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More Alice

There is something fascinating about watching the early silent films from Walt Disney’s studio. Knowing where Walt was headed and what he would later accomplish certainly adds to the experience – especially in the Alice Comedies where he was able to work a little of the “magic” in the combined live action and animation sequences. I was fortunate to be a consultant on the forthcoming Disney Treasures Oswald The Rabbit DVD (more about that when we get closer to the December release date) and I just spent the weekend dipping into Ray Pointer’s revised Alice In Cartoonland compilation.

I’ve previously mentioned that Inkwell Images had a reworked edition of their Alice DVD back in May. Now that I’ve reviewed it, I’m compelled to give it one last plug. This is a superior compilation of ten vintage cartoons. There’s excellent documentary material between each film, and all the cartoons are mastered from the best sources available. One of the new additions to this revised package, Alice Gets Stage Struck (1925), was taken directly from a Library of Congress 35mm transfer (the other newly discovered film Alice Wins The Derby looks great too) and it should be noted, all of the films contained in this revised edition are uncut and do not have DVNR. There are extra features that include a theatrical poster gallery with a printout feature, and bonus cartoons. Order direct from Inkwell Images.

  • Lucky me, I had a chance to visit Disney’s LaughOGram studio (now being renovated) back in Kansas City two years ago. Even better, Virginia Davis, who played Alice was also there for the occasion.

  • Floyd,

    I was also priviledge to meet Virginia twice before. Last year I was at the autograph table with her selling the DVDs. I’ve been in touch with her since. She’s a gracious lady and a well of information.

  • In this day and age with deteriorating film stock of classic and wonderful films, it’s fantastic that those who can, procure and restore/release such films as the Alice shorts for enthusiasts and students alike. For cinema history alone they are a treasure. And the upcoming Oswald the Lucky Rabbit release is one that I have been praying for since it was announced that he had made his way back into the Disney family.