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Pixar’s Up is Blammed

How could you improve Pete Docter’s film Up? Let the brilliant minds at the Disney Channel “blam” the film like they’ve doing with the company’s library of classic shorts. Now today’s kids won’t be bored to tears by this musty old piece of animation from 2009.

UPDATE: Just in case it’s not clear from the tone of my write-up and the actual video, this is a parody and not produced by the Walt Disney Company. I don’t know what it says about Disney’s current creative direction that so many people could be confused into believing the company produced this.

(Thanks, KC and Kent)

  • …Did they just try and turn a string of emotional scenes into comedy? No. Just no, Disney.


  • Gerard de Souza

    That was vulgar. The “inconceivable” comment was crass. I hope they pull this.

    • Gerard de Souza

      Fool me once…..:)

  • Ryan W. Mead

    Thankfully, this is a parody. Although I could actually imagine Disney doing this to most of their library. Here comes Bambi’s mom and…BLAM! In more ways than one! Now that’s what I call “deerly departed!”

  • Cam L

    Very convincing parody. Except it showed more respect for the original material than the actual BLAMs

  • It’s just a parody, read the comment.

  • Wow. This post is somewhat tasteless and sensationalist even as satire of those admittedly awful BLAM shorts.

    The impersonation is dead on, I wonder if people involved in the actual production did this as an internal joke and it leaked?

    “uh oh ho ho.. some compositeer iz gonna get lotso’ed! (cue loop of lotso into and out of the dumpster) BLAAAM!”

  • Didn’t realize that this was a parody until a later viewing. The fact that I can actually see Disney doing something like this with films like Bambi is a testament to the current state of the company.

  • Matt Sullivan

    I REALLY hate to say this, but I blame Mystery Science theater 3000 for this. ( Don’t hit! )

    It started the whole “snarky comments” thing. And while I love MST3K it inspired a whole generation of wanna-be commentators all over the web a la Nostalgia Critic, AVGN, and others.

    But this..my goodness…this is a whole new level of WRONG.

    • DavetheRave

      I disagree. This is way more like America’s Funniest Home Videos or Whacked-Out Sports. Not like MST3K at all.

  • Matt Sullivan

    oh lord a parody. i didn’t realize it. I was seeing so much red I completely missed that. Whoever did the parody really made it see like something Disney would do.

  • Chris B

    Lame Lame Lame and Lame did i mention this was LAME!!! great treatment for an Oscar Winner. Let’s see them do this to Hurt Locker>>GRRRR who gets these ideas? and worse who approves them>

  • Chris B

    haha I was fooled ..:(

  • That actually made UP watchable.

  • Sorry, I laughed. It’s a parody of a cartoon (not real people). I guess I have a dark sense of humor.

  • SIKE!

  • keithlango

    “Psyche!! Blam-blam-bliggity-blam!”

    I LOL’d.
    This is genious parody. Awesome!

  • Bob Harper

    When the BLAM hit her babyless stomach, I spit milk through my nose! Hysterical!!!!

  • This is an outrage… not only is it insensitive, right when I thought Disney was back on the right track, they decide to disgrace some of the remaining material keeping the spirit of old Disney up.

    They’re seriously drawing attention to the fact that the wife had a miscarriage? And laughing at it? So I guess all the children and teenagers watching this network are supposed to laugh when unfortunate things like that happen to married couples. What are they THINKING? Who is minding the station these days?

    I’m sorry if I’m overreacting, but I have had enough of this.

    • The Gee

      I haven’t watched it but after reading the previous comments it sounds like it is a non-Disney thing. It sounds like it was completely unofficial. So, if it is that twisted then blame the person who really made it and uploaded it.

      And, you know the how the WWW can work, chuckleheads do waste their time doing those things they do.

      Hopefully, you and other already realize that it was someone’s idea of a parody of what Disney’s been doing.

      Like, I wrote when those were shown earlier, just don’t look and it isn’t offensive because you won’t know what you are missing.

      But, I guess it is too late for that, we leap to look nowadays instead of the other way around.

      Again, it isn’t something that is airing on TV, if the above posters are right then it is just an online video mashup by someone, anyone.

    • Tee

      Sounds like someone left their sense of humor at home along with their reading glasses.

      /I kid, I kid!

      • The Gee

        Where in the world is it written that we need to take in everything?
        I’d rather spend more time making something than consuming every little thing
        that passes as entertainment.

        For what it is worth, it just seems ridiculous that people get all knee-jerk reactionary about every little thing they encounter, whether it is information (true or false) or entertainment (good or bad).

        The thing is this: just because it is shown on YouTube or highlighted on this or blog doesn’t mean that it NEEDS to be seen. And, yet, the person I replied to did just that. Whether it would offend her or not. She just leaped. And, to be quite frank she then just over-reacted. But, ain’t that the way things go these days?

        Everyone getting all bent out of shape over things that don’t or shouldn’t affect them personally. The Internet just makes it very easy for someone with certain sensibilities thinking that if something exists and they know about it then it must be for them, too. So, they leap.

        So pardon me for trying to both correct her and console her. While also not just chastising her for not getting that it is a parody.

        I still haven’t seen the clip. Why? Do I need to know? Can I watch something else instead or focus on creating something for myself or for others?

  • Haha! I realized this was a parody about half-way in. Brilliant, brilliant parody.

  • Michael Rianda

    This is fucking great. Whoever did this, did an amazing job.
    Good work.

  • Yeah, you tell them, Leirin. Everything you said is spot on, or would be if Disney had made it. But as others pointed out already, this is a parody of Disney’s Blam spots, not a Disney Blam itself.

    It fooled me too though.

    • The Gee

      you beat me to it. i was kind of shocked someone didn’t reply sooner. But, you know how the internet can and can’t work like you think it should.

      maybe, the original post could be amended to keep blood pressures lowered? Let ’em sorta know what they might be walking into… or leaping into?

  • I was beginning to get horrifically offended until I saw that it was a parody. But wow, they really nailed it.

  • Jake

    I really thought this was a real Blam until the “inconceivable” scene came up. Good work to whoever created this!

    • Ryan W. Mead

      I think that’s what makes it work best as a parody- it starts out making fun of silly pratfalls and such just as the real interstitials do, but then it goes into insulting Carl and Ellie for their inability to reproduce and dying. I think that’s how a parody is best done- it goes over-the-top while making fun of the source material, but does so so well that it’s nearly indistinguishable from the genuine article. As many others have pointed out, it’s not that much of a stretch to imagine Disney actually doing something like this.

  • How can you guys NOT tell that this is a parody?! Are you that cynical? This is fantastic! I loved the doctor’s office target zoom… SO amazing.

  • Justin M. Durden

    This parody is amazingly hilarious, because it hits the nail on the head.

  • rebecca

    Come on people don’t give Disney any more ideas

  • Kyle Maloney

    I totally thought it was real until the “inconceivable” thing. It was all pretty predicable until that part. I saw that and was like, “wait, what? No Way. They just wouldnt do that” then it dawned on me, and I was able to laugh.

  • jsketches

    This is beyond awesome.

  • Was my face red

    An amazingly accurately parody that somehow also seems to also say a lot about just how far we’re sinking into a short attention span society where any form of empathy for others is BORING!!!!

    I just watched David Lean’s Lawrence Of Arabia in a young audience who talked, shifted about, looked at their phones and left in large numbers in the interval because it was ‘dull’ and BORING!!!!!!!

  • David Mackenzie

    Other than the black humor, I can barely tell the difference between this and the real thing!

  • Deaniac

    Video description: “a parody of Disney’s BLAM!”


  • Rooniman


  • Oh thank heavens it’s a parody.

  • Wayne

    Great parody! More please, and don’t hold back this time!

  • David

    Disney deserves this parody. The BLAM! stuff is idiotic and this parody nails it to the wall. I think it does say something about the vulgarity of the Disney Channel (is it still called that or Disney X-TREMEZ or whatever ?) that so many people took this as real at first.

  • This is certainly the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in a long time.


  • A truly terrific parody of a truly awful original concept. Unlike the real ones, I was actually laughing!

  • John

    I haven’t laughed this hard in days. Some people here need to lighten up.


  • Clearly, it’s difficult to parody what’s already become a parody.

  • Mac

    Hilarious! You can tell it’s not a real BLAM! because it’s actually funny!

  • Now THAT, is FUNNY!!!!
    Holy fucking shit is it funny!!!

  • Vzk

    This may turn into a meme. Can’t wait to see Barefoot Gen, The Plague Dogs, or Grave of the Fireflies blammed.

  • This one’s distinguishable from the real thing because its horrifyingness is both intentional and actually clever enough to make it funny. I can’t be the only one who literally lol’ed at the “Blambulance!”

  • “I don’t know what it says about Disney’s current creative direction that so many people could be confused into believing the company produced this.”

    “Let the brilliant minds at the Disney Channel “blam” the film like they’ve doing with the company’s library of classic shorts.

    I think maybe it was this ^ sentence that confused some folks, Amid. Plus, I’m easily befuddled. Glad you cleared it up. Thanks.

  • MichaelDair


  • Bugs

    I just died inside. A lottle. Why would they make fun of the subject matters of death and infertility?

    That isn’t funny. That is awful. Family Guy awful.

    • John

      It’s not making fun of death and infertility per se, it’s making fun of the way Blam cheapens animation by tastelessly distilling down to its base element. That’s what makes it a parody. The makers aren’t pointing at infertile couples and saying “HA HA!”. If anything, the anmation uses parody to show how stupid such concepts are.

  • Marc Baker

    This is proof positive that the people running Disney Channel are like the ‘Bizarro’ version of Pixar, and what’s left of Disney Feature Animation. These people have no shame, nor do they have any respect Disney’s legacy!

    • Mike Luzzi

      It wasn’t real. It was a parody (I too felt the same way when I watched it. The post was vague until the explanation was added.)

  • Soapy

    Was shocked until I read the note under the video, hahaha. I was going to say I HOPE this isn’t real…

  • this is so embarrassingly embarrassing

  • Jorge Garrido

    This video is so awesome it almost makes me glad Blam! exists.

  • Chuz

    This was so bad. I HATE BLAM.

  • Jorge Garrido

    You know what is the best part of this video? The awful cliched Ren & Stimpy/Dexter’s Lab sound effect of the shaking knees in the part where the wife falls. God, I hate those sound effects. Why do people think they’re funny? The shaking knees, the snapping rope, the squashing brain…

  • DrawBoy

    Some one/ones need to lose there job/jobs! I wish I could unwatch that =(

  • brittany v

    o my gosh, this is horrible. not only cuz it’s blammed, but because it makes fun of horrible things that shouldn’t be laughed at like women who can’t conceive and your wife dieing. what in the hell is this? i didn’t think disney was the type of company to let this kind of thing happen. well i guess all things change and unfortunately, disney took a change for the worst.

  • BlizShadow

    Some of you guys have absolutely no sense of humor. The abhorrence of making fun of the film’s serious issues is the joke. Even if this were actually real, it wouldn’t have stopped me from laughing at it because it’s so over the top. Really. “Blamulance?” “Inconceivable?” Frikkin’ hilarious.

    If Disney is going to do these Blam thingies, they could at least take a cue from this guy; The actual ones are pretty horrible.

  • is it possible we can BLAM disney executives? good job destroying your own work disney, good job

    the voice and style reminds me of the 90s, FAIL

  • Kudos to the parodist! Assume job! I laughed at the absurdity several times.