Pixar’s <em>Partly Cloudy</em> Pixar’s <em>Partly Cloudy</em>

Pixar’s Partly Cloudy

Here’s a brief clip from the new Pixar short that will accompany Up in theatres:

(via Fire Wire)

  • I can’t wait to see this on a movie theater!

    …If the the theaters are not closed by the god-damned swine flu outbreak, that is :-/

  • vzk

    Great, keep lying to children.

    That aside, it was okay.

  • as usual …. love the animation …. very cute :-)

  • phil

    oh that’s just mean, i must see more!

  • Pedro Nakama

    Can’t tell much from what is shown.
    Okay my first thoughts are a drunken stork is going to make a wrong delivery.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAm8McpOL_M

    “The Stork Market”, Famous Studios, 1949. Check it out!

  • looks charming!

    congratulations pete sohn!

  • Wait, first it was inflating your wife’s belly by blowing on her finger, now storks with bundles? I’m so confused about this baby-having thing.

  • Andrew

    @Pedro- if you been keeping up with press releases for the short, you’d know what it’s about.

    Also, even though a stork delivering a baby is a common symbol, it’s not entirely healthy to pander to kids who haven’t yet had ‘the talk’.

  • lets hope there’s no sexual refrences or innuendos in “Partly Cloudy”.

  • Gary Pearson

    I don’t know why my wife complains so much about child birth. Looks pretty easy to me.

  • joe

    “Okay my first thoughts are a drunken stork is going to make a wrong delivery.”

    – Several Warner Bros. cartoons — including Stork Naked and Apes of Wrath — cast a stork as a perpetually drunken employee of a baby-delivery service. Always losing his cargo en route to the intended recipients, the stork would find a replacement (always the wrong species) and deliver it to his clients. The stork was a bit player in these shorts, appearing at only the beginning and the end (where he returns to correct his mistake); the rest of the cartoons played out the interaction between the parents and the mismatched “child” they attempted to raise.[11]

  • Keith Paynter

    “I do all the work, and the fathers get all the credit! Umbriago!”

  • Gerard de Souza

    That’s why I have a stork trap. Contraception!

    Seriously, gorgeous everything in this clip.
    joe, don’t forget Disney’s (Bill Peet’s?) Lambert The Sheepish Lion.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Yes, yet another lie told to children, just like the Easter Bunny, Santa, religion..and now this.

    No in all seriousness, this looks like typical awesome Pixar to me :}

  • joe

    but where do baby storks come from?

  • Chimney sweepers. They place them in the nests on the chimneys.

  • Is there a tie-in with those Littlest Pet Shop toys? Cute.

  • “Dumbo” had it’s own stork/baby delivery service scene with wonderful voicing by Sterling Holloway. Neat clip, tho!

  • “Great, keep lying to children.”

    They also could have made some sort of animated porn. Thank God they avoid being literal.

    But – hey – this is Cartoon Brew: the place where every post is a chance to bitter readers show how they hate everything.

  • Al

    Disney are always sending kids the WRONG message.

  • Joe: “but where do baby storks come from?”

    Answer: (according to an article about the short at slashfilm.com). “cloud people sculpt babies from clouds and bring them to life.”

    I’ll bet sailing thru the clouds looks awesome in 3D!

  • baby sharks are cool :-)

  • Adam Van Meter

    Wow, it looks absolutely beautiful.

  • Duze

    Anyone else notice Mrs. Incredible in there? (I think that was her)

  • AR

    Yep, that does look like Mrs Incredible

  • joe

    Steve Segal: Then do clouds make baby clouds?

    If the answer is YES, than clouds are the only self replicating species in the Pixar “Partly Cloudy” multi-verse.

    Do the clouds have sex? Or they replicate through mitosis?

  • Congratulations Pete Sohn!!! Maybe the world finally realize what a stud you are. I can’t wait to see your magic.

  • Manning

    The link Jerry posted is now dead, but here’s a YouTube version of the same clip: