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All-New ‘Big Hero 6’ Trailer

Today, Disney released the first full trailer for Big Hero 6, the studio’s follow-up to Frozen. Like the teaser released a couple months ago, the new trailer pushes the boy-and-his-inflatable-robot buddy angle, which co-director Don Hall has described as “the emotional heart of the movie.” Directed by Hall and Chris Williams, Big Hero 6 will be released on November 7, 2014.

  • Looks great! I wonder how the movie will differ from it’s source material.

  • Hope another trailer comes out. Don’t know how to feel about it, don’t feel swayed one way or the other. But with any animated film, I hope it does well, and it delivers in telling a wonderful story.

  • Abdullatif Alomar

    I’m not sure why they are trying to distance it from Marvel

    • CaJd554

      Maybe Marvel’s trying do distance itself from this. Which wouldn’t be a good sign.

    • Cale

      They don’t want people thinking it’s part of the MCU.

  • George Comerci

    I have to say, im a little…disapointed. they went comedy over action again. i like the action clips they show, and i love the comedy and they showed the team! but they didn’t show the team for nearly long enough. i was just expecting something a little better. i’m sure we’ll get better trailers down the road.

    • Yeah, I’m thinkin’ they’ll release another trailer after this one. It would be nice if Disney could just focus mostly on an action packed animation, not just a mixture of comedy and action. Gets boring after a while.

    • starss

      American trailers ALWAYS go for comedy over action with animated films! This isn’t a new thing. And this is just the first real trailer. Give Disney time to roll out a few more and maybe we’ll see the team in action, and some real drama.

    • Adzl33t

      Remember the shitty trailers for Frozen, dont worry

  • Inkan1969

    I never read a “Big Hero 6” comic. Is the robot supposed to look like a balloon? He moves like a balloon as well.

    • starss

      “In creating the film’s version of Baymax, Disney’s Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter had the Big Hero 6
      team do a lot of research into robotics , which is how they came across
      the relatively new field of “soft robotics,” made from inflatable
      vinyl, being developed by engineers at Carnegie Mellon. These robots are
      being specifically designed to have a future in the medical industry,
      to be gentle and pliable, so they don’t hurt people when they pick them
      up. Thus, they implemented this design into Baymax’ creation (as he was
      designed to be a diagnositic nurse, on top of caring for Hiro), and
      suddenly the film’s goal of a “huggable” robot didn’t seem so

    • Balloon-a-tic

      You sir are brilliant. “Is the robot supposed to look like a balloon?” Hmm, let’s see he looks like he is inflated, is animated like he’s inflated, and when punctured loses air like something inflated. To answer your question – YES, he’s balloon.

  • Guest

    Let’s get this bit of criticism out the way.
    Disney hasn’t yet ditched
    the character models of past creations for their prominent females.
    Yes, even GoGo bares a strong resemblance.

    Other than that, this trailer looks adequate. I didn’t particularly find it funny,
    but the visuals are astounding. The amalgam of San Francisco and Tokyo works. Hope to see the writing hold up stronger than the last attempt.

    Finally, this is the first in a decade to have a diverse cast.

    • tt

      I find it amusing when people criticize Disney for reusing face models and praising Ghibli for great animation designs. GHibli is an anime studio, and all the characters look exactly the same, with few tweaks here and there. yet nobody complains.
      and here we are, having a hugely diverse cast that look quite different, but similarities between this and previous films r criticized for.
      also, don’t forget that in the past, Walt himself had done the same, using the exact face model for Snow White, Cinderella, Tinker Bell, and most female characters in the package era.

      • Delta

        I think the difference between Ghibli and Disney is that while Disney seems to have this same-face syndrome for only female characters (mains, mostly), Ghibli does it to both genders. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not a problem.

        I think Ghibli has this certain reputation of…dignity. From their storylines and slow pacing to being a small company who pretty much exclusively does movies, a lot of people have a clear respect for them. They also have stronger female characters who play major roles and don’t serve as love interests only. In my opinion, better than most of Disney’s female leads. Does that mean their own same-facing is right? No, of-course not. Should this “respect” for Ghibli blind us to that fact? No.

        It’s weird because when I see Kiki I don’t think “hmm, that’s Chihiro”. I think “hmm, that looks like their other characters”. With Disney, I saw Honey Lemon and thought “hmm, that’s Rapunzel with a longer nose”. The Ghibli characters are very uniform, and I think that’s why I don’t mix them up. I’m just reminded of this “style” that’s in ALL their films. It’s like you say: “all the characters look exactly the same, with few tweaks here and there, yet nobody complains”. I think people don’t complain because they are not reminded of a certain character. And that doesn’t distract them.

        However, most animation companies (including Ghibli) at the moment REALLY need to step up their game with female body types and such. I think they all suffer from trying to create an “attractive” female lead when, really, it should be appeal.

        So, yeah, you have a valid point. Ghibli’s animation is great, but there are so many departments of animation from special effects to the background. If someone is praising Ghibli for animation, it may not be just character animation. All in all, both companies have problems, yet Disney seems to be hitting it more towards the girls and women. Correct or clarify me on anything if there’s something wrong. :)

        • hitface

          to add to your point: Ghibli does 2D animation and needs to keep their designs simple. for Ghibli, the way they draw men and women are design choices. It comes across as a stylistic choice to many because they provide equal treatment between male and female characters, and they’ve made drastically different leads before, like older sophie in howls moving castle, and porco rosso.
          Disney just comes across as lazy because they have great variety in their male characters, even the characters meant to be attractive. Hans and Kristoff are two very different looking guys, but they are obviously both meant to be handsome.
          Disney even made Elsa and Anna’s mother a recolour of elsa with wrinkles.
          it just seems extremely lazy, all of it.
          ive also also seen people argue that disney had always made same face female characters, but i feel those people are going off the dumbed down promo art for their toys and not the actual art of the movies when they were made.

      • Successful animators having reused designs in the past hardly means we shouldn’t criticise it.

        Animation is a medium with boundless potential, we can make characters with interesting shapes and movement, yet, a lot of the time, we don’t see this taken to its full potential.

        Take, for instance, the character Honey Lemon:

        In some of her promotional photos, she has a slight slouch to her posture which adds a little character, but when she’s standing tall, she looks entirely generic. Look at that face and tell me someone couldn’t easily mix it up with Rapunzel’s, or Anna’s, or Elsa’s.

    • Copper

      Woah I didn’t notice it before but now that you said something, I can totally see it.

  • bob

    I think it looks good… I’m not familiar with the original comic. And… I’m not letting my dislike of the cartel influence my reaction to all of their hard work on this.

    I think it’s fun and charming… That last shot made me laugh.

    • Copper

      The whole cartel thing hasn’t dimmed my opinion of these movies at all, because the hard-working artists actually making it happen weren’t involved in all that crap… I’ve only lost respect for the greedy people up top (Catmull most tragically).

      That being said, I’ve been following a lot of the artists working on Big Hero 6 on twitter and their enthusiasm for this movie is contagious. I can tell they’re having a ton of fun working on it, I’m excited to see how it turns out!

      • Adzl33t

        John Lassester is a hack riding off the efforts of better artists and writers, that’s why Cars and Cars 2 sucks, that was mostly his fault

  • Rocketberry

    Woof. It certainly doesn’t look awful, but I don’t envy the people writing this. It’s hard to make a 90 min movie about a team. There usually just isn’t enough time to pack in all those characters and their stories in one film. The Avengers succeeded only by basically having 3 movies of set up beforehand.

    Here’s hoping for the best.

  • Matt

    How many times have we heard people state they want to see something besides a musical or why dont animation studios make a modern day movie? Well this film is that film and it looks solid. Character designs are nice even though I wish the robot looked more like the comic but who knows he may change the way he looks throughout the film. The trailers have been good, they dont give too much away and the comedy is not stupid. I think Disney has a great film on their hands. I am hoping that the animation community gets behind this.

  • JO-JO

    WONDER why all these people think CGi animation must be a comedy ?

    • Benjamin Juandy

      Take a look at the Japanese trailer. They play a much more serious story narrative, so there is probably at least a current of drama to this. Also, take a look at How to Train Your Dragon 2 (I think this is at least a semi-response to that series, same themes) it led as an action film and wound up having a soft landing.

  • Arnaud

    Looking at the female characters, you’d never guess that Glen Keane doesn’t work for Disney anymore.

  • Pedro Nakama

    If what I heard is true a lot of people may go see this. Not to see the movie but the Episode 7 trailer in front of it.

  • Strong Enough

    i want to see an animated movie without heart. Let Shane Carruth direct a Pixar movie

  • Lucy

    This is so familiar…where have I seen it before…
    Ah! OF COURSE, J-Pop America Fun Time Now, I bet those kids wrote this movie
    If it had only be a parody like the skit itself.

    To be honest, the trailer is making me cringe…San Fransokyo, based out of San Francisco the place where they held Japanese prisoner camps, you go Disney, I thought your racist times ended with Song of the South, but seems you keep at it. Now, just more sparkles and fat jokes.

    I’m not sure why anyone is really supportive of this when the original comic is HORRIBLY offensive, and this movie does not look much better.

    I’ll give Disney this, they always find new ways to disappoint me.

    • DangerMaus

      [quote] San Fransokyo, based out of San Francisco the place where they held
      Japanese prisoner camps, you go Disney, I thought your racist times
      ended with Song of the South, but seems you keep at it. [/quote]

      Well, I guess by that metric you should condemn anything that came out of Studio Ghibli or any Japanese studio then , because they are from a country that ran prison camps that brutalized and murdered thousands of POWs; that slaughtered thousands upon thousands of Chinese and used untold numbers of Korean women as “comfort girls”. They are also a country that continues to refuse to acknowledge their responsibility for being one of the prime culprits for WW2, as well as the crimes they committed while prosecuting it. They actually have the mindset that they were victims. I mean, have you ever seen “Rail of the Star”? Brutal.

      • Johnny

        So you’re just going to lump an entire country of people into the same boat as if they all wanted a war in the first place? I don’t know why anyone continues to make sweeping generalizations and not think of all the innocent individuals caught up in their ruling government’s foolish desires. Everyone is a victim of war.

        • DangerMaus

          Maybe you should try re-reading what I posted. My point was that it was ridiculous to call Disney racist for setting a film in a fictional city called “San Fransokyo” because of a misconception that San Francisco was the site of internment camps. Calling Disney racist because the U.S government ran internment camps in WW2 is as stupid as calling Ghibli racist because they come from a country whose government, in WW2, ran brutal P.O.W camps, killed thousands of Chinese civilians and ran military brothels full of Korean women.

          However, Do you know what the difference is between the U.S government and the Japanese government of today is? The U.S government has acknowledged and apologized for a racist, criminal policy of interring Japanese-Americans. Do you know what the Japanese government hasn’t done? Apologize to and compensate the victims of their brutal WW2 POW camps, their WW2 forced prostitution policies and the indiscriminate slaughter of thousands of Chinese civilians.

          You know what I hear from the Japanese people in regards to their nation owning up to and apologizing for the crimes of their wartime government? Complete silence. That says volumes to me.

    • DangerMaus

      Also the word “racist” is being bandied around so loosely that it has lost all meaning. Disney is racist now for setting a story in a fictional city named “San Fransokyo”. Unbelievable.

  • BurntToShreds

    Could have done more to give it its own unique style. Would have been awesome if they had experimented with the colorsand shading/lighting to make it look more like a manga/comic book.

  • James VanDam

    Maybe the reason why people don’t rip on Bruce Timm so much for his style is that a lot of the things he makes/produces is hand drawn animation. Same with chis sanders for the most part.Hell, even in the Croods movie all the characters had unique designs and nobody felt like a re textured clone of the other. It appears that disney is just dusting off the Repunsel rig and adding a few tweaks to that. Disney is a multimillion dollar studio capable of creating more than one face for their female characters.

  • Student

    Trailers are mostly marketing, depending the trailer the film will seem different.
    See the Japanese trailer for instance.

  • Jack Rabbit

    Rich ‘n Thick ‘n Creamy. This movie is gonna be fattening……

  • Steve

    Go anywhere else on the internet and you see tons of positivity for Big Hero 6. CartoonBrew commenters, on the other hand…never disappoint in bringing the hate.

    • William Bradford

      haha elitism and snobbery challenges the film industry: Naïve as it might sound these films would be of far less quality if people weren’t going to rip it to shreds at every minute.

      I’m of two minds about the anagram choice: It would have been interesting to see an all Japanese cast set in japan. And yes: cute young lead characters is there to draw the audience, not out of artistic integrity. And at worst the reason it was set in a half-American town was out of fear of alienating the dumber of it’s audience members.

      At BESt however, the choice could have been because the original comic has a lot of arguable dated Japanese culture clichés, and probably some that are down right inaccurate (would have to read more of the comic). Perhaps the fictitious half san fran half Tokyo idea was to add an element of parody to it, so there’s a flavor of self-awareness and they can get away with more.

      haha as for racial stereotyping, I think this is a no win situation. Judging from descriptions and appearance, They have the willowing blonde who’s an awkard, bespectacled branicac, the tough badass rebel Japanese girl (with the VERY classic rebel Asian girl haircut), and the large black kid who, according the description, is timid an fastidious and neurotic. These could potentially be seen as pandering or tokenism… BUT conversely if they’d made these types closer to the older typecasts, people would rightfully object to that too. haha of course this is speculation: there’s every possibility these characters won’t just be blatant counter-stereotypes or stereotypes: but it’s hard not to jump to conclusions based on first impressions.

      And on a side note, as cool as an all-Japanese Disney lead boy would be, I think it’s equally cool to have a mixed lead too; a representation of the films setting being a mix. Again, if it’s done well, it’ll seem a charming nod to two cultures.

      ONE other theory I have is that, since the original comic seems a nod to traditional Japanese anime style, where characters tend to look like non-Japanese people physically, YET because they’re animated by people in Japanese culture they still have subtle inflections that make them seem Japanese, the mixing of the two cultures might be a way to give a slight nod to that style. Hiro Looks a bit… contrary as this might sound.. like an anime boy designed in a Disney style. Also, Baymax is a very charming character

  • Copper

    Sure thing, these are a few that come to mind (there are more but I’m having trouble remembering the names off the top of my head):
    Bruce Wright:
    Tyler Kupferer:

    Paul Briggs:

  • Haruna

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  • Fried

    I see 12 seconds of bonus footage that shows more serious scenes, but I also see zero action scenes and the same comedic teaser we got before.

    So they just swapped out action with drama, but the percentage of comedy-to- is still the same.

  • Capital_7

    Actually, “Anime” has come to mean an especially aggressively stylized type of animation. Dragonball Z through Death Note. None of this has anything to do with Ghibli.

  • ea

    In Japan, The Simpsons and Looney Tunes are considered “anime”

    • DangerMaus

      Yeah. I stand corrected. Any animation, foreign or domestic, is referred to as “anime” over there. It is in North America where a division was created between Western animation and Japanese animation and “anime” became the descriptor for a specific subset of animation.

      I have never heard the term anime used to delineate an aggressively stylized type of animation, separate from the more traditional style of animation as practiced by Ghibli. The term anime has always been used over here to refer to Japanese animation whether it is a Ghibli film or Kill La Kill.

      I can maybe see a point to creating a separate category for Michael Bay-styled anime and anime that actually focuses on story like Ghibli does. Maybe they should start referring to aggressively styled, incoherent, anime as Baynime.

      I mean, in my own case, I see a difference between an animated cartoon and an animated film, although most everyone else, including people who work in the industry, just seem to see them all as cartoons.

  • ea

    Funny how Japan, the land of Engrish, didn’t go with the original title.

  • Adzl33t

    But Elsa was sexy

  • Johnny

    I love how you speak with such authority on the matter. I’m sure you’ve watched nothing beyond what get’s released commercially outside of Japan.

    As for Ghibli being some sort of high standard I recently read a review for The Wind Rises where the reviewer, who was also highly dismissive of all Japanese animation, lumped Miyazaki’s film in with the rest because it all looked to same to him. I’m sure that would make Ghibli fanboys foam at the mouth but their in house art style isn’t easily distinguishable.

    • ea

      Believe me, I’ve seen stuff that would never be commercially released outside Japan; most of it is cookie-cutter. Same designs, same cliches, same limited animation (with some exceptions here and there), same backgrounds, etc. Some of it may be “nice to look at”, but so are Thomas Kinkade paintings.

  • Terri

    I’m giving this movie the benefit of the doubt. You can’t really judge a movie purely from the trailer. Look at Frozen. It’s trailers weren’t all that great but it’s now extremely popular. Plus for once we have a cast that is fairly diverse and a main lead character who is Asian. Do you have any idea how rare that is in American media?

    • Shuckleberry Hound

      I’m not saying that bet the film won’t be a success, I’m just saying it doesn’t look like I’ll enjoy it personally. For the record, I also didn’t think I would like Frozen based on its promotional material, and I didn’t.

      (I did, however, sort of enjoy Tangled, so there’s always hope.)

  • Capital_7

    Since I’m not Japanese, I can’t tell you. Anime, I’ll insist, does not cover all Japanese animation.

  • Anonymous

    You’re joking right? I think picked the wrong characters. How about Anna, Elsa, and Olaf? Oh, and there’s no guarantee you would have liked the film. Just, well, petty.

  • hayls

    I agree, except to be honest I think The How to Train Your Dragon films go Drama>Action>Comedy…. in fact I’m flat-out stating it. Those films are more heartfelt, meanwhile Disney lately seems to be taking a more comedy>drama&action route.

  • Benjamin Juandy

    One thing I don’t think others have noticed: they play up the fact that the heroes are involved with STEM, especially in their other marketing. I think it’s great that they’re trying to make science as cool as possible.