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Happy Birthday, Walt Disney

Walt Disney was born December 5th, 1901. Today would be his 110th birthday. He started as an independent cartoonist and filmmaker and built an empire based on animated cartoons. Rest in peace Walt – the world is a better place because of you.

Cartoonist Mark Tatulli honored the day with today’s Lio (above). Brazilian animation director Ale McHaddo marked the occasion by creating this parody (embed below), D. On Ice, a sci fi animated musical and a satiric jab at the Disney of today (and tomorrow).

  • whippersnapper

    Yeah, Happy Birthday!!

  • David

    wow this thing is very clever. nice work

  • David

    Watch this!! do not skip around or ahead. very funny and well executed. Jokes hit where it hurts

  • Scarabim

    Happy birthday, Walt. You brightened my childhood and inspired me to strive for the best.

  • Very impressive production.

  • Toonio

    After the coma inducing shock of knowing about Disney acquiring ABC, seeing LOST’s ending and the references of Desperate Housewives at each of the Disney theme parks, Walt would say: “well, at least the animation grinder remains the same… carry on boys!”.

    Thanks for your legacy Walt, sadly you never prepared any successor to continue your visions on innovation and creativity.

    The wolf pack in charge of Disney’s board of directors is just a bunch of leeches milking on the hard work of an amazing man.

  • JK

    Honestly, what makes you guys think this isn’t what Walt would have loved to happen ?

    Indeed the achievements are notable, the imprint is massive and some of his films are definitely cult classics but at what expense ?

    The union busting before the 1941 strike and the HUAC hearings didn’t make the world better a better place, and this is the legacy that is still going strong with the current events, ask the 1%…

    I know it’s a downer but being animation passionate should always make us blind and put icons on a pedestal just the same way people did with Steve Jobs.

    Happy Birthday Walt.


    • Scarabim

      Oh, right, blame Walt for Occupy Wall Street. You make the Fox boys look good.

    • Someguy

      I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      We have to stop this inane hero worship.

      I am a big fan of Winston Churchill, I think his achievements during the war are nothing short of remarkable, but I am under no illusions about who he was or what he did, even in the service of a seemingly just cause.

      He opposed Indian independence and felt that England’s aristocracy had a right to control, and monopolize the wealth of the world beyond their own shores.

      The firebombing of Dresden was a war crime.

      He was also an imperialist and self-declared racist and the list goes on and on…

      Yet, I still think that what he achieved in the second world war was truly remarkable, but that doesn’t erase everything else. So that with the good, you allow yourself to see the bad, and in that mix there is something that I think is very close to the truth.

      No angels, or devils, just people.


    • NC

      Mainly because Walt showed time and time again that he was more interested in making great work rather than making something that would get him a cheap buck. For example Sleeping Beauty nearly bankrupted the company but he loved the project so much that he continued to put money in it while at the same time hemorrhaging money on Disneyland. Yes he wasn’t perfect, I’m sure deep down inside he wasn’t proud of some of things that he did, but don’t we all?

      I’m not saying any of the wrong things that he did are justifiable, in fact I think everyone here has at one time or another spoken out about some of those wrong doings but the good that he did do changed the face of our industry and lets be honest, even though I want to be an independent animator making my own films, seeing Sleeping Beauty when I was a child made me want to be an animator. If he hadn’t seen to making that film happen I don’t know if I would have been as inspired to pursue this industry.

      And like I tell every Occupier don’t get pissed off with the 1% if you’re not willing to do the same amount of work that got them there. Sure there are a few people who made money that they didn’t deserve but are you willing to do the work that the majority of them did do to get there?

      Sure Walt was part of the 1% at that time but he got their by making great work and who are any of us to take that from him?

  • JK

    Erratum : …being animation passionate “shouldn’t” always…


  • Rob Yokota

    Nice toon, well done.
    In a world dominated by a short sighted biz view, we need more attitudes like that.
    Even “conservative”, Walt would agree and applaud.

    • Mark Walton

      Hear hear, Nelson! Well said.

  • Norton D

    Funny how this short is directed by the same guy who directed “Ratatoing”, “Little Cars” and “School of Princesses”, all of them Disney/Pixar cheap knockoffs. Wow. The irony…

  • Happy Birthday Walt.

  • Sheesh it’s the birthday of a dead man and all people can do is make satirical jabs. Real classy.

    • tredlow

      Well, to be fair, it wasn’t AT the dead man.

  • I’m not the biggest fan of satire.

  • Christopher Cook

    I’d love to see the Jay Ward Fractured Fairy Tale “Sleeping Beautyland” (with the Walt caricature). I digress, this cartoon is a hoot.

  • eastudent

    I feel like you buried the lead. This video is super cool, very long and elaborate for a parody that could never be monetized, and very biting. Merely headlining Disneys birthday, I bet most people would skip this 13 minute, well informed, artist insider musical satire of the Disney company. “The Iwerks problem is solved”

  • Catherine

    WOW… This guys are awesome! They also won Mip Jr Contest in 2009 with a project about a piece of loaf: “Osmar, the Heal of the Loaf”

  • My lord that was long……

    This isn’t the final scene in American in Paris you know ;)

  • Brendan Spillane

    The ending of Ale McHaddo’s “D. On Ice” was the most disheartening thing I’ve seen since “Logorama” won the 2009 Oscar For Best Animated Short.

  • John S.

    Quality production and wicked good wit. Gives some insight into how the “magic creation” business is perceived from the inside.

    BTW impressive to get all of the dialogue to work in song.

    • Robert C Schuler

      Happy Birthday! You left us too soon Walt Disney!

      • Old Man Father Time

        Remember. Don’t smoke, boys and girls.

  • James Madison

    Happy belated!!

  • Mark Walton

    Quite a lot of effort for a satire – pretty well-written songs! Clever and funny and depressing.

  • Mushi

    If this film was made by Disney Corp it would definitely have a sound happy ending!

  • mike

    Thats a lot of effort for sure.
    The songs need a lot or work. Cramming in words that dont fit the rhyme scheme and have words that barely sound the same rhyme doesnt make it a good song.
    He sounds very angry and a lot like everyone else that seems to have a problem with Disney these days.
    Most of the animation was very wonky and some of the shots just didnt work for me. The acting got very repetitive, the same actions over and over.
    The humor is very literal. I attribute this to him being from Brazil. Sometimes the humor gets lost in the translation from another language to English. Reminds me a lot of what Guillermo Del Toro does in the “Hellboy” movies. Over explaining doesnt always make it funny.

    On a lighter note….Happy Birthday Walt.

  • Gregory Llewellyn-Hampton

    This is pure poetry and flawless motion! I like the frames part the most! What a masterpiece!! Congratulations whoever managed to have so many stupendous ideas! Happy birthday Walt!

  • Marc

    Wonderful!! Clever and funny, I would love to see it adapted to Broadway!