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Mickey’s Meat


I’ve noticed it’s been several months since we last posted on unusual Disney-licensed food products. Earler this year we had posts on Old Yeller Dog Food, That Darn Cat Food, Disney Peter Pan Tomato stickers, and Mickey Mouse Liver Paste.

As the year comes to a close, we should note Croatian meat maker, Pik, has added to its Disney line with an assortment of Mickey Meat products.

Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but I can’t help thinking these would sure go good with an Orangina right now.

  • I can’t help having trouble with the idea of mixing Mickey Mouse and the meat industry. There many products like the toasters, ice creams, egg pans, sweets, bread…something’s, which are nice and I support those products . But when it comes to the meat of animals and Mickey Mouse ….. I just feel kinda weird about it.

    “Dad dad! Which character kills the cow? Well son, that’s probably captain Sparrow see. He’sPG13”


  • Your friendly neighborhood Lurker

    Hmmm, had’nt seen the crates of Finding Nemo stamped oranges yet I take it? What about Donald Duck OJ?

  • I was worried these were just regular hamburgers. But then I saw they were actually “super hamburgers” and my confidence in the product was restored. What a relief!

  • Matt Sullivan

    Is Mickey’s meat thick and juicy? * slaps myself*

  • purin

    The Disney Fairies grapes are delicious. I can’t find them anymore, unfortunately.

  • Pedro Nakama

    I was always surprised George Lucas never came out with Darth Vader Father’s Day Cards.

  • JD

    Up here in Canada, the Sobey’s chain has also licensed the full Disney range of characters for food (including Pixar, Pooh and the Princesses). Scarier items than the mouse icon shaped burgers include Pooh-lognese Pasta (the name and colour are inspired). Check out http://www.compliments.ca/compliments-jr/products/.

  • Fernando Ventura

    That same Mickey pose was used in THOUSANDS different products around the world! Gee, how much I hate style-guides…

  • Alan

    I just bought Disney grape tomatoes the other day in the store, they were delicious, you want a scan of the label?

  • A few questions, followed by a feeble attempt at comedy:

    What does this do to the Disney name? The name so many Baptist stockholders scream bloody murder about every time they see homosexuals holding hands at Disneyworld?
    What does this say about the people of Croatia? They can’t trust packaged meat unless it’s sporting a smiling cartoon rodent on the box?
    And why isn’t there a line of Disney meats available in the States? You can find Disney’s name and characters emblazoned on every other chemical compound sold as food here, so why not Disney Dogs or Disney Princess beef jerky?

    “Is Mickey’s meat thick and juicy?”

    No, but (like Walt) it’s packaged and frozen.

  • Bob

    I would prefer Minnie’s meat, myself. Woo, woo!

    Actually, with Mickey’s meat being label “Super Hamburger,” I wonder if that would make Mighty Mouse envious.

  • Richard

    Wouldn’t Clarabelle Cow work as a better sponsor for the meat industry?

  • AdrianC

    Actually, if I’m not mistaken, they sell the burgers here in the U.S. The packaging is different and I can’t remember if the patties were shaped like the Mouse’s head, but I know I saw Mickey Mouse endorsed hamburgers at Albertson’s.

    If I see them again I’ll take a picture and put it up on the web.

  • If I’m constipated after gorging on Mickey Mouse I can take some Winnie the Pooh-Poo laxatives!

  • Steve Gattuso

    I can’t believe they didn’t go for the obvious and have Mickey promote CHEESE.

  • Keith Bryant

    I work in the produce department of a large supermarket chain. About a year or so ago, we recieved several cases of Disney Garden pomegranites with Mickey and Minnie on the box. The PLU stickers featured Cinderella, Aladdin and Hercules. Of course the idea was to promote fresh fruit and vegetables to children, but pomegranites?

  • Lucy

    You know, other companies should branch out and do this… Warner Brothers just released ‘Sweeney Todd’, so, for the occasion, why not come out with a line of Mrs. Lovett’s best Meat Pies?? Yum.

  • Oh, God, it’s the Disney Vault SNL bit all over again.

    “Sit down and relax, kids! We’ve got a years’ worth of ear-shaped snacks!”

  • Steve Gattuso

    Kieth, it could have been worse. It could have been durian.

  • Uh – I’m sure I sound dim, but what exactly is the orangina ad campaign ripping off? Is it ripping off anything?

  • And I saw a Capt. Jack Sparrow cartoon drawing on a Dole pineapple tag in the local store. At least that sort of makes sense.

    “Corporate profit justifies any form of lunacy.” Clifford Irving

  • Sandy, Pink & Peta fan

    yuk! tho it kind of fits in with wasteful corporate image and brain-dead consumerism…Start ’em when they’re young!

  • rokkinkikkass

    Got that right, P&P fan! Pink don’t eat no meat, Joan Jett don’t either – lookin’ like the coolest want tofu mickys!