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Disney Releases “Planes” Trailer

The trailer announces “From above the world of Cars…Disney’s Planes.”

Now that Disney owns Pixar, the calculated blending of brand identities has begun. Note, however, that Pixar’s name isn’t mentioned in the trailer—even though Planes is rooted in their style and creative universe. There’s a reason for that: nothing in the Planes trailer suggests the originality or artistry associated with the Pixar brand. To be fair though, quality filmmaking appears to have hardly been the motivation for this licensing and merchandising money grab.

The film, directed by TV vet Klay Hall (King of the Hill, Father of the Pride), will be released theatrically on August 9. Here’s the synopsis:

From high above the world of Cars, flies Planes, Disney’s upcoming animated action-packed comedic adventure starring Dusty (voiced by Dane Cook), a big-hearted, fast-flying crop duster who dreams of competing in the most exhilarating around-the-world air race in history. There’s only a couple of not-so-small problems—Dusty is not exactly built for racing and he also happens to be afraid of heights.

Despite his fear and with encouragement from his mentor, a naval aviator named Skipper, Dusty narrowly qualifies for the big competition. Dusty’s sportsmanship and speed begin to rattle the defending champ of the race circuit, Ripslinger, who will stop at nothing to see Dusty fail. When disaster strikes during the climax of the final race, Dusty’s courage is put to the ultimate test. With the support of friends old and new, Dusty reaches heights he never dreamed possible and in the process, gives a spellbound world the inspiration to soar.

  • Andrew T. Smith

    There’s going to be an easy quality test. No John Ratzenberger, no dice.

  • Zekey

    Isn’t this the same trailer from before? I am confused.
    Also that synopsis sounds like the vague descriptive paragraphs they slap on the back of dvd’s for animated films.

    • Bobby O’Shea

      seems they just swapped out John Cryer’s voice for Dane Cook; which either way, brings no interest into this. Doing quite the opposite, in fact…

    • It is the same trailer only now Dane Cook voices the plane instead of Jon Cryer.

      • Why would anyone want to watch a movie about a plane voiced by Dane Cook? I can’t really imagine anything much worse.

        • A world of motorcycles. Main character is a scooter voiced by Seth Macfarlane, Chris rock plays a wise cracking dirt bike sidekick, and the rock plays the villain. Throw in a dash of other b list celebrities and you have yourself a summer film that “the kids will love” *and then I threw up a little in my mouth.*

      • jonhanson

        Because the kids love Dane Cook?

        Even from a cynical marketing perspective I don’t see how this makes any sense.

  • Allessandro Adamo

    Yes, I think this is the old trailer. At the beginning was supposed to be released in cinemas, then, only in dvd..as we read at the end of the trailer “coming to the theatres this summer..”.

  • Deaniac

    It was the teaser but with Dane Cook now replacing Jon Cryer as the voice. Either way, I now have another reason NOT to see this movie.

  • Are they still planning to visit some other vehicle worlds? Boats? Scooters?

    How about something based on dads who give piggy-back rides? We’d never see the dads’ faces, just their hairy backs with an anthropomorphic face added in the middle.

    • Ross W

      I’m looking forward to Disney’s Drones.

      • Dominic

        See Wall-E…

        No wait, is that still Pixar or Disney-Pixar

  • jhalpernkitcat

    Dane Cook? Oh goody…

  • That’s a bad comparison because hot chocolate is a wonderful thing.

  • Ronnie

    Well, as I see it, we have three facts to deal with.

    1. This is an obvious cash-grab.
    2. So was Cars 2, but it managed to be a pretty fun spy movie if you don’t have a hatred-boner for Larry the Cable Guy like so many people seem to.
    3. Last time Disney promoted a DTV sequel to theatrical release, it was because the quality was through the roof and it was met with unanimous critical acclaim. (Toy Story 2.)

    • There’s a line Disney crosses when it brings a movie from DTV to wide theatrical release, and that line is called “good enough.” They didn’t bring Toy Story 2 to theaters because they knew they had something great on their hands, they did it because it was good enough for theaters and just happened to be a piece of magic.

      • Ronnie

        I’m not saying Planes is going to be magical like TS2, but I do think it will be at the least a very fun movie, like Cars 2.

        • As long and Planes doesn’t have Three separate plot lines happening at once it will be better than Cars 2.

  • Call me crazy, but by blurring the lines, isn’t Disney ultimately creating confusion around their brand?

  • Isra
  • CG_Animator

    Pixar has no involvement in “Planes” at all… it’s purely a Disney product.

    • anon

      They may have no involvement with “Planes” but they’re producing a lot of their own sequels. At least they’re doing a good job with them.

  • Trevour

    The only thing I liked about this was… hearing a classic White Zombie track. So what’s next? Disney’s “Gadget Story?” It’ll have the look and feel of Toy Story without the Pixar branding, along with the strong emotional ties we adults have with our gear. Buddy film between a has-been 1st generation “bondi blue” iMac and the new guy in town – the cock-of-the-walk Google Glass.

  • mandori

    there’s a classic tex avery cartoon with the same concept actually…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlFRmo37F5w, and another with cars too.

  • Dane Cook? REALLY? :[

  • Now that I think about it, that plane totally looks like Dane Cook, what with snarky, dreamworks esque grin

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Looks OK. I wonder what the romantic interest will look like.

  • Ringtail Badger

    If you haven’t been to Disneyland in a while, note that the California adventure has a small aviation area, presumably because once upon a time California was the biggest state for aviation and aerospace – (now nearly extinct BTW) Consequently they need some movie for park synergy and obviously “Planes” is that movie. Expect to see the characters showing up at your Anaheim resort park soon.

  • Meredith

    Well, for airplane geeks and kids everywhere this is a very highly anticipated title (no sarcasm intended)!! Maybe it will inspire a new generation of pilots and bring a new kick to air shows, fly-ins, etc. I say give the title a chance. There’s nothing in the trailer to warrant such disdain.

  • Backseat

    OW. Quitit.

  • Mr. James

    I want to hate this, I really do. However, as the father of a 2 year old that routinely makes me sit through Cars and Cars 2 I have to say it will probably be on par with both of those. Pixar is a company, Disney is a company. All of these movies that come out in major theatrical releases are companies that employ hundreds and thousands of hard-working artists each and every day. They are not a bunch of drinking buddies in college that set up a camera in their garage and “get ‘ta animatin'” They are professionals that are out to make money, and lots of it.

    The artists that worked on Planes also got pay checks to support their families and all of them are experts in their field. It takes hundreds and hundreds of individuals to make these pictures come to life and each of them have a vested interest in seeing them succeed. If this is a cash grab for Disney I at least hope the people that worked on it took pride in their work and produced the best silk purse from this sow’s ear they could and made it entertaining for us, the viewing adults and parents of the children that this movie was made for and targeted with it’s marketing.

    I for one commend every artists’s effort in this showing and will support them with my purchase of a “plane” for my 2 year old son. His eyes will light up and we will have hours of fun making memories that I will treasure forever. All of it brought to me by Disney and this sequel of an original cash grab.

    • Mike H.

      I’m surprised with the disdain in this post as well. After Dreamworks had to lay off hundreds of talented artists taking by taking a ‘risk’ on the ‘originality and artistry’ of “Rise of the Guardians”, it seems we should be more willing to accept spinoff material such as this with a much safer return on investment.

      Financial success of projects like these allow the studio to take risks with future projects, as well as providing experience and advancing the skills of hundreds of artists in the process.

      And despite what the post implies, quality animation (“filmmaking”) seems to have motivated the artists a great deal – the work looks good! That being said, Dane Cook? Can we spare our children this one thing?

  • Blasko

    Pixar has a tick the size of Texas on it’s back. I feel for Lasseter and the people at Pixar. It seems that the merger has destroyed their brand, and tarnished what they worked so hard to build. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit to see a new company form from Pixar veterans before the end of this decade.

  • Funkybat

    I thought “Planes” was going to be direct-to-video, I guess that changed at some point? It will be interested to see the general public’ reaction to the film, given that it will be presented as a Disney/Pixar film but was not made by the feature division of either. We know most animation geeks are down on this film, but will the general (adult) public be similarly incensed or at the very least disappointed?

  • Joseph_Hudak

    ….it’s about RACING!? Couldn’t they have come up with something a little more creative than that? They really seem determined to keep this rooted in the Cars mold.

    The trailer itself actually looked a bit like a US Air Force recruitment video, showing off all of the newest up-to-date military aircraft. The presence of military aircraft also hints at a potentially darker side of the film’s universe.

  • Max C.

    I did find another trailer, which shows more footage. It was eventually deleted, and I don’t know if it’s going to be as bad as Cars 2 or worse.

  • I can see the headlines now. “Disney animation rises with Wreck it Ralph a Soars to new heights with Paperman, and then nosedives so far into the dirt the mole men reawaken”. In all honest this is just a huge cash grab for Disney and although I am happy that this keeps people employed it is sad that this movie was made just to milk the car’s franchise.

    • Steve

      Just so you know, “Disney Animation” who made Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph and Paperman has nothing to do with “Planes.” Same parent company, but different studio/staff/building/city entirely.