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Mickey Mouse Band-Aids

Product Alert: I was at the supermarket yesterday (the same one where I found the Spongebob Musical Rectal Thermometer) and I discovered these nifty retro Mickey Mouse Band-Aid brand bandages. I’m usually labeling oddball Disney merch as “Bad Ideas” but this is pretty cool.

I found out these came out a few months ago, but I hadn’t seen them till yesterday. The black box is very hip and the band-aids themselves use 1930s comic strip images – perfect if you cut your finger while reading David Gerstein’s new book. A bargain at $2.28 in the cardboard box. A package of Mickey Band-Aids in a special collectors tin costs $7.86 on amazon.com.

  • Toonio

    Time to jump into the piranha tank at the zoo! I’ll just have to remember to attach a note claiming I want Mickey Mouse Band Aids or death!

  • Mervis

    Toonio has hit on something curious: what would a Disney Death look like? I don’t mean a suit jumping from a glass Burbank tower or some accidental theme park demise. What exactly might the deliberate merchandising of the Disney death experience comprise for the average, lifelong Disney consumer? The Great White Mouse is leaving big bucks on the table by not exploiting this untapped potential mega revenue stream, and it really chafes their corporate udder. There are at least as many people who’d love to lie in state in full Mickey Mouse regalia, the way Roy Williams went, a happy, loyal Disney stiff wearing mouse ears, as visit the parks annually or than covert surveys might indicate. There’s enough blue sky work alone to keep WED and the Character Merchandise divisions working a full decade on this or more. This is no joke. If death franchise merchandising concept could be rendered socially palatable in America, do you think Disney would pass it up?

  • Ju-osh

    Disney should release a line of skateboard decks with these EXACT graphics.

  • Ignatz the Brick Pitcher

    Uhh, hello. Retro Mickey Mouse Band-Aids, major collector’s item, dude! I plan to purchase a couple boxes myself. One for emergency use, the other to display on my shelf with other classic Disney collectibles. Hmm, then again maybe I should buy three boxes.

  • Scarabim

    I love the art on these. THAT’S the Mickey with personality. Still wish Disney would make a movie based on Epic Mickey. The mouse deserves better than to star in a preschool show (although it’s doing well, I hear…)

  • I love them!!!<3

  • Geneva

    I have a package of these! They’re great, but they unfortunately have an ugly white band around the actual print on the bandages. But it was a really excellent idea to be part of my birthday present on the part of my friend!

  • David Gerstein

    The top right Band-Aid image (Mickey and Minnie kissing) is actually IN my book. That’s the March 28, 1930 daily, drawn by Win Smith!

    Other Band-Aids show Gottfredson’s Sept ’31 model sheet and various 1934 and 1936 dailies. Who woulda thought? (I like to imagine that after taking that hard slap to the cheek from Minnie, Mickey actually wore the Band-Aid depicting the incident.)

  • Iritscen

    This is unexpectedly cool. I would love to know the story here; someone knew what they were doing when it came to the Mouse, to make a deliberate decision to use 80 year old Mickey art like this.

  • Matthew K Sharp

    As seen in the films “The Band-Aid Concert” and “Mickey Cuts Up”. You’d certainly need one if you stuck your hand Thru The Mirror…

    I’ll stop now before the hilarity overcomes you all.

  • There was also a Disney Band Aid in Brazil on the 90’s. What a shame I didn’t saved at least one of them!

  • William

    The only shame in this is that they appear to be in cardboard boxes, where a tin would have been totally bad-a**.

  • I hate to say such a thing in July…but this will make a great ‘stocking stuffer’. Thanks for the link.

  • Jim A.

    I saw the similar style black package Mickey Softsoap dispenser in Target this week. Looks like they may be doing a new line in this design!

  • Lucy

    I have one of these on my finger right now. They keep the blood from spilling.

  • Sad Mouse

    kind of makes me want to start cutting myself again

  • Jasmine

    I bought them on a whim because I thought that they would just be the cute Mickey bandaids… but the designs are kind of disturbing if you think about it. Map it out and it looks like domestic abuse. Mickey looks happy in one Band aid but later is confused about why Minnie is mad at him. She slaps him on the face, messing up his face, hence “BAM” with a battered Mickey. He kicks and punches in one bandaid. But they kiss and make up. What is going on?