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Japanese Mickey Mouse remote control

Here’s something I’d like to have: this cleverly designed limited edition Mickey Mouse remote control from Japan, with a stand shaped like Mickey’s shoes. In addition to controlling the TV (and which Disney Channel you’ll watch) it has a voice button with which to hear 9 Mickey Mouse lines. It also has a “B.S.” button (which hopefully filters out all Disney B.S.). If only it could restore all cable programming to pre-1970 Disney films and cartoons.

(Thanks Ed Austin, via ubergizmo.com)

  • Tee hee.

  • top cat james

    Huh. At this point, I’d gladly accept 70’s Disney cartoons. After the glimpses at the new Yogi Bear and Looney Tunes debacles, “Robin Hood” is starting to look better and better all the time.

  • Steamboat Bill

    “If only it could restore all cable programming to pre-1970 Disney films and cartoons.”

    To be honest with you, if you pay close enough attention to Disney’s recent programming they have abandoned most male markets in favor of such programs like Hannah Montana, Sonny With A Chance, and Good Luck Charlie. This is why Disney XD was created.

    Though if anyone remembers the original Disney Channel in during the nineties most of their programming was old school Disney, the material that most animators reading this have grown up. That stuff appealed to all sorts of audiences but in favor of the changing demographic Disney has put many of these treasures in the Disney Vault.

  • Chris Keck

    FYI: BS = Broadcast Satellite.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Pretty much that’s it. The fact they like to abbreviate it as such is where the giggles start on foreigners!

      This is actually a very simplistic remote, noticing the button options (with apparent requirements of a button for Disney Channel and Disney XD).

  • “B.S.” stands for “Broadcast Satellite”. See link below:


  • Tory

    Not enough buttons

  • that button at the top center “HAD BETTER” just turn things into a mickey mouse head….or I’ll be put out…