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Craig McCracken Confirms ‘Wander Over Yonder’ Is Finished

Disney XD will end Wander Over Yonder after two seasons, according to a post on Tumblr by the show’s creator, Craig McCracken.

McCracken had wished to create a third season of his intergalactic comedy-fantasy series. “About a year ago we presented a pitch for a season 3 arc that promised to bring our characters together in new, unexpected, and hilarious ways,” he wrote yesterday. “And just as S2 evolved from S1, we had a really exciting approach to evolving S3 even further. We had plans for new characters, the return of old characters, and even a bit of backstory!”

The decision, according to McCracken, was made by “the higher up bosses of bosses of bosses at Disney,” who didn’t offer any specific reasons for why they didn’t want a third season. McCracken pointed out that the decision to discontinue the show was unrelated to the season two ratings, because he had been told the show wouldn’t be renewed before the second season had even premiered.

In another recent Tumblr post, McCracken voied frustration that he had not been able to tell more complex, serialized stories in Wander, like Adventure Time or Gravity Falls. He said that Disney execs had insisted on standalone shorts “for the sake of repeats, ratings and for programming a 24 hour animation channel” which “has been the case since I started making cartoons in the early 90′s.”

A compromise was eventually reached on season two, he said, where some elements of continuity were added into the show. Still, McCracken admitted that the series “is not extremely complex and serious as some of you wish it were.”

Wander Over Yonder won the Annie Award last month for Best Animated Television Production for Children. The seven remaining new episodes will be aired through the end of June.

As for McCracken’s future plans, he wrote earlier this evening on Twitter that he is developing a new series. Under his current contract with Disney, the studio will have a first look at the idea:

  • Willie Okendo

    Sad to see that Disney isn’t going to give McCracken a chance to continue the show. I wonder what he’s going to make in the future?

    If I hired him, I would let him continue a show until its ratings go low.

  • Elsi Pote

    The Sponge Bob model is really killing all the good content out there.

    Thanks a lot Stephen, you didn’t learn a thing from Joe. Or maybe you learned too much I guess.

    • The_Purple_People_Eater

      Are you joking? What does this have to do with anything?

    • MagcargoMan

      Are you seriously blaming Steven Hillenburg for this?

    • Sneshneeorfa

      Blaming him for this is stupid.

  • Dave 52

    You know, at least Gravity Falls had an excuse for ending, Alex didn’t want to make anymore episodes and he wanted to stop while he was ahead. Craig specifically stated that they had more ideas for season 3 and had come up with more material. Yet, for some reason, Disney doesn’t want to produce anymore episodes because they think two seasons and 80 episodes were enough. If the team has more ideas for a third season then GIVE THEM A THIRD SEASON! It’s not going to kill you and it’s definetly not going cause your ratings to drop! You gave Star vs The Forces Of Evil a third season yet it hasn’t even aired it’s second season because you put it on hiatus for so freaking long! So, why can’t you do the same for Wander?! (sigh) I….I….I just don’t get it. And the sad part is I love this show and I love these characters and I’m just not ready to say goodbye to them yet, especially when I now know that there is still more stories to tell with them. And there is nothing that I can do to give the show the third season it rightfully deserves. Seriously, Disney what gives? Just what gives? Cartoon Network would’ve given the show a third season, heck, Nickelodeon, as bad as they are now would’ve given the show a third season. Bad move Disney. Bad move. Your supposed to be better than this.

    • Mesterius

      I love how a clear-cut finale to the storyline, planned all the way from the start, is an “excuse for ending”.

      • partyrobotmachine

        he also said i quote “I haven’t gotten a good nights sleep in 4 years” i still wish it would come back thought now he is trying to get a show on fox

  • JodyMorgan

    Well, this explains a lot about the show’s limited presence on DisneyXD’s schedule from pretty much the day season 2 started. It’s a shame, since its animation and design are arguably the best on TV right now, and it was just a lot of fun to watch.

    With this ending and “Gravity Falls” over, I guess “Steven Universe” is my undisputed favorite animated show for the foreseeable future.

  • Rae

    Man I doubt I could work well in this industry, McCracken’s been in the game (successfully) /forever/, and they still don’t have faith in him or his projects? I’d butt heads too much, like at least tell me WHY you’re pulling my show, or I’ll make working with me a nightmare just of spite.
    I hope the show at least gets put to DVD, and wish him luck with his next venture

  • Funkybat

    Well, since the show is now over, perhaps the silver lining is that Craig will now get a chance to do something with more story arcs and continuity. I have to say a big reason why I am such a Gravity Falls fanatic is because the show had the feel of something with a larger beginning/middle/end. Even if a show isn’t driving toward a definite end-point, having that strong kind of continuity and the feel of a larger universe makes a series a stronger body of work in my opinion. Shows like Gravity Falls remind me of series like DuckTales or Tale Spin, which were episodic but would call back to previous episodes or build upon earlier events. Wander Over Yonder reminds me more of Animaniacs, another great show, but one that had far more of a standalone episode format and relied of comedy first and adventure, relationships, and dramatic moments far less. I’d love to see Craig return to something that had more of that approach, like Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

  • Mashed Potato

    I hope WOY is at least given a finale send off like Motorcity (another Disney show with so much potential, something gritty and teen-centric, a great show of Titmouse’s use of Flash, canned mid-season)

  • So with the ratings not in the red, and people still enjoy the show, Craig McCracken still can’t get another season? Has Disney learned from their problem with Kim Possible? If the creators have more ideas to show, and the ratings are still strong, continue showing the product!

    Sometimes I don’t understand Disney when it comes to their animated series on its channel(s). They usually have a great product on their hands, and they do everything to ruin it (Dave the Barbarian anyone?). Other times, they allow it to work for as long as possible (like Phineas and Ferb, and Gravity Falls). To only give Craig two seasons is not only ridiculous, but disrespectful. He has earned his marks to where he can hold a show for more than the regular 2 season span for a show, and I’m sure he could’ve done a total of four seasons before calling it a day.

    I’m glad Craig is looking to create another show, and I hope there’s a network that will allow him to create. Maybe Disney will wise up, or maybe Craig can come save Cartoon Network. Either way, the more Craig McCracken in this business, the better.

    • I think McCracken hinted the problem on Twitter a few months back: the show isn’t that popular to justify merchandise. Since 2013 (the premiere date), Wander has not gotten any merchandise/marketability besides Comic-Con material (buttons, pins, paper hats, the early, wordless graphic novel). Gravity Falls finally has toys, DVDs, a video game and books, plus the show attracts more interest. I don’t know how well Wander was doing with it’s target audience, but apparently, not a lot of interest was made in contrast to Star (Disney seems to have high hopes for it as their next big thing)….

      • Tim Cooper

        Yeah, that’s probably it. Why will Disney never let Mickey Mouse fall into the public domain? It’s certainly not because he’s a valuable character for new animated material.

  • white vader

    Sigh. National – no – INTERnational treasures like Craig and Genndy keep turning out timeless (and soon to be recognised as) classics, and first CN and now Disney are just as clueless about the gems they have. These two will be looked back on in decades as right up there with the greats of animation. In spite of mouth breathing execs doing their level best to stop them at every turn.

    Why do people who know nothing about animation run animation?! Grrr.

  • otterhead

    I have no idea what the folks at Disney/XD are thinking these days. Between junk like Pickle & Peanut, cancelling Wander right before it starts becoming more serialized, and the way they treated one of the best-rated shows they’ve ever aired by scheduling eps of Gravity Falls at random times over a several year period and refusing to produce merchandise for it, it feels like they’re trying to sabotage themselves actively.

  • Inkan1969

    It’s a real shame to hear the show getting canned when MacCracken and co. had some good ideas for a third season. But it looks like the 39 half-hour limit is still strong.

  • DanK7

    I animated on the first season of Wander. I’m sad to see that it won’t continue past the second season. Despite the incredible challenges, I’m really grateful I had the chance to work on a great show like Wander.

  • I mentioned this on Rotoscopers: “This is the first time a Craig McCracken show lasted all but two seasons (Cartoon Network treated him like royalty by giving him six seasons and a couple movies/specials).”

  • J.S

    Pretty sad news.

  • According to Hirsch, the DVD box sets were axed because they would be “too expensive to produced.”

    • NamelessDrake

      Disney is generally loath to put their animated shows on DVD anyway.

    • *head turn to Disney*

      Me: (this at Disney) Too expensive…for you?! Disney?!…..Pfft…Ok….If that’s how you wanna play it…*starts rocking back and forth*

    • partyrobotmachine

      that is ridiculous Regular Show and Adventure gets one season dvd every year

      • Andy Salcedo

        that’s because CN WANTS to spend that money

  • Mr James

    NOOOOOOOO! MAN! I was holding out hope that I would be able to get my hands on a WOY action figure set at SOME POINT in the next year or so and now that dream’s been dashed. CRAP! This was one of the highlights of my kids and I’s TV watching experience. The opening song alone always had my kids up and dancing around like little sugared up heathens. It was beautiful. I hope they at least give us a box set?

  • Michel Van

    Wander Over Yonder was typical victim of TV show worst Enemy: the TV execs
    the Producer execs “think” what is best for Show is goes that way,
    while higher level execs see the Result and “think” no success, let shot it down.
    Allot good show died this way…

  • WanderPony

    I’m so sad about this. This was one of the few modern cartoons that actually felt like its own thing and not like a sequel to Adventure Time or Regular Show.

    With that said, I’m looking forward to whatever Craig McCracken will do next.

    • AfroWarrior27

      Are you implying Steven Universe and Gravity Falls aren’t there own thing?

  • otterhead

    The more I’m seeing this stuff, the more I’ve come to the theory that Disney is winnowing down its original shows bit by bit to focus on their core IPs. They experimented by trying to get their own Adventure Time or Spongebob, but I think they’ve decided that between classic Disney, modern hit films, the parks, Marvel, and Star Wars, they have enough invested in IPs that they want to focus on them and spinoffs of them (The 7D, Miles from Tomorrowland, Tinkerbell, Lego Star Wars, etc) rather than original quirky properties.

  • KShrike

    Disney kills its two best cartoons.

    What is logic anymore?

    • Though technically the creator behind Gravity Falls stopped it on his own accord, not Disney’s.

  • Craig is always happy to give out merch. He even made a couple post about some of the merch he had planned at Cartoon Network: http://crackmccraigen.tumblr.com/post/84900645429/1st-in-a-series-of-posts-about-toys-that-never
    I don’t know what happened here, but maybe Disney didn’t think there was a high demand from the target audience…..

  • JodyMorgan

    Three days later, and this announcement still hurts. Dammit.

  • I had no idea this had happened. So mad at Disney XD. Original cartoon creators need to just go over to Cartoon Network or something. Disney just keeps killing these original shows early then hold unto the copyright for dear life.

  • Ana Castelan

    Disney’s marketing strategy is getting weirder every day, i don’t get it, cancel the only shows that actually gives them rating and recognition over the bad decisions they have previously in its channel, if someone can explain me, where’s the benefit to do this? really appreciate it…

  • Jake Well


    If it was possible for fans to bring back Kim Possible
    from being cancelled and getting another season, it’s certainly
    possible for us fans to encourage Disney to bring back this series as well!

    Link to the main #SaveWOY site:

    Check the help section and some of the posts
    for ways on how to help! Even Craig and team
    are supporting us on this too!


    Send Letters/Emails, Spread this around, sign the petitions, join the ThunderClap to
    make noise on our support of a third season for this linked here: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/39025-save-wander-over-yonder?locale=en

    Watch the official airings of the episodes
    if you can, draw fanart/videos/animations/anything, etc!

    As Wander would say, it doesn’t hurt to help!
    So Please everyone, fan or no fan but cares…please show
    your support and #SAVEWOY!

    The season 2 Finale ends in June it’s not too late, even
    after it’s premiered and no word has changed…don’t stop
    and keep on going. I have hope on this esp. after how much
    has happened in this series, with the show-stopped “My Fair Hatey” episode
    and song “I’m the Bad Guy” which you can see here:

    Stay strong everyone, and support onward!

  • Abdullah Zubair

    i watched 2 episodes (First 2) And while it wasn’t the best of shows, it was certainly better than what is on TV now-a-days…My current slot is just Danger Mouse(3 episodes in) and Gravity Falls(Taking it nice and slow as don’t want it to finish)…Cartoons have been on a downward slope every since Hannah Barbera died…I might just watch a couple more episodes of this…

    PS: I also watch Rick and Morty but that takes ages to make so I can’t really say I am watching it currently

  • Barrett

    SO, what WAS Wander’s “target audience”, and what was the *actual* audience? I would imagine they were hoping for kids of all genders ages 8-12, and ended up with teens and 20-somethings, but I’m not sure if that would be seen as a failure or a fringe benefit by Disney execs.

    In the 80s and 90s, it was usually pretty clear what age groups different animated shows were aimed at, but the quality of the writing on many of them, especially the WB TV animation shows, started the shift of older fans getting more involved. They seemed to realize this at WB by the time Justice League came along, as that show was clearly meant for teens-and-older audiences more than the pre-teen/teen audiences originally imagines for BTAS or Superman.

    But today? I think teen and adult fans are to be expected for any good show not aimed at preschoolers. Gravity Falls is obviously popular with some kids, but there are TONS of teen and adult fans of the show out there. That something from Disney TV animation would have a significant overlap with audiences for something explicitly adult like Rick & Morty shows how different audience expectations are today.

    • According to Craig, the target audience was children 6 – 11.