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Anton Ego Plush Doll


As a follow up to my previous post on plush dolls (and I promise this will be the last one for the time being), I just found out they made one for Anton Ego, the beloved food critic from Ratatouille!

Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with a plush doll of one of the most cherished characters in Disney/Pixar history? He’s certainly one of my favorites. Here’s an eBay link. However, I’m still waiting for the Anton Ego vinyl action figures and bobble-head toy.

  • Instead of a ‘Disney/Pixar’ character, i always considered the design of Anton Ego to be a loving nod to the works of Edward Gorey…

  • Chuck R.

    Please tell me there’s a sound chip featuring the famous soliloquy about criticism.

  • I get the magical image in my head of a sweet little kid playing house with her dolls. Anton gets to sit in the high chair as the little kid serves up various Easy-Bake Oven delicacies. The kid wishes her dolls could come to life so they could really *enjoy* her cooking…
    Ooh, what a mistake.

  • LadySarabi

    just in case any one is interested in traking one of these down- Disney stores have the entire plush line on clearance right now. They are going for about $2 each if you can find them. I couldn’t resist, and bought the Gusteau to hang in my kitchen.

  • “Plush” and “Anton Ego” seem mutually exclusive to me.

  • Nymo

    I remember seeing practically a box full of Ratatouille plush dolls of characters people don’t want, Anton included, for like 99 cents each, and then an additional 40% off…

    They’re all now finally gone…

  • Josh

    Hey, as much as I like Anton Ego, it really surprises me they bothered to make a plush of him in the first place! No wonder it didn’t sell.

    • AliciaW

      He’s my favourite character, but the doll is frankly quite creepy-sad to say.

  • Okay, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Jerry’s rave over this plush was with his tongue imbedded deeply in his cheek. C’mon, people, wake up and smell the sarcasm!