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Disney Princesses Inspire Racy Lingerie Line

Children’s characters inspiring adult lingerie lines? Standards are different in Japan where Disney’s Consumer Products has transformed the dresses of Disney characters like Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, and Rapunzel into bras and panties. The Japanese retailer Belle Maison sells it in their Disney “Fantasy Shop”. Whose fantasy it’s supposed to be, they don’t say.

(h/t, io9, via Rocket News 24)

  • Smudge

    From the people who brought you Dakimakura… :/

  • Derick

    Those are well designed actually look comfortable. My favorite is the Rapunzel one. So how many people will buy them for their blow-up dolls?

  • Kartoonz Kritik

    Walt is turning over in his grave.

  • Lennox Kane

    Racy for who? Seven year olds? These are all perfectly cute and tame.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    These are actually quite pretty. They aren’t something I would wear–but they look like they’d be a lot of fun for prancing around the house to Disney music (behind closed doors of course) In particular, I can picture someone wearing the Aurora one while dancing around to “Once Upon a Dream”
    Now if they’d make some villain themed lingerie that would be awesome!

    • SarahJesness

      Villain lingerie totally WOULD be awesome! I for one think Maleficent’s design would translate well into some lingerie. Ursula, if done right, could turn out really well, and Jafar’s motif and color scheme could also make for a cool bra-and-panties set.

      • jhalpernkitcat

        Maleficent and Ursula were EXACTLY what I was thinking when I mentioned villain lingerie. They would translate so well.

  • Capital7

    I’m glad to see Disney (and other animation houses) realize that there are adult fans who might be interested in something different than just getting more expensive versions of the same things they peddle to children.

    Also, these are just underwear, as has been said here already. Nothing particularly racy going on here.

  • George Comerci

    I think this is awesome! its a fun way to carry on the Disney legacy. and its Disney princess merch, we have cups and dolls and plates and pencils…..why not underwear? its cute, but its not controversial.

  • Dana B

    I’m a little disappointed they left out Jasmine :(

    (I wouldn’t mind having the Rapunzel set. Very nice look…)

  • Crispy Walker

    Just seeing the underwear crumpled up unworn in those product photos, I didn’t think they were that cute — but seeing them on someone changed my mind. They do look kind of adorable.

  • Keith Blackmore

    Your comments are misleading.

    The characters depicted are NOT “children’s characters”.
    They are all represented as young women in their stories.
    And appealing ones at that.
    So appealing that you’ll find young male suitors always willing & ready to marry them.
    They are not child brides.
    These characters are strong independent woman in their bloom of youth. “Children Characters”? I think not.

    Makes me wonder, What does your partner would wear as under garments?

  • canimal

    This isn’t even a little bit racy… you can not be serious. Women’s underwear isn’t racy just by nature of being women’s underwear. Its cute and fun. Enough of this BS, please.

  • calm

    Again, this is hardly racy material. They’re not thongs, g-strings or even cheekies. Not only that, it’s already been done (much less “tastefully”) by American retailers.
    But I guess it’s pretty common to jump to conclusions about anything remotely “sexy” coming from Asia.

  • SarahJesness

    That Belle set is really nice, I kind of want one. The Rapunzel set is also very pretty. I’m extremely disappointed in the apparent lack of an Ariel set. For god’s sake, she spends a good portion of the film wearing only a bra! And aquatic/mermaid lingerie has a lot of cool possibilities.

  • Karen Reid

    The thing is a grown woman wouldn’t wear these. These are adult underwear made for children. If that’s the case u have to ask the question why would there be adult underwear for children? Any answers u come up with will be disturbing. This is about the sexualisation of young girls and every year it gets younger and younger. If u really can’t see what the problem is u really need to pull your head out of your ass and take a look at the violence being directed at women and children all over the world. And violence against women is nearly always sexualised. Don’t take my word for it go to the human rights section of any library and look up the literature

    • Megan

      I’m 27 years old and I’d wear these in a heartbeat. Not because they are ‘racy’ or ‘sexy’ because they just aren’t. They are adorable, beautifully made and blatantly not even remotely aimed at children, as seen with the model in the photograph. You are fighting the good fight, but in a really bad way. This sort of behaviour is also damaging to women.

      • SarahJesness

        Agreed. There’s nothing INHERENTLY sexual about lingerie. It’s just a type of clothing that’s seen as something we need to wear. If somebody was making boxer shorts with designs based off Disney characters, would that be sexual?

        And yeah, these sets are aimed at adults, not children. This has nothing to do with the sexualization of young girls, and where did the matter of violence come in? I’m not saying that sexualization of violence against women isn’t an issue, but it’s not really relevant to princess panties.

    • I’m 30 and I’d wear them.

    • Axolotl

      This is why I wear khaki trunks to bed.

    • Izbit

      This sentiment makes it sound like you are unable to look past your own experiences and tastes. Perhaps you are a grown woman who wouldn’t wear these, but my goodness that doesn’t mean other grown women wouldn’t!

      I’m 31 and I would wear these. And I would DEFINITELY wear these over any underwear/clothing line with a celebrity’s name attached. I don’t see this Disney line being any different than those, honestly. As people have already pointed out, these hardly count as ‘lingerie’ so I don’t think this is a page in the ‘sexualisation of young girls’ book.

  • but srsly they’re for adults

    “The thing is a grown woman wouldn’t wear these.”

    Uh excuse you this grown woman would.

  • GeekMan86

    Because society always puts a double standard on it because people sexualize everything. A woman can’t go topless but a guy can, Why? They are no different except a man has a flatter chest than a woman.

  • BoredCat

    It’s not so much the lingerie itself but the fact that it’s associated with
    characters that are marketed to little girl that’s just.. kind of icky…. Like I
    get this creepy infantizing vibe. For me personally it’s hard to see
    past that but to each their own.

  • Noir

    The designs are very cute :3 The orange is my favorite.

  • Donald Benson

    I demand Flynn Rider briefs.

  • Guest

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  • mickeysgirl

    I LOVE EM!!!!!!….where can I get them?? If u dont like these, then your probably wear’n ugly panties….jus sayn