Disney lays an Egg Disney lays an Egg

Disney lays an Egg

What would Clara Cluck say?

(Thanks, Lev Polyakov)

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  • zavkram

    So, does every dozen come with one of those Mickey-shaped egg-rings? The ones with Donald are particularly disturbing! What’s next, Porky-Pig brand breakfast-links?!

  • Tim

    Too bad they’re not still making Donald Duck Orange juice.

  • Pretty pointless way to market your characters.

  • Thad
  • I still don’t understand Disney’s interest in the food business.

    Old Yeller dog food is by far the most disturbing Disney-licensed food product, though.

  • “Disney eggs: now with protein!”


  • Lauren

    Move over Freddy, something else is gonna invade my nightmares for a while.

  • Maybe I’m a little confused… These are supposed to be mouse eggs? Is Disney now claiming that mice aren’t mammals? Wow, that is one WEIRD organization.

  • Pez

    This would go great with my Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Glad to see they’re still making Donald Duck Orange Juice (didn’t think it was in a carton now, remember it mostly for the cans).

  • JMatte

    All I can remember is when Disney did Home On The Range, everyone around me was thinking “those McDonalds Kids Meal are going to be awkward…”

  • Steve Gattuso

    This would go even better with my Hello Kitty vibrator…

  • Katella Gate

    I don’t get this at all.

    Kids have a big say in buying “fun foods”, but hardcore groceries? Especially foods as kid-unfriendly as eggs? Once the kid sees the package, that’s the end of the line – there is no further interaction between the product and the child.

    The kids aren’t going to handle the egg or cook it. And they can’t play with extra eggs while waiting for breakfast cause eggs are fragile and messy inside. By the time it actually reaches the table (and most kids hate eggs anyway….) there’s no branding left on the product cause Mickey’s face is on the shell, and the shell’s in the trash. Unless you are gonna give your kids the broken shells to play with…

    Memo to Bob: This is how products get over-exposed and die. Mickey is not disposable like “Who want’s to be a Millionaire.” Stop whoring him out.
    Post Script: Although the commercial shows an Mickey-shaped form for the egg, there’s nothing in the commercial or on the egg box (from what I could read) that says it’s included. I think it’s just a “serving suggestion”.

  • tom

    How odd. You’d expect to find Walt Disney in the freezer section.

    /Urban Legend, I know!

  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…… eggs!

  • Wow, I just love how this is News-worthy. Must be a slow day, huh?
    Im lovin’ the freakouts here, give it up guys, why would you even care? Pfft, you all make me laugh as always, Im so happy for you all.

  • jip


    ehm…. ?
    Are my pals inside the eggs?

  • SA

    Imagine it: walking down the dairy aisle with your 4 year old- he looks to the left and Ka-POW! Right at eye level he sees a bright, bold colored package (surrounded by a sea of generic, bland, mostly white and grayish packages) with Mickey and WallE and Buzz and the whole gang! That’s it, all over, mom is in for it now! That kid is gonna be DRAWN to that carton like a mouse to a piece of stinky cheese! he doesnt care what’s in it! And if this will get kids eating eggs- GREAT! It’s a high quality, relatively inexpensive protein source-beats sugary cereal any day of the week!

  • zavkram

    I recall how a friend of mine received a “Winnie the Pooh” toaster for Christmas a few years ago. When you placed slices of bread in the toaster, the toast would pop out with the image of Pooh burned into it. My friend is a huge Pooh fan, so for him it was like seeing an image of the Madonna on a taco shell!

    BTW… I was ROFL from that “frozen Disney” joke! :)

    I’m still waiting to see the appearance of various “feminine products” with Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck on them, the next time I’m in the supermarket (or do they already exist?)

  • zavkram

    Post Script: Although the commercial shows an Mickey-shaped form for the egg, there’s nothing in the commercial or on the egg box (from what I could read) that says it’s included. I think it’s just a “serving suggestion”.

    Suggestion, or WARNING?!