey, so one would have to ask him about such a book. Jerry’s books are focusing solely on the Harvey World characters now owned by Classic Media.

    Howie Post (to my knowledge) only did Richie in “Richie Rich and Jackie Jokers” #8 and 9.

    Jerry’s “Richie” book is in the same format of color and black & white like the “Casper” book. They’re working on a “Hot Stuff” book next… Also, check out Jerry’s upcoming Hanna-Barbera book when you can.

    P.S. For further Richie research, I’d recommend reading any of the 45 issues of “Richie Rich and Casper”, published from 1974-1982.

    I also want to give a cheap plug for my book “The Best of The Harveyville Fun Times!”, available for sale on Amazon at
    and at most comic book stores.

    Also, a quick plug for my Richie Rich’s Vault Yahoo! Group at and my “Harveyville Fun Times!” website at

    End of cheap plugs.