Disney Releases Second Full-Length ‘Big Hero 6′ Trailer


Disney released a second full-length trailer today for Big Hero 6. The film’s first full trailer was released last July. Directed by Hall and Chris Williams, Big Hero 6 will be released on November 7, 2014.


  • Anon

    Will his brother be the villain?

    • tt

      I doubt it.

    • jhalpernkitcat

      That’s exactly what I was thinking.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Hmmm… I don’t know what to think. I’d like to see more of the villain and find out what his motive is. The pop song playing in the background was kinda annoying.

  • William Bradford

    Looks FUN. I haven’t been this excited for an animated film since Wall-e. haha at first I was worried the hybrid city would just be San Fran with Japanese architecture slapped on the roofs. BUT the more stuff I see the more it feels like a genuine attempt to show off both cities. And the robot is very inspired also: Cute as Walle and the Iron Giant, but takes it in a different direction.

    LARGELY why I have high hopes for this is because I’ve always liked Don Hall’s direction: great sense of timing and humour, and knows how to add heart to stories without overdoing it. Can’t wait to see

    • tt

      Winnie the Pooh……….its humour and heart was off the roof

  • Chris

    Loved Baymax texting.

  • http://www.mikescottanimation.com Mike Scott

    Looks LEGIT.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    One thing is for certain–Baymax is absolutely adorable–he’ll definitely be one of the best characters in this movie.

  • George Comerci

    Definitely the best trailer we’ve gotten so far!

  • bob

    looks fun and appealing as usual… we’ll see how solid the story is.

    I was beginning to think Amid boycotted Disney/ Pixar stuff seeing as how he missed a few major announcements.

  • Perm Olymp

    If only it wasn’t based on yet another outdated superhero properly, and didn’t feature Elza and Rapunzel as lead female protags

    • William Bradford

      Well, the original comic is very different from the film: The idea was they picked a property so obscure Marvel wouldn’t mind them taking it and completely changing it. Really, I felt the after reading a bit of the comic that I’m not surprised it’s not more popular: fairly run of the mill mutations and robots and espionage, plus a rather (as you say outdated) American portrayal of Japanese culture. What I’ve read suggests they tore the story apart and made it about contemporary Tokyo and San Fran culture, with lots of contemporary biracial youths and new technology: AND a much simpler premise.

      Haha and while I do feel Disney leads tend to fall into a certain design trap: I must say by the standard of Disney girls Honey and Gogo are quite unique. Honey’s spindly and goose necked and Gogo is small with sturdy roller-derby legs and a long torso to leg ratio; I think AND (from what I’ve seen) they’re perfectly comfortable and confident about themselves (by Disney Princess standards) quite refreshing.

    • otterhead

      A comic that launched five years ago is “outdated” now?

      Good thing nobody’s making a kajillion dollars off of comics that launched in the 40s, goodness. That’d be just crazy!

      • Barrett

        I think the comic “launched” in the late 90s, at least the original iteration. I don’t know if some reboot launched five years ago, but I’m pretty sure there will be a comic based on this Disney-fied version. Given that I don’t really like Ameri-manga, I don’t mind the reimagining at all, but I wouldn’t blame a fanboy for being annoyed. Disney probably did the right thing as far as widespread appeal, this film looks like it could be a big hit with a number of different groups.

  • William Bradford

    haha not so much liberties as an unapologetic tear down

  • William Bradford

    In the film, like the city, the Main kid Hiro is half-Japanese. Hence why his mom (or possibly aunt) looks Caucasian. I read the main reason they changed the city, according to the directors, was because Marvel was reluctant to let them do a comic in animation rather then live action with FX. So they wanted to caricature things more by making a fictional city: and the idea of making a hybrid of western and eastern cultures sounded more fun AND they could get away with using early technology from both cultures. haha San Fran and Tokyo are two of the best cities I’ve ever been too, so the more I saw the more I liked the idea

  • Steven Bowser

    I’m always interested to know what fans of the comic think about this adaptation. This is the first time the studio has adapted Marvel material after all. What do you guys think? I know you’re out there somewhere. ;)

    • Doctorwhovian

      I think the heroes originally appeared as X-men comic supporting characters, and then were given their own spinoff comic briefly. However the characters Sunfire and Silver Samurai who have a history with the X-men have been cut from the film (probably because Fox owns those characters’s film rights)

    • Doctorwhovian

      Slight correction: Actually they first appeared in Alpha Flight, but since Alpha Flight is an X-men spinoff itself the point still stands :)

  • bob

    i think it’s common knowledge that Disney bought marvel and this is the first film taken from that universe and being “Disnified.”

    To me, the main character looks mixed, which is cool.

    And you can’t be sad about Disney making things look Disney-esque… that is the product they have created- the one that sticks with everyone since childhood. It’s what they sell and it’s what you buy from Disney…

  • DangerMaus

    “Princess and The Frog” was worth it. Really”.

    Keep trying to convince yourself of that.

  • tt

    you should never doubt Disney and Marvel taking out their obscure properties out anymore. if Big Hero 6 succeeds, that’s 2 obscure Marvel comics (guardians was first) to come out with financial and critical successes before Wonder Woman.