Chuck Jones’s Influence in Disney’s Latest Pic

Louis from Princess and the Frog

Oswald Iten has a sweet and short observation on his blog Colorful Animation Expressions about how Eric Goldberg is incorporating a bit of Chuck Jones’s drawing flair into his design of Louis in The Princess and the Frog.

  • bert klein

    I was one of Eric’s animators on Louis(the other was Hyun-Min Lee).
    Eric’s Louis was such a well conceived design that like most great designs he seemed to animate himself. Eric just keeps getting better and better.

  • bluenowait

    Well it features singing frogs, so I’m not surprised that there was a Chuck Jones influence.

  • Danny R. Santos

    Love this!

  • Tim

    I really hope Eric Goldberg went crazy with the animation of this film.

    I cant wait till it’s released in Australia.

  • Ron

    This is slightly off topic but I watched Dumbo the other night and couldn’t help but notice how “Chuck Jonesy” the animation of Dumbo himself was- especially in the scene where he gets drunk. He’s got the Jonesian pinched cheeks and long eyelashes. I know Chuck was a lifelong Disney fan but I wonder if that film in particular was an influence on him. Jerry do you know anything about that?

    Bert- I saw the film today. Awesome work! Louis was a great 2D cartoony character that can only be done hand drawn. BRAVO!

  • christian

    I thought Eric Goldberg was a Guest Brewers on this blog? It would be great if he could talk a bit about his new character. :)

  • Grayson

    Eric Goldberg always does good work and makes his characters cartoony. Hopefully since we are doing hand-drawn films again we can get somemore real character animation.

  • We were lucky enough to pull Eric away from the drawing board for an hour during the production of “Princess and the Frog.”

    What a gracious guy, and what a fantastic animator he is.

  • Gerard de Souza

    I seem to think the Warner Bros. influence on Disney films shows from Great Mouse Detective onward; when the new generation of boomer animators more or less took over.

  • EHH

    You have a point about Warner Brothers, Gerard. It is more evident when Ron and John are in on it. Great Mouse Detective was their first directing gig after all. Eric also did Loony Tunes: Back in Action. However, I think the most obvious WB influence is in the Emperor’s New Groove.

  • Like Chuck Jones (and Wile E. Coyote), Eric Goldberg is a sheer, unadulterated, brilliant genius!!

  • I hope I’m not the only one who noticed that the fat frog hunter sounded almost exactly like Junior Bear.

  • As usual I am late to the game but I met up briefly with Eric at WDAS recently and somebody called his cell phone and the ringtone was the Looney Tunes/Merry Melodies theme. I thought it was awesome hearing that there at the Disney studio.