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‘Big Hero 6’ Teaser Uses Comedy to Sell Superhero Film [UPDATED]

Here’s the teaser for the Marvel-derived Big Hero 6, the Walt Disney Animation Studios film that will be out in November. The 90-second spot introduces the film’s teenage protagonist, Hiro Hamada, and his homemade robot Baymax. The teaser emphasizes humor and personality over action, and Disney over Marvel, the latter of whom is curiously not named in the teaser. It’s also nice to see a nod to the DIY/maker culture, with Hamada using both a Maya-like software and 3-D printing to create Baymax.

UPDATE: As numerous commenters have already pointed out, the teaser is quite similar to Brad Bird’s teaser for The Incredibles:

  • Kit Kat

    I love this! The idea of a soft robot is really appealing to me, and I like the kid too. Really looking forward to seeing more.

    • I like the soft robot-he reminds me a bit of someone very familiar….

  • Jen H

    Very cool/cute looking. I agree, the 3D printing was a nice touch, and the modeling/posing…if only it were that simple.

    And I’m sorry but the first thing I thought of watching this was the original “The Incredibles” trailer with Mr. Incredible struggling to get into his costume as well (! Not saying anything negative against this one–they are both funny!
    Just big guy + tight, red superhero costume = gold

    I can’t wait to see more.

  • George Comerci

    I wish they’d shown some other characters too, but this is a really good trailer! I can’t wait to see more :)

  • Tril

    The Marvel logo would’ve assured them at least half a billion at the B.O.

    • Joseph Patrick

      Right? Hell, even the films not owned by Disney/Marvel Studios like X-men and Spider-Man are still plugging their logo in the front!

      • I think the fact its an asian cat is what they’re banking on. Foreign market money son.

        • Joseph Patrick

          Yeah that’s true, lol!

  • megadrivesonic

    Well I don’t see a problem here, If the Incredibles made the comedy teaser work so can this movie. Already this movie looks better then frozen, lets hope this movie overshadows it.

    • tt

      doubt itll go over a billion dollar tho…….

      • Anon

        Not all movies go viral nor cater to “everyone imaginable”.

      • megadrivesonic

        Doesnt matter, not all good movies are a success, look at things like Secret of Nimh or The Road to El Dorado

        • Mambo

          “Not all good movies are a success…

          …and not all successes are good movies”

    • jmahon

      I love it when movie trailers/teasers aren’t so much made of clips from the movie, but a little tiny “taster” of the themes and appeal of the movie so you can get into it without having any plot spoilers.

    • Keen Bean

      I agree and disagree with you. It wasn’t the the masterpiece everyone is claiming it to be but it does everytyhing right for what it’s supposed to be and who it’s marketed to. That being said i hated frozen

    • Funkybat

      I think it’s a foregone conclusion this movie will be better than “Frozen.” Hell, the last few Dreamworks films were more entertaining than “Frozen.” I am looking forward also to another Disney movie that will in all likelihood not have any show-stopper Broadway musical sequences. Wreck-It Ralph was the direction Disney should have kept going in, with influences from great shows like Futurama and exploration of things Disney never really had gotten into such as video game characters and their world. “Frozen” felt like a big backslide, a lackluster spin-off of Tangled. Oh well, at least I came to appreciate Tangled more now after seeing Frozen a couple of times.

  • Johnny

    Just like the Incredibles teaser except Brad Bird isn’t working on this film so I have zero interest.

    • GS

      There are more people in the world besides Brad Bird.

      This movie is basically Weird Science without the sexuality.

    • Steve

      Hey, way to be open-minded!

  • Bob Harper

    So Mr. Incredible is now the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?

  • disney must be hiring scientists cause all im seeing are formulas

    • Mike

      I mean……………it is based off a Marvel property.

    • ZibZabZo

      “SMACK” the sound of a high five…

  • Paul Badilla

    I Hate when jokes are predictable… I KNEW THAT WAS COMING AT THE END!
    The kid seems to be japanese (Hiro Hamada…) but there’s nothing japanese in the character, look at his face!! it’s just another generic Disney character with spiky hair…

    • Tril

      At least they didn’t give him green eyes and blue hair like how anime portrays “Japanese” characters.

      • Johnny

        Yeah they didn’t but that still doesn’t mean his character design isn’t still generic.

        • Optimist

          Maybe how he moves and behaves will dictate how “generic” he turns out to be, rather than his design. Just throwing that out there.

    • kw

      Since it is a cartoon i’d say there’s some room to forgive the characters for not looking 100% Japanese, I am getting pretty worn out on the Disney way of character design.

      • Paul Badilla

        They could have done a caricature of a Japanese …

        • ed

          Like an American WWII propaganda cartoon?

        • Casey

          Cause that would’ve worked out so much better… Disney still gets flak for their caricatures of other cultures to this day, decades after they were used.


      The character design is so obviously Japanese inspired (see any anime or manga). I’m so tired of white guilt fuling these racial character debates rather than logic.

    • tt

      he looks Asian. u cant look like a specific country’s people. Japanese can look Chinese, etc.

    • William Bradford

      The film is set in a fictitious melding of San Fran and Tokyo: so possibly the kids meant to be of mixed origins to represent that.

  • trevor

    where’s the style? why not just make it a live action movie?

  • Joseph Patrick

    To be fair, Frozen’s first trailer aimed more for comedy. It is also very similar to the first trailer to “The Incredibles” featuring an overweight superhero suiting up. I have a lot of support for this, which is despite being a huge Marvel fan I think it would be great to see more animated superhero movies on the big screen!

  • rnenno

    The music in the Incredibles teaser is the theme from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. How did Pixar get away with that?

    • Chris

      The finished film (and score) was also very 60’s James Bond/John Barry-inspired IMO.

  • Jon

    The story’s from Marvel, but it’s a WDAS is making the film making it technically one of their Disney Animated Canon.

  • Casey

    Apparently this film is closer to Disney’s vision of Big Hero 6, so it’s not a carbon copy of the comics, and that’s probably why it’s not referred to as “Marvel’s Big Hero 6”

  • William Bradford

    The closing gag I was rather expected. BUT I must say I thought it was a refreshing take on a home-made battle robot: You gotta make your own HOOD, and the basic robot itself is more soft and user-friendly. I think even without the “supersuit doesn’t fit” gag, it’d be difficult not to make comparisons to the incredibles for the same reason it’d be hard not to compare to Megamind: Both are superhero-like shows inspired by the same comics and art culture. THis makes me curious: maybe not excited yet but by no mean apprehensive. I believe it has successfully “teased” me

  • jhalpernkitcat

    You got to admit, Baymax is adorable chasing after that soccerball.

  • Guest

    It was alright. Eagerly awaiting pop culture to move on to the next fad.

  • megadrivesonic

    Yes I have seen Frozen, otherwise I wouldn’t have said that. Its not that good, Doesn’t help Disney lied about the movie and squandered its source material.

    • starss

      Hahaha. Thinking Disney “based” that movie off the Snow Queen for this version of the film. Hilarious. That wasn’t the point. By the time the film we know of came along, it is now a more “original” tale that is inspired by it instead.

      • megadrivesonic

        That doesn’t change the fact that what we got was lackluster, It just isn’t entertaining, its boring.

  • Mike

    I thought it was terrible. Forgettable music, bland characters and an awful story whose only redeeming quality was its art.

  • Mike

    Hiro looks like Boy Vanellope.

  • megadrivesonic

    I mentioned these films because unlike frozen they will stand the tests of time, they went for timeless instead of popular. Frozen went for popular and will most likely become dated sooner then we anticipate( doubt tumblr will let it die though).

    • CB

      That’s exactly what they said about Hunchback of Notre Dame when it came out. And look what happened, people still remember it. You could argue that whether or not it is the magnum opus of Disney or comparable to Beauty and the Beast. But it sure left a lasting impact that’s not going to be easily forgotten. And it was a film with good characters and good execution. And I doubt that anyone’s going to forget a movie that had a song like “Let it Go” which summarized a character’s motivation in a perfectly emotional and visually tasteful way. Personally, I think it has enough memorable characters that still creates the Disney magic from the Renaissance era of 90’s Disney.

      • megadrivesonic

        I disagree with that, while I know Hunchback of Notre Dame wasn’t well received then it still managed to remain timeless, frozen however doesn’t really do this( especially with its pop soundtrack, that’s not how Broadway sounds). Personally I think Disney needs to go and resurrect 2d animation, lets be honest their CGI is incredibly lackluster any ay you look at it. Oh and do not tell me 2d is too expensive or unethical when the 2d films they’ve done recently costed a fraction of what frozen did, I am sick and tired of people trying to belittle 2d animation as if its no big deal if it disappears. DO what you said you were going to do with your animation disney, you promised more films like paperman, use that technique stop that generic diet pixar look and please go a more original route.

  • megadrivesonic

    Money doesn’t matter dude, not all good movies made money.

  • ZibZabZo

    A great musical, poor storytelling. Not a great movie.

  • ZibZabZo

    People also love mcdonalds hamburgers. Not great food.

    • David Kang

      I see what you mean there. I get it. Thanks. ;)

  • Haruna

    Yep, Akira looks just like Pokemon

  • The Nat Kidd

    Disney rehashed this from The Incredible’s first teaser. But I guess its still nice, and I hope the movie will go good to. Who would of thought that a company would go from making fairy tale movies to this. Heh.