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One Famous Disney Character Is Fighting Nazis, With The Support Of The Show’s Creator

The Walt Disney Company already sent its characters to fight the Nazis once…back in the 1940s.

Thanks to the recent rise of the white supremacist movement in the United States, at least one member of Disney’s cartoon cast is being pressed into the service — though this time in a less official capacity than 75 years ago.

On Tuesday evening, Alex Hirsch, creator of the Disney tv series Gravity Falls, tweeted out a message to his 435,000+ followers encouraging them to draw one of the characters from his show, Grunkle Stan, punching Nazis. (Hirsch has been a vocal critic of the American president Donald Trump, referring to him most recently as a “pathetic poison-hearted coward.”)

Dozens of the Hirsch’s fans obliged the request, tweeting back images of his character violently tossing around Nazis.

Many of the artists contributing artwork are taking aim not just at generic Nazis, but also at the current American president Donald Trump, who has (in the view of many) established himself as the de facto leader of America’s burgeoning white nationalist movement.

In recent years, as corporate producers of children’s animation have made an effort to appeal to broad global markets, they have treaded carefully as to avoid the appearance of taking sides or offending any portion of their viewership. However, the corporate stance hasn’t stopped the artists who work on the shows from using the characters in unofficial capacities.

After white nationalists organized a violent demonstration in Charlottesville, Va. last weekend, We Bare Bears board artist Louie Zong created an animation showing one of the characters from the Cartoon Network series punching a Nazi. The tweet received thousands of likes and retweets, before being taken down by the artist without comment. Though it’s impossible to confirm, one can surmise that corporate pressure from the suits at Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting, which owns Cartoon Network, played a role in the removal of the animation. (The animation can still be viewed on Cartoon Brew.)

Hirsch’s case is even trickier for the corporate parent, Disney. Gravity Falls has already ended production, and Hirsch did not himself create any of the artwork in question. By reaching out to his fans and asking them to use his characters in a way that he would perhaps like to use himself, he has found a slyly brilliant way of re-asserting ownership over his creations, even if he does not legally own them anymore.

While this will no doubt cause some concerned eyebrow-raising within the halls of the Walt Disney Company, at least they can be solaced by the fact that Disney cartoon characters are turning violent again for a good cause.

  • HN

    “And while this will no doubt cause some concerned eyebrow-raising within the halls of the Walt Disney Company…”

    They should be concerned. Disney should not alienate some portions of their fanbase no matter how bad you think those people are. Do these artists working under Disney know that even some conservatives are fans of Disney’s family-oriented movies? I am reminded of what happened in Rogue One promotions. Two screenwriters IIRC suddenly tweeted some political messages and some called for boycott of the movie. That movie made $1.056 billion. It could have made a little bit more if not for those alienated fans. What if the same thing happens to Avengers 3 and 4 because of the hyperpolitics of Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo? That’s why Bob Iger is so careful when speaking about politics. He speaks as politically safe as possible. He understands that his company should not alienate some of its paying consumers.

    • Technically he told them to draw Stan punching a nazi, not punching conservatives. I doubt the white supremacists are really a substantial portion of Disney’s audience anyway.

      • Marti386

        He punched Trump, not conservatives. I don’t see him punching Lindsey Graham, do you?

        Trump is the king of the White Nationals. Their movement has grown to where it is because he enabled them, and he deserves the first punch.

        • I was only pointing out the careful specifics of Alex’s fan art request, as a reply to the above comment which implied conservatives would be alienated by the art. Can’t control fan interpretations!

    • A Cultist Lemming

      Art and criticism has always gone hand in hand, and people should have the right to make their opinions known. Involving a brand into a touchy subject is hardly new, Disney is a company and has no right to control what artists create. Disney can be annoyed, but it cannot change the fact that many of its artists hold leftist opinions and will exercise their rights to express them.

      • Netko

        What kind of a world considers hatred of Nazis to be a touchy subject?

    • Dan Bartlett


      The general consensus is that its ok, and in fact a good thing to actively alienate Nazis. And rightly so. Their mindset has no place in society.

      • HN

        Dan Bartlett I understand that this article is about neo-Nazis. But I am not really referring to them in my comment. I’m referring to the attitudes of hyperliberal artists towards conservatives in general. I understand that Hollywood is 99% superliberal, but they should not alienate some of those people that are possible audiences for their movies. They should remember that their movies, especially animated or superhero movies do not only cater to liberal audiences. Like what I said, there are many conservatives who are interested in these types of genres. Just today I’ve read some comments of conservatives along the lines of “I really want to watch Thor:Ragnarok but Ruffalo being there makes it very difficult for me to watch”.

        • Edmund H

          If you don’t want people to confuse conservatives with neo-nazis, nazis, the KKK, white supremacists, and other similar hate groups, then perhaps they should actually condemn them, and not complain about anything that shows people doing the same. Seriously. There is NO legitimate reason to defend a Nazi, ever.

          And don’t pull any of that “What about…” BS. Condemn ALL Nazis. It does not matter what good a person does: if they are a Nazi, YOU CONDEMN THEM FOR BEING NAZIS. It’s That. Fucking. Simple.

      • Mr Sensible

        I really, really, would prefer alienating Nazis by mocking them and portraying them as clowns like Mel Brooks has done throughout his career. It defangs their posturing and negates anything attractive about them to ignorant minds. Lets see more of that!
        The “punch a nazi” imagery strikes me as a war cry for political violence and that kind of mob mentality never ends well. The fact that Samantha Bee incorrectly identified a brain cancer patient as having a “nazi haircut” should be a lesson against calls for the populace to attack people. Also, you’ll get thrown in jail if you punch a nazi and jail is the one place where you just might find yourself surrounded by… nazis. So be careful out there.

    • Inkan1969

      Isn’t this all just fanart? Disney can’t control however way people can draw their characters, so long as they don’t try to sell their fanart.

    • Marti386

      The one portion of the “fanbase” NO company needs to concern itself with is White Nationalists. Because chances are they aren’t watching a “libural” company like Disney anyway (what with their diversity and all), and there really aren’t very many White Nationals.

      Seriously, screw Nazis and what they think.

    • Cementimental


      • RCooke

        They are–by rejecting hate and ignorance. Stockholders win.

    • rolo

      The Walt Disney Company knows what it is to be American. Walt Disney himself fought in WWII. They don’t have to be wishy washy for some silly fanbase that needs some good old fashioned discipline right now. They bought Indiana Jones and that is my kind of hero.

      My family fought during WWII to rid our world of hate. Six million Jewish people were killed. There has been a line crossed by the president. These party time, now jobless Nazis need to get off our American lawns. Any groveling to get some dusty pocket change from them is grotesque.

      • Quiet Desperation

        What line? Go watch the press conference It basically went like this:

        Media: Do you disavow the neo-Nazis?
        Trump: Of course (several times). They’re bad people.
        Media headlines: TRUMP SUPPORTS NEO-NAZIS!

        Stop letting others think for you.

        • rolo

          Dear quiet desperation,
          I rely on others to help me know many things. But you know what? I saw the press conference. Do you know what I saw? Well, I saw
          Donald Trompe L’Oeil blaming both sides- and saying there were many fine people on the Nazi’s side…. who were calling for the death of Jews in 2017. David Duke praised his balanced view as if this is kindergarten. This is not fun. This is not cute. So please stop yourself.

        • ParryL

          The fact that you are taking trump at face value without questioning means you are letting others think for your. You should stop that

      • Marti386

        Actually, Disney never fought in WWII (he was in his 40’s by then). He served in WWI, and lent his studio to the war effort during WWII, producing anti-Nazi propaganda films. Walt hated fascists.

        • rolo

          That’s right! Thank you. I did mean WWI.

    • RCooke

      Conservatives and Progressives alike are against white nationalism, like all good Americans. This has to do with fighting against hate and ignorance. Making fun–not “light” of it is a proper way to protest. Speaking out against this kind of hate and ignorance, and against the morally bankrupt leadership in place at the White House is the right thing to do. donald trump isn’t a “Conservative.”
      He’s a “narcissist.”

      If only Mel Brooks had been making movies in the 1930’s…


    • Axolotl

      Yeah, um…you don’t have to be leftist (or even liberal) to enjoy cartoon depictions of violence toward Nazis. I would like to see a feature-length movie about this.

  • Don’t forget this other famous Disney character (that Alex tweeted three times in discussion), who, arguably, did it first:


    • Marti386

      Donald would punch Nazis.

  • Googamp32

    Okay, it’s official. Grunkle Stan is now my favorite Disney character.

  • Inkan1969

    Sweet idea. But that tweet by Bonnie is actually ironic in that “Gravity Falls” had an episode where Grunkle Stan ran for Mayor with a campaign wherein he tended to say whatever offensive thing he had on his mind. In that episode though, his offensive statements repelled voters; that episode now comes off as very quaint…

    • Shagoth

      They repelled voters in real life, too. They just got repelled back when “Pokemon-go-to the polls” fainted several times and ordered people to take a freaking axe to computers in order to get rid of the “harmless” emails.

  • Fluffydips

    A bit edgy and too on the nose, especially with Trump. It’s aggressive and now it’s ruined Grunkle Stan for me. Can’t people just stop leaning so heavily on their politics? Conservatives like Gravity Falls too you know. I’d imagine Disney would be mad.

    • Josh Evans

      Conservatives aren’t nazis. They’re a safe target for all…unless of course you are one.

    • Nick Knave

      Art is political. Deal with it or make your own.

      • Fluffydips

        Cartoons for children are not political, and we need to stop forcing our agenda, left or right, on them.

        • Rich Gawel

          You need to give children a lot more credit.

    • Marti386

      Mitt Romney has spoken out today against Neo Nazis. Arnold Schwarzenegger has too. Both are conservatives. It’s really not that hard.

      If you’re a conservative, and you don’t speak out against Nazis and Trump’s piss poor handling of this entire situation, you’re an enabler, pure and simple.

      • Shagoth

        Trump didn’t say something incredibly specific. Honestly, people are just obsessed with hating trump to the point that he can’t do anything without recourse. I think he’s an idiot, but we should be more focused on how Trump almost started WWlll by attacking a country near Russia and how poorly he’s handled Korea then him not making a rediculously specific statement. A statement about how nazis are bad. Let’s make sure Mr. President confirms that air is vital to our survival, otherwise we might be in some real trouble.
        Honestly, I think he’s message of sticking together is better than stating what everyone else and would have said anyways. Hell, this white supremacist Charlottesville thing has already divided the country somewhat. Maybe we should have listened to that instead of berating him for not stating the obvious.

    • Lee Martin

      Make your own beloved, critically acclaimed animated series that appeals to all ages, and then you can make those characters be as appeasing and non-confrontational as you want.

  • Elsi Pote

    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the fact that many of these pseudo nazis are nothing but a bunch of copy cats looking for attention and false recognition through any mean necessary, like your run out of the mill mass shooters.

    But what else would you expect from a society hooked on instant gratification and easy road to fame where a bunch of bimbos with the right connections make it big, while firemen have to bring their own tools or cars to the service of others.

    We don’t need to fight nazis, we need to fight all the paradigms around true accomplisment and true happiness. Don’t fight the end result, fight the source of the problem!

    • Mr Sensible

      In my experience, most young men that get involved with nazi or white supremacist movements are severely disillusioned or led down the path by a poor role model and grow up to learn how stupid they were. There are a bunch of articles online about tattoo shops that offer to cover up racist tattoos for free and its encouraging to hear the stories of those that take part. How young and dumb they admit to being. The nazi ideology is an awfully stupid one, wholly embarrassing when taken apart. Its only adherents seem to be dumb people.

    • Quiet Desperation

      They’re college trolls LARPing as brownshirts.

      LARP is Live Action Role Play for those that don’t know, a term usually used for sword and sorcery type stuff, but fitting because the real Nazis were into all sorts of occult nonsense.

      It’s dumb. disaffected, disenfranchised, diswhatever kids who see that using Nazi symbolism gets a rise out of people. It’s not some existential threat. The fact that we’re in a national hysteria over it for the past few days is embarrassing.

    • Marti386

      Neo Nazis existed long before Twitter.

    • Rich Gawel

      And how do you think the original Nazis got their start?

  • Matt

    Funny but Nazism which stands for “national socialist” is exactly what the progressive democrat party is. Also confusing white nationalism for white supremacy is wrong, there is a huge difference. If Trump was such a racists as many folks love to claim than why is it his son in law is Jewish and many of his staff he personally hired are black. No one seems to ever talk about Robert Byrd the senator (a well known Klansman) that Hillary Clinton called her mentor.

    • Strong Enough

      ah yes the old “i have plenty black friends” excuse. classic

      except for omarosa though, i can’t think of another black staffer under trump

      • Matt

        Ben Carson, Lynne Patton. In fact here is a speech by Lynne, maybe give it a watch.

        • Strong Enough

          I meant work under him. But you found one more? Wow. Look at that. So diverse

          • Shagoth

            He has a couple of mixed raced associates and is not drowning in minorities? Racist bastard, how dare a minority of the people he works with be minorities! Seriously, I feel as if people forgot that minority meant that there are less of them than others.

          • Strong Enough

            oh no. trust me. i know. but the guy above me was trying to reason that knowing black people means you’re automatically not racist which is idiotic. that was what i was replying too. i’m swimming in racist trump quotes that pop up in my head whenever i see him. central park five and on and on

          • Shagoth

            I haven’t seen him do anything racist, xenophobic, yes, but I haven’t seen him be racist.

    • Hankenshift

      Maybe you should study history a bit more. “National Socialism” is not what American Progressives stand for. It’s more closely aligned to the far, fringe right in America now more than anything. It’s not the same as Socialism…American Progressives aren’t for pure Socialism. We’re more for Socialist Democracy–more like most of Europe and Scandinavia or Australia and New Zealand. America is actually closer to that now than it’s ever been—and for the better. But not yet enough.

      Try reading The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich and you just may understand.

    • Jacqueline Larson

      The term “national socialist” was used to convince people they were a socialist movement. That didn’t make them not fascists, but nice try with the apologism, my guy. White nationalists and white supremacists belong in the same garbage can, and so does Donald Trump.

  • Quiet Desperation

    How about a Wolfensten mod replacing B.J. Blaskowitz with Grunkle Stan?

    • Marti386

      I will throw money at my monitor until this becomes a thing.

  • Taylor Baker

    So you guys cheer when artists fight back, but you scold me when I as both an individual who has experienced relentless social torment and who is also an aspiring artist fight back?


    • Mike

      These artists “fought back” by making amusing art. You “fought back” by threatening murder. If you can’t see why that’s more divisive I don’t know what to tell you.

      The patronizing of people who are on your side isn’t going to do you any favors either.

    • ParryL

      Fight goes both ways. Just because you say something, it doesn’t mean you are free from criticism.

  • Kyle_Maloney

    The great thing about this is that if Disney fights back it would backfire horribly, they’d look like Nazi sympathizers.

    Though I guess if they wanted to they could go after him for the stuff he’s drawn in his live streams with the characters.

  • Fluffydips

    It’s for children dude, it makes the company look bad.

  • TogusaRusso

    Disney Character Fighting Nazis?

  • Shagoth

    First Hey Arnold’s grandpa and now everyone’s favorite grunkle? Old people seems to like to kick the shit out of Hitler in kid shows.
    I’m a little concerned about how violent it gets, and how politically biased the one punching trump is, but eh.

  • Rich Gawel

    I love everything about this. How did I miss it last week?

  • Wilhelm Lang

    I hope somebody also made art of Stan punching Antifa. That would be awesome. I think we should be against both extremes.