Academy’s Milt Kahl tribute now online Academy’s Milt Kahl tribute now online

Academy’s Milt Kahl tribute now online

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has put up video excerpts of the panel discussions from the infamous Milt Kahl Tribute in April. Great memories of Milt from John Musker, Brad Bird, Andreas Deja, Alice Davis, Richard Williams, etc. Check it out

(Thanks, David Nethery)

  • Archagon

    Oh, that’s wonderful! I particularly enjoyed Richard Williams’ contribution.

  • Just before i found out i got into school for animaiton, i did loads of research and found book after book on the subject. One of which was of course Williams’s (animation is concentration!) and 9 old men. In learning about the history and these guys, they always seemed so distant, like they’re genius had just sprung up out of nowhere and created almost unrealistic expectations to a student. As I graduated and read more and hear more and watch more (continuing that research into my career), i’ve really felt a larger kinship with them thanks to events like these. They went from being unattainable demi gods to unattainable humans with stories as to how they made the performance decisions that drove that era at the studio. Thanks once again for creating that bridge between that generation and this younger one.