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Contemporary Disney Shorts are Coming to Blu-ray


Who said audiences won’t pay for short films? Disney Animation Studios has cracked open its post-millennial vault with Short Films Collection, a compilation of rarities and favorites anchored by the well-known Frozen Fever.

Arriving August 11 on Disney Movies Anywhere’s digital cloud service, then August 18 on Blu-ray (pre-order on Amazon), the short film collection features a collection of Disney shorts released from 2000 onward, polished off with new extras and filmmaker interviews.

These include Academy Award winners and nominees like Lorenzo, Paperman, Feast, Get a Horse! — featuring Walt Disney himself as the voice of Mickey — and The Little Match Girl, as well as other Disney shorts, such as Prep & Landing: Operation Secret Santa, The Ballad of Nessie, Tick Tock Tale, How to Hook Up Your Home Theater, and John Henry.

Tangled Ever After — which is now being followed by Disney’s (probably 2D) Tangled television series, still in development but starring the film’s beloved principals — also made the Short Films Collection cut.

Each short is prefaced by an introduction from the filmmakers explaining their creation, while the more wide-ranging Disney Animation: A Short Story on Shorts, hosted by Big Hero 6 voice actor T.J. Miller, illustrates the artistic and technical processes behind the studio’s short-form legacy.

In conjunction with the release, the 1995 short film Runaway Brain will also make its Disney Movies Anywhere debut in August.

The full line-up of shorts on the collection is below:

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  • George Comerci

    Of course Frozen takes up, like, the entire cover.

    • At least they are not being seductive on this one.

    • I said elsewhere I think “Lorenzo” could serve as the frontispiece of this collection, but he isn’t sadly, at least the film’s included after all these years.

  • Close3k

    Bring on Glago’s Guest and the cycle will be complete.

    • The best we could hope for is that good sales of this may entice them to put out another such release that could include both Glago’s Guests and Destino on it, and perhaps the other stuff they did in the 80’s and 90’s like “Fun with Mr. Future”, “Oilspot & Lipstick”, “Off His Rockers” or maybe “Redux Riding Hood”. It would seem like scraping the bottom of the barrel there, but at least we’d get to see these ones again or for the first time.

  • hereyougo

    I really hoped Glago’s Guest would be on here. Why don’t they ever release the rare ones?

    • I personally wanted to see a few others like “Oilspot & Lipstick” but I can see why played the safe route in only going back 15 years here.

  • After being shown Lorenzo in one of my 2D animation classes years ago back when I was at SCAD(the ex-Disney prof had it burned onto a VHS somehow). I was DYING to see it again…but nevertheless it was never released on DVD. So I guess buying this set of shorts is the only way to see it….it be great if you could buy the shorts individually, cos I could honestly care less about most of the CG shorts, but then I guess you couldn’t get the bonus stuff…oh well.

    • AGillyo

      I assume you’re talking about Professor Webber? :) Definitely looking forward to seeing that one again!

      • Gαbriel

        In what class did Webber show it? I only had him for one quarter.

  • Tre

    It being a collection of shorts is purely to accommodate the ‘Frozen Fever’ short. They obviously knew having a sticker on the live-action Cinderella DVD/Blu saying the short was featured on it wasn’t going to help them get brilliant sales. Whoever came up with this is probably patting themselves on the back right now.

    • I’m sure, at least we’re getting any of these at all even if they’re piggybacking on Frozen.

      • Tre

        I live in the UK, so we might never even see this release. Still I can live in hope as I’ve never seen the ‘Lorenzo’ short even though I’ve heard a lot about it.

        • Well, maybe someday. They really need to make these things global-friendly.

        • Mesterius

          Import? From my experience, most Blu-rays released these days are multi-region.

  • aquapyro

    I wish Disney created different covers cause I don’t like the Frozen cast just slapped on there

  • Ed South

    This is an awesome looking collection, no announcement of a DVD though?

    • JodyMorgan

      This set includes the shorts on both Blu-ray and DVD, as well as digital downloads and/or streaming.

  • Bob

    No Destino ?

    • That is an eye-opener, but that did get a release on a Fantasia BluRay set already some years back, though it wouldn’t hurt them to include it here next to Lorenzo anyway.

    • Lucky Jim

      “Destino” is not on this set unfortunately. It did get a release with that “Fantasia/Fantasia 2000” Blu-ray set a few years back.

    • Steven Matarazzo

      Thankfully Destino was on the Fantasia/Fantasia 2000 set. Hopefully they follow Pixar’s route and release another volume sometime in the future. Even if it takes a few years. Sadly they didn’t release this as “volume 1” like the Pixar release. Very happy to see How to Hookup Your Home Theater, been waiting to see that in HD for a long time!

      • cetrata

        They could release it next year and also include the short that they are probably going to show on zootopia or if they want it in 2017, they could get the short from moana as well.

  • Anonymous

    Cool. Stop complaining about the cover people! I’m not too happy about the cover, but we can live with it. I never bought Wreck-It Ralph, so I think this is worth the purchase for Paperman alone. I think I’ll pick this one up!

  • Kyle_Maloney

    Glad I’ll finally get to see the little matchgirl in HD. On that note though one seems strangely absent, where’s “one by one”?

    • Christian Z.

      Hopefully there are future volumes. There’s so much they could release.

  • How about “Off His Rockers”? There’s certainly a notable few other entries that would make for an ultimate set had they extended back a couple decades. I think “It’s Tough To Be A Bird” would make for a proper earliest entry on such a release.

  • Lucky Jim

    “Lorenzo” on its own is worth a purchase for the entire set.

    There’s still a couple of oddities I’d love to see get a release. “It’s Tough To Be A Bird,” “Fun With Mr. Future,” “The Small One,” “Oilspot and Lipstick,” “Off His Rockers,” “One by One,” and “Glago’s Guest” are missing from physical releases I believe.

    • Amid – Do you know if this a complete list of the films included on the set? If it is, I hope Disney plans to release Volume 2.

      It’s so strange to me that the company has kept these films locked up, and still isn’t yet releasing films from 2006, 2008, etc for general audiences to see.

  • JayeTyler

    I honestly do not understand the inclusion of the Prep & Landing short, which was already released on its own DVD/Blu-ray compilation. If this had Glago’s Guest instead, it would be perfect.

    But obviously I’ll still purchase it. Worth it for Lorenzo alone.

  • Tracy Reynolds

    Oh hooray, I totally forgot about Lorenzo and now I can finally see it! Mom also has been wanting to buy a copy of Nessie for *years*.

  • Harrison

    Love the idea, but did they really have to put that eye sore Frozen Fever on the front cover? Out of all their great short films, they had to put the most pointless one in front of the others. Seriously, that short to me was nothing more than Disney’s most pitiful cash grab. I know I’m making a big deal out of this, but I am so sick of anything having to do with Frozen. I would seriously pay to have anything having to do with Frozen removed from my copy.

    • Sonya A. Willis

      Awww a little bitter? No Frozen Fever no shorts collection release.

    • Christian Z.

      The good thing is that this set might help the Frozen fluff lovers appreciate the other material included. Imagine a generation of little kiddies watching this for Frozen Fever and also coming to love Lorenzo as well.

  • anakinbrego

    Where’s the Mickey Mouse cartoon Runaway Brain, or even The Prince and the Pauper?

    • cetrata

      Runaway brain is a digital extra for the collection.

  • Joel

    YES! After first drooling over the trailer for “Lorenzo” 7 years ago as a high-schooler, I can finally WATCH the darn thing! (And I don’t just mean” own”, I mean “watch”, since I could NOT for the life of me find the short ANY SINGLE PLACE on the Internet)

  • Borja

    Real shame not having Chris Williams’ “Glago’s Guest” on that set.

    • Christian Z.

      So true.