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FIRST IMAGE: McCracken’s “Wander Over Yonder”

I was just cleaning out my bags from the Comic Con last week and found this postcard (both sides, below) for Disney’s forthcoming Craig McCracken series. I’ll bet this was posted on the internet somewhere, or Facebook, but I hadn’t seen it myself till now, so I thought you should see it too. Intriguing images… I can’t wait to see the show!

  • tredlow

    You had me at McCracken.

  • Gobo

    The blurry clips that’ve made it onto YouTube are reminiscent of 70s DePatie-Freling shows — in a good way!

  • Pedro Nakama
    • Hulk

      I’d say it’s like Quisp and Vaughn Bode’ had a baby.

  • akira

    the fluidity is delicious! it begs for great animation, and i hope it’ll deliver

  • I can’t wait! Craig McCracken always bring creative stuff to his projects! :)

  • Very 60’s looking.
    I love it!

    • Funkybat

      I’d say it’s very 70s looking, but not “mainstream” 70s animation. It looks very much like the unusual standalone films or short film series’ that were inspired by underground comix and other atypical sources.

      It’s cool to see something so different from today’s “mainstream” show up on a major media outlet. I have no doubt it will be good, I’m looking forward to checking it out and seeing if it rises to full-on excellence like so many of McCracken’s previous shows!

  • George

    Shades of Deputy Dawg and Lariat Sam, with rounder edges and hopefully better animation!

  • Ara

    Disney’s slowly bringing back some quality cartoons to it’s network. With Gravity Falls, Motorcity, and this, I guess I’ll have a reason to tune in.

    Now if only they could do something about their horrendous live action programming…

    • tredlow

      I should really check out Gravity Falls. I’ve heard good things about it.

      • Kyle Maloney

        I’ve just discovered it a couple days ago, I was surprised to see this kind of quality on the channel again. It doesn’t have that flash look which is always good to see.

      • tredlow

        Yeah, I finally saw some episodes of Gravity Falls, and I loved ’em! The humor is really great and the art style is gorgeous!

    • Mathew

      I have to agree and I would add Tron: Uprising to your list.

      McCracken has always been one of my favorite people in television animation so I am thrilled to have him back.

    • Crystal

      I actually was thinking “Phineas & Ferb and Gravity Falls are really successful for Disney, which allows them to focus on TV animation again.” I actually kind of want Motorcity to be really successful, ’cause I think we need more cartoons with details, ongoing plots, character development. I’m worried it’s gonna follow the same path as Sym-Bionic Titan and Thundercats.

      But Wander Over Yonder is actually the upcoming project in animation I’m most excited for! Glad Craig & Lauren are working with Tom Kenny and Keith Ferguson again! I hope this cartoon is funny and also has good characters (like Foster’s did).

      My only concern about the clip is it might come off as more in the vain of Camp Lazlo instead of Foster’s Home.

      Does anyone know who is also working on this show? I’d really like to know (particularly if they are reading this). The only name I know besides C&L is Ben Joseph.

  • anon.


    The clip McCracken showed at SDCC is on YouTube.


    • tredlow

      The character designs remind me of Jay Ward.

  • Sardonic Tuba

    Here Comes The Grump meets Wizards. Love it!

  • Steve Gattuso

    Someone on YouTube posted a vid he’d taped of the Disney TV CCI panel where he showed the series’ opening credits. Even with the usual lack of quality such things have, I was most pleased.

  • Joel


  • Karl Hungus

    I thought the same thing Tuba. Its visuals seem heavily inspired by Bakshi’s “Wizards” with a nice nod to Rick Griffin with the “eyeball” hordes.

    Good for Craig!

  • D

    I only heard of this about a week ago. Kudos to Disney for wanting a solid animator and cartoonist like McCracken to produce a series for them. It looks like Craig McCracken went back to his usual brand of character design too, I am glad for you see I never really cared for his character designs on Fosters Home. From first glance it looks to be a fantasy based show but only time will tell. Judging by the character designs of these few images though this should be good.

  • Ahhhh!

    I haven’t seen these images yet, awesome!
    Been so curious about the show, cannot wait for it to debut.

    Love the aesthetic, very appealing and fun.

  • Man, if you had told me three years ago Craig McCracken’s new show would be at Disney Channel, I never would have believed you. What an amazing turn-around that channel’s having.

    Can’t wait to see it.

  • I’ve had a Wander Over Yonder shirt for a couple years now, been waiting for this to get going. Can’t wait!

  • Alissa

    I’ve been hearing rumors about this for ages. So glad that it’s finally being made!


    Reminds me of the villains form them FILMATION 80´s cartoons .

    and ORCO from HE MAN and stuff

  • Kevin Martinez

    That actually looks pretty good. And even though Craig McCracken created it, the art style is only vaguely similar to “Powerpuff Girls” or Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends” (as opposed to, say, Seth MacFarlane cartoons all looking exactly the same).

    Disney Channel is slowly becoming a haven for disenfranchised artists. Only good things can come from this.

  • Talita Fukumoto

    To hell with all those boring creator driven series. I want a new Scrooge McDuck series.

    • Ryoku75

      I’m surprised that anyone would say that, but after watching Cartoon Network I can see how “creator driven” cartoons aren’t always the best.

    • Do they rerun the classic disney afternoon cartoons?
      I don’t watch TV so i was just curious. If they don’t, they should and also classic animated films like they used to.

      • Ryoku

        From what I’ve seen they don’t, I don’t watch TV enough top really give a good answer though.

        Their website will probably have their schedule though.

  • I like it but I hope that the kids won’t think it’s too old fashioned.

    • Funkybat

      Kids will probably think it looks really new and fresh. Unless they are animation geeks and spend their time digging through YouTube to see ancient 70s-era short films and commercials, no one under age 15 alive today would have seen much of anything that looks like this. Us “old-timers” remember that stuff from our childhoods, but this show will just look distinctive and cool to the target audience. The revival aspect will appeal to use older fans.

    • Ryoku75

      Kids tend to prefer old cartoons, less yacking and more fun.

  • Liam Scanlan

    Maybe a few years from now, Disney will pull a Phineas and Ferb by making merchandise of Wander Over Yonder. Heck, they could even put WOY in Disney theme parks LOL.

  • Andrew Blondin

    This show looks really interesting. I love how the characters look. They’re simple but appealing and I hope to see it soon.

  • Ryoku75

    This reminds me of a lot of those early 90’s cartoons more-so than anything from the 50’s-60’s, the animation is far too smooth to be akin to an old Jay ward cartoon.

    The show and all looks fine, but could the villain have had a better name than “Lord Hater”?

    I would’ve preferred a name like “Tax n Bills”, now thats evil!

  • First comes Gravity Falls and then this? What is going on with Disney? They’re starting a run with great ideas; I sure hope this new show is as good as Gravity Falls (that’s gonna be a tall order if you ask me).

    • Ryoku75

      Gravity Falls striked me as one of those “Regular Time” types of shows, just another cracker in the box.

  • Funkybat

    Aside from this show looking great, I’m also excited to see that so many animated shows are running on (The) Disney Channel. The last decade was a veritable drought for anything the least bit cartoony, save for Kim Possible and Phineas and Ferb.

    While it would be nice if at least one of the new animated series’ had some kind of tie to “classic” Disney characters or visual styles a la “The Disney Afternoon,” the fact that well-done cartoons are running on Disney again heartens me greatly.

  • Looks good, almost from a bygone era~ THE NINETEEN NINETIES.

  • Ranzak

    Thank you for posting the post card, but what is the show itself about? Whys everyone chasing Quisps’s souther brother?