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Disney Remixes Old Cartoons into Blam!

Brew reader Topher writes, “I saw these on the Disney channel. They are called BLAM! and they are horrendous. Disney cartoons with America’s Funniest Home Videos style commentary and horrible music running over every second of footage. Why they don’t just show the cartoons I have no idea.”

Personally, I have no problem with remixing footage that might be too slow-paced for today’s media-saturated kiddies. The idea for Blam! is nothing new. Ward Kimball did the same thing in the 1970s with his TV series The Mouse Factory (watch an episode of the series with Don Knotts). The difference was that Ward edited and packaged the cartoons in a witty and fun way that enhanced an audience’s appreciation for the source material and made the viewer want to seek out the original shorts.

These Blam! episodes, which are probably named so because the viewer wants to blam their head off after watching them, destroy the spirit of the Disney cartoons and over-explain every joke to the point where it becomes unfunny. I’ve included a couple others in this post so you can judge for yourself.

  • John Dorian

    Disney’s Have a Laugh! wants to talk to you about pissing on the legacy of the cartoons, even though I loved only the Donald Duck & Goofy shorts.

  • Kristjan

    One sentence “Walt is turning in his grave”.

    • JassMorgan

      Don’t you mean turning in his Cryogenic Refrigerator… BLAM!

  • Tim Hodge

    Mildly better than “DTV”. When the Disney Channel first started in the 80s, they had the bright idea to edit clips of classic shorts to top 40 songs. Sort of an MTV for kids. But it looked like they used 4th generation VHS dubs as their source material.

    Imagine clips of various Donald Duck cartoons with a detective theme cut to Hall & Oates’ “Private Eyes”.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I loved DTV. The footage alone was pretty much whatever they had already bothered to make video copies of anyway (some can look downright awful to today’s digitally enhanced world). I also like to think it inspired AMV’s as well.

      • arf

        “I also like to think it inspired AMV’s as well.”

        You say that like it’s a good thing.

      • hgdf

        But…but AMVs are horrible.

  • How about adding the “bad ideas” label to this post? Maybe we need one new: “wasting money for nothing”.

  • I think everyone who reads this blog will have the same opinion on this….

  • WHAT THE FUUUU……..!?

  • It’d have been great if they edited it so Donald goes out to beat the crap out of that obnoxious narrator, like he did to the radio hostess (!) at the end of the original cartoon, but to come up with that, you’d need, as Amid said, a sense of wit and fun. Thanks for justifying my decision to almost never watch television.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I couldn’t stand watching more than one of these.

  • Karen

    I’m so glad that yammering voice over is telling me what’s going on. The staging and animation are just NOT clear enough (cough, cough).

  • David Breneman

    Wow, Disney cartoons with Hanna Barbera sound effects. The best of both worlds! :-P

    Back in the late 70s, there was s syndicated show based on the movies of Harold Lloyd. It had an annoying faux 1920s theme song:

    Make way for Harold Lloyd!
    (Dah-dah, Dah-dah, Dah-dah dih-dah-dah!)
    Harold Lloyd!
    (Dah-dah, Dah-dah, Dah-dah dih-dah-dah!)

    Apparently they though Paramount might sue them if they said
    Boop-Oop-i-Doop, Boop-Doop-i doop-doop)

    Anyway, this desecration of Lloyd’s classic films featured scenes exorcized from the context of the silent masterpieces, narrated by a cheezy Fred Allen sound-alike who offered such sage commentary as “Uh, oh! If Harold doesn’t do something quick, he’s going to fall down those stairs!” Of course, Harold promptly fell down the stairs.


    Fake Fred Allen: 1
    Real Harold Lloyd: 0

    Lloyd’s estate eventually wrested control of his films away from this butcher, but not before a lot of damage was done in the minds of impressionable young kids who probably grew up thinking, “Man, what dorks movie actors were in the 20s!”

  • uncle wayne

    Oh MY! You’re right. These films, initially, are sooooooo “slow paced!” Jeez…did they ever see a stupid ballgame!? It’s endless!!!

  • Ken Bruce

    Horrendous? This is a brilliant way of introducing kids to these awful out of date irrelevant cartoons! The executives at Disney are brilliant!

  • Paul N

    Couldn’t make it past the first one. I refuse to watch what they did to the Goof.

  • It sounds like that Maximum Exposure show local TV stations play at the time slots no one watches or when a ballgame gets rained out.

    But at least I finally have a way to watch classic cartoons and read a book at the same time. I don’t even need to look at the screen anymore.


  • Erin

    First time I saw these things on Disney Channel, I was just stunned and disappointed. Goofy shorts were my favorite as a kid (a little kid mind you, like 7 or 8) because of how the normal subject matter was paired with zany antics.
    This cheap play-by-play version pissed me off.

  • holyduck

    You have no idea how many studios produce shows that air, or aired, on network cable television these days and give the same stupid, irritating, glaring shtick that they think is appealing to kids! I once worked for a director who WANTED there to be an ear-piercing sound at the slightest movement of a character! Why not study ACTUAL AMBIANCE AND SOUND EFFECTS HAPPENING AROUND YOU?!?

    • Scarabim

      Oh, you worked for Butch Hartman, did you?

  • Nico


  • I’d rather Disney Blam! the shows it obtained from Saban. Over-explaining Kidd Video and The New Fantastic Four would make those cartoons more watchable.

    • Bill

      I don’t think you can over-explain the new FF4, but that Menace of Magneto episode dosen’t need anything to be funnier.

      • Some Flipsider

        And “Kidd Video” doesn’t need anything to be trippier than it is.

  • Uhh….can I get the number of the guy who thought of this dumbf*** idea? Walt’s probably cursing up a storm and calling 4 Zeus (not the Disney BS’d one but the REAL one, thank you very much!) upstairs right now seeing his creations literally thrown under the Montana/Suite/Waverly Bus (and yes, the name is intentional)!

    And you wonder why Walt’s original creations and the Looney Tunes (until just recently) weren’t given ANY love at all…

  • DonaldC

    Ugh. Don’t remind me.
    Classic cartoons don’t get the respect they deserve, save for perhaps a few Looney Tunes shorts.
    And even then, they’re hidden away, teasing us with a viewing every few years.

    Remember earlier this year when they where supposed to bring the Looney Tunes show back to Cartoon Network? Well, it’s not there anymore.

  • Charlie

    Mr. Announcer, please shut up.

    I will say this about these clips. I like that slo-mo a few scenes. Maybe some kids will see how animation should be.

  • Looks like Disney must have hired Poochie as a programming executroid. BLAM! is totally EXTREME and IN YOUR FACE!!!

  • Ryan W. Mead

    Disney has a number of these interstitials under the umbrella title “Have A Laugh!” Besides these, they also have music videos as well as “minisode” versions of classic Disney cartoons with the dialogue redubbed by the current Disney character voice actors. (Disney’s website offers both the short versions as well as the full-length cartoons with the original voice tracks).

    Looking at these being presented here gives me two thoughts:
    1. I wonder if it actually would be possible to do a “sports-blooper-reel” type remix of old Disney cartoons but actually make it amusing without overexplaining as it is done here.
    2. Since when was cooking a sport?

  • I am not a fan of these. Disney Channel used to have a wide variety of family programming. The stuff they have now is insulting even to their all-teenybopper audience.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I wanna go back to the days when the channel cost your parents extra to get, and it was worth every penny.

      • Next thing you’ll want is animation on the Cartoon Network.

  • ehhh… don’t worry. This isn’t going to going to be the next big thing among the kids. This will run out of steam soon and Disney will go back to its core product… singing acts for tween-agers.

  • JESUS… this is offensive to the highest level! It’s like a skit from Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show… but it’s real!

    • Rob

      Exactly, How is this not an elaborate joke?

      It doesn’t even feel genuinely obnoxious, more like a prank. And that, I suspect, is also carried through in Amid’s review of these. Is it April already?

  • NYanimator

    I would like to put a gun to the narrator’s head and go BLAM!

  • purin

    I really hate that hip youth voice… And I was not too long ago the age it was supposed to appeal to.

    What was that thing about jokes and explaining again? I believe it was one of those vital rules of comedy…

  • NC

    Do it with “An Education of Death” that would be HILARIOUS!!!!!! Seriously John Lasseter if you’re reading this DO IT!!!!!

  • Jeff Haynes

    The Disney channel stinks. I would never allow my kids to watch it. Why shouldn’t they destroy great cartoons so that they stink like everything else they show.

    • Agreed, the Disney Channel is terrible. Even 15 years ago, I remember it being terrible. You’d think that with such a rich catalogue as they have, they could just show great material all day long (or at least half the day). Great reruns are better than tedious new programming. I remember how bitterly disappointed I was as a kid when I first discovered that channel and watched it for hours before finally realizing that they wouldn’t actually be showing any Disney cartoons. Never watched it again.

  • Sandypants

    BLAM! Donald Duck is about to get hit with a pie! BLAM! Uh oh! BLAM! Did somebody order a metric ASSLOAD of BLAM? ‘Cause Donald has BLAM in SPADES now! BLAM! Oh I just shit my pants, BLAM!

  • Deaniac

    I’m surprised they even PUT footage of the old shorts on Disney Channel, considering how much tweencom garbage they air nowadays (except Phineas and Ferb. I like that show).

    There’s another part of this “have a laugh” brand where they actually air shorter versions of the Disney shorts…granted, they’re slightly redubbed for no legitimate reason, but it’s still the shorts.

  • Amid, I’m surprised that you think it’s okto re-edit these masterpieces to pick up the pace for the younger generation. The films are gloriously paced as they are. They don’t need to be souped up. The attention span needs to be slowed down – especially in children.

    Show the films as they are.

    • Scarabim

      I completely agree with this. In my opinion, shows like Sesame Street are largely to blame for the stunting of kids’ attention spans. The pace of that show was meant to take advantage of it – but it’s apparently only made it worse. When a bunch of kids at a movie theater get bored while watching “The Wizard of Oz” (which actually happened a couple of years ago at an anniversary screening of the film at my local theater), then you know that something has gone very very wrong with the way kids are being “educated” – or entertained. People can knock Barney all they want for its sappiness, but at least its pace encourages a kids’ concentration.

  • I’m really bothered that the announcer sounds like Brad Neely in his “Wizard People Dear Reader” project… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=435-Y3Nm5Bo

    • I was wondering if it was Will Arnett. It sounds a lot like Gob Bluth making fun of the cartoons as he watches them, but that character is so obnoxious, it seems funny.

      I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

  • The Horror the horror!

    (why why WHY do they do this?)

  • Ho ho, kids! He’s put the wrong thing in there! That will cause something funny to happen! Now the funny thing is happening!

    Hey, wasn’t that a hilarious thing I just said about something being funny? Be sure and laugh when I do!! Ouch! What pain he must be undergoing! Hey, this is like a thing that happened to my cousin one time! Oops, you can’t hear it because of the extra sound effects we dumped in there. That’s okay! Just laugh when I tell you to laugh!

    Okay, it’s over now, and we can have more ads for our other hilarious remakes!! Better laugh some more to be on the safe side!

    • David Breneman

      That could be a Bob and Ray routine.

      • Scarabim

        Yeah. Or maybe a skit on Prairie Home Companion. It’d be killer.

  • mat

    These are coming to dvd! Yes disney is making two dvds of these edited chopped up versions of these classic cartoons.

    Why can’t disney show the full classic cartoons? Tom and jerry still airs but not mickey mouse? Yes Dtv was on in the 80s but so was the complete cartoons. We could see the cartoons every morning on “good morning mickey” and afternoon on “donald duck presents”.

    Kids today don’t get that and these chopped up edited clips are the first time many kids are watching these cartoons.

  • Rooniman

    Not the most annoying thing in the world, but God, the narrator needs to shut the **** up. The narrator seems to be trying to break the world record of saying “BLAM!!” all the freakin’ time.

  • Phil


    • Greg

      I think I just BLAMMED a little in my mouth.

  • I thought this was pretty hilarious, but not for the intended reasons

  • Sister Mary Francis these are awful. Are they trying to ape the Mystery Science Theater style? BLAAAAAAAAAM!

    Whoever greenlights these ideas is clueless. Animators need to run their own studios–solicit funding for small projects, hire a money guy to manage it, and handle all the creative yourself.

    I know, I know–easier said than done. While I’m at it, why not wish for a solid gold house and a shetland pony.

  • Right on the mark with your commentary, Amid, thanks. Ward Kimball had taste and intelligence; he honored the craft and the spirit in which the shorts were created. Being a brilliant Disney animator, he truly knew what blood, sweat , & tears went into every frame of animation. Therefore, his remixes were done right, of course. These “new” abominations are embarrassingly awful; they butcher all the work that was done so painstakingly and masterfully 60+years ago. They insult all the great artists and animators who created them. This is the epitome of “dumbing down” to audiences. How stupid can you get!!The poor kids of today have no idea what wonderful cartoons they are missing. How very, very sad for them AND for the company that “created” them, having degenerated into this state of negligence of their great legacy. They are demonstrating tastlessness and being souless. How pathetic.

  • Ugh!

  • Celia

    I really don’t understand why this is out today. Jackass came out ten years ago, so why is Disney trying to ape them in 2010? Is Goofy going to electrocute his testicles now?

  • Ridd Sorensen

    Ugh terrible voiceover. They could at least put a little more care into the editing too. Some of the scenes aren’t hooking up properly and it’s really jarring. I wish they’d just play full clips of these classics with their original audio. My kids love these old cartoons as is. Leave them alone!!!

  • Theodore

    Pier Paolo Pasolini’s “Salo” makes an equally adept introduction to the world of corporate executives. Every one of them should have it stapled into their neck as a homing device.

  • dave o.

    Sounds like the same d-bag who does the voiceover for that waste of footage “Wacked Out Sports” that is geared for high school kids that are lame enough to be home on a Saturday night.

    Maybe that’s the new Disney agenda: turn classic cartoon experiences into one big kiddie kegger to get them ready for life as a duuuuuude. Creating future frat boy a-holes through Silly Symphonies… Walt’s dream!


    • Chris Sobieniak

      Don’t give the internet ideas, or they’ll just have to use that for an acronym now (though I probably just did)!

  • timmyelliot

    Although I think that commentary is needless and dumb, I think it is completely effective for its target audience. I can see my little nephews completely going nuts over that guy’s voice-over comments.

    So, grudingly, I have to say it works.

    • BabyCharmander

      I disagree entirely. My 9-year-old niece and nephews have watched these old cartoons unedited, and they LOVE them. Kids nowadays DO like the old Disney and Bugs Bunny shorts. I don’t get why people think they don’t.

    • Slade Barker

      If that’s true, I’d hate to meet your nephews.

  • it’s just one mistake after another with this company, isn’t it?


  • Justin M. Durden

    I was actually waiting on you guys to talk about these.

  • Greg

    I just booked the voiceover guy to accompany me to my next Disney pitch. He’s going to sit right behind the execs and provide his trademark cool-yet-wholesome running commentary throughout my presentation. Don’t worry, I have plenty of BLAM! moments prepared. I’ll keep you all posted as soon as I sell the show. It’ll be a slam-dunk. Or should I say “A BLAM-DUNK!”


    • Greg

      Apparently BLAM transcends all cultures and language barriers.



      • Notably, the German VO sounds normal and doesn’t shout (or make a pun on) the word BLAM every five seconds.

        How was our domestic VO located? Did someone place an ad for “towel-snapping douche”?

  • This isn’t as bad as them redubbing the old shorts in general. The timing and the beautiful audio quality of the 40s-30s is lost and kids can’t get the best Disney experience.

    The only good thing that’s come out of this have a half have been the music videos they’ve shown. I don’t know but it seems a more meaningful insight on the material without disgracing it with bad VAs and weird gimmicks. CN did the AMV thing back in the day and it was a neat treat to the old classics.

  • Eric Paulsen

    It’s like they say: Those who can, do. Those who can’t, ruin the art form for everybody else. Thanks for pissing on my childhood memories Disney Conglomerated Multimedia Inc. Maybe you can disinter my first dogs bones and beat them up while you’re at it.

  • Rose Acord

    These say that the original content isn’t good enough.

    These say that the new material is better.

    These say that whomever came up with this idea has no clue as to what good is.

  • Roberto Severino

    My childhood has been raped once again. Ugh. Those Blam things were so obnoxious that I couldn’t even make it through the first one. If they’re going to reintroduce young children to these cartoons again, do the simplest thing in the world: actually SHOW these classic Disney cartoons and features on TV again instead of making these subliminal advertisements for the Walt Disney Treasures DVDs. Not everyone can afford to buy them. Same with the Looney Tunes and all the other great cartoon characters from the Golden Age.

  • I hate this with an unspeakable fury. I’d rather watch Justin Beiber do a cover of Van Halen’s “Jump” than watch this shit. Who the fuck thought of this? I wish everyone involved in this nothing but shame and misery for the rest of their natural lives, and then after they die alone and unmourned, I hope they have to blow dinosaurs for the rest of eternity while having this pumped into headphones at ear-splitting volume.

  • Kyle Maloney

    Disney meets Maximum Exposure? count me out. I hate when shows do that crap, just show the clips, they can stand on their own.

  • Makes me want to cry and vomit all at the same time.

    Guess they’re adding some “much needed ‘tude”.

  • “Blam!” should be retitled “Ow! My Balls!” and be brought to you by Brawndo.

  • Jeff Kurtti

    Fortunately, the shorts themselves are pretty widely available intact in DVD editions geared to families with kids. These are the ones I let my sons watch. They NEVER get to watch Disney Channel.


  • This is seriously for real?

  • John

    You’re all haters. I, for one, am glad for the commentary so I can understand the jokes. I get it now – it’s funny when they get hurt.

  • Bob K.

    I *really* miss “Vault Disney” and the “Ink and Paint Club” now! (Who else remembers when the Disney Channel was actaully worth watching?

    • Bob K., couldn’t agree with you more. I was thrilled when the Channel made it to basic level on our cable system in ’88 and I taped as many late nights of “Vault Disney” and early morning airing of “Ink and Paint Club” as I could. Not thrilled that it is VHS for durability reasons, but at least I’ve got a lot of them.

  • Wayne

    I’d LOVE to see them do this with “Destino”. That ought to cheapen it real good.

  • Stephan

    Oh man. So Disney is trying to bring back its Mickey toons which no one was particularly clamoring for, to the Disney channel. This is the reintroduction! And of couse everyone goes NOOOO! WHAT DID THEY DO TO THESE THINGS I RARELY WATCH! I mean, the idea is for kids to enjoy Disney Toons again so they can bring them back pure and seam them in with the Hannah Montanas. Besides, the joke here is no longer the pie in the face, but the parody of sports commentators. Its not meant to replace the toons, but sell them! Its like comparing a trailer to the movie, of course the trailer won’t be as good (usually…)

  • Brendan Spillane

    This reminds me too much of the “Wipeout” TV show that has similarly smug commentary from its hosts: ironically, it airs on the Disney-owned ABC Network. Those cartoons with Goofy playing sports are fast, frantic & funny enough NOT to be undermined by some loudmouth shouting “BLAAAAAAAM!!” ad nauseum.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Remember the good old days when Disney made family films and not just teenie-bopper crap.

  • After the first fifteen seconds I was going to comment that it wasn’t that bad. Now I just want to punch that “Blam!” guy in the face.

  • ‘Obnoxious’ would be the best way to describe all the smug dialogue heard over these classic cartoons. I’m actually a little more than surprised that no one shouted the phrase:
    “Oh, that’s GOTTA hurt!”

  • Wayne

    Here’s the difference: in the Golden Age of animation, Disney made short and features from scratch, and took great pains not to repeat themselves, if possible. Now, it’s about just how much stuff they can quickly regurgitate from former days of glory; it’s why we have Cinderella 3, Jungle Book 4, etc. It’s why they had DTV and now Blam! And this is just the beginning, my friends. Soon we’ll be seeing “Snow White 12”. Recycling is for waste, not for classic gems!

  • Dystopian Aggression

    Ow! My Balls!

  • The Gee

    The key to not getting mad about this kind of stuff is to not watch it.
    After reading the comments so far, ignoring it just might lead to bliss. (though, don’t take my word for it. Not having seen it leads me to imagine it is the worst of these types of montages.)

    But to try and put it in some perspective, is it really that much different than most re-mixed, repurposed footage that’s been shown over the years? Just because it is classic Disney animation doesn’t really make it any more of a travesty than if the worst animation from a lesser reknown studio was used. Heck, I’m sure Three Stooges footage has been used in similar ways as has lots of film footage. And, in this part of the 21st C., there’s lots of footage to be recycled like this.

    Even if it were a crappy studios output instead of Disney, the end result would pretty much be the same barely inspired gags. It might be unfortunate that it was created by the Mouse but it isn’t too surprising to believe someone thinks it is a clever way to make a buck.

  • Shadrach

    This is proof we are getting closer to realizing the Idiocracy.

  • greg.org

    the thing is, I can imagine just how this went down: at a brainstorming session after a focus group where they screened classic shorts for kids, who said they were slow or boring.

    The other thing, of course, is that hacking up old material doesn’t always fail [cf. Space Ghost], so it was probably not that tough of a sell. The only problem, then, is that apparently no one at Disney had the balls or the brains to recognize a horrible disaster when they saw it.

  • Donald

    Pure shit. Horrible that they’re ruining classic cartoons.

  • DanP

    That was absolutely hellacious; this had to be a producer’s idea.

    I wonder if they can harness the energy from Walt’s spinning corpse.

  • snapman

    This make me want to do reedits of 3 Stooges and Laurel & Hardy shorts narrated with hyperobnoxious extreme sportscaster drivel, backed by bland production music noise, and punctuated with Hanna Barberra stock sound effects. And why stop there? I bet I could overexplain the sight gags in some higher-brow older film as well!

    “Now let’s pan waaaay back to the other side of the table and oh man! They’re reading different newspapers! Looks like the Kane marriage is in for some serious trouble!”

  • papashango

    un—frakkin believable…Dint think Id ever live to see this..
    and who wrote that commentary…??jeeeeeeees….
    “turning in his grave”??is and understatement I bet Walt is doing a Tango down there by now..

  • greycolumbus

    I thought I was going crazy but I now realize the “Have A Laugh” shorts are dubbed.

    This in itself isn’t particularly bad, but they didn’t even bother to to dub over the classic sound effects making the crystal clear VO incredibly jarring. Every time I hear HAL it angers me a little.

  • SilverDogg

    if i see that narrator im gonna BLAM! him.

  • Marc Baker

    Good god, those videos were terrible! Say what you will about DTV, but I’d rather watch that over this ‘Blam’ garbage! (And yes, it did spawn the ‘anime music videos’ that we see on Youtube.) If they did that same kind of gimmick on say, ‘Hanna Montana’, or ‘The Jonas Brothers’, all their legions of fan girls would be livid, and demand the executives heads on a silver platter. (Which would be very funny) Just one more reason not to watch Disney Channel!

  • Tori

    Did I just hope out of a time machine and land back in the 90’s? The voice-over is horrendous… His dialog seems so dated, and if I have to hear the word BLAM! one more time I may just have to hurt someone.

  • Damon

    I’m not crazy about these either, but if it can lead kids to seeking out the originals then that’s ok.

  • raindog71

    Is this how Disney works these days? Needing to rely on cheaply recutting one of their classic products, throwing on a voice-over and a couple graphics to sell their image and fill a minute and a half of airtime.
    I wonder if the voice-over guy felt dirty after he got paid.

  • Fitz

    Hopefully parents will have the good sense to use the mute button from now on…

  • Makes me want to punch my computer screen…BLAM!

  • I threw up a little in my mouth.

  • The idea that this is going to be some child’s first exposure to these shorts makes me cringe. When I was growing up (around 1990-’93), Disney was actually still playing shorts in the morning and that’s how I learned about great animation. I also remember DTV! I don’t remember actually seeing it on TV, but I do remember having a VHS compilation. At least that stuff used half-way decent songs…this stuff is horrendous.

  • Andreas Nilssen Moss

    These Blam-shorts are so horribly awful I am fascinated.

    I thought it was a joke first, because I saw the Up thing first, not realizing it was a parody. Actually I started to enjoy them just because they were so awful, and I thought some random dude with a twiste sense of humor.

    When I got to realize it was Disneys own and meant intentionally funny, I was stunned.
    I guess stop watching TV ten years ago was a wise choice.

    Luckily everyone seems to hate them.

  • okayy… does anyone agree that the narrator’s voice of these idiotic clips is SERIOUSLY ir iritating… like NOONE wants to hear some guy with like a friggen loud mouth scream BLAAAAAAMMMMMMMM! like 50 times in these thinggs… goshh, what did disney channel do to these clips!

  • McKayla

    Blam is so stupid. Annoying.

    Nuff said.

  • The baker

    OMG! Blam is SOOOOOO STUPID! When the guy scream Blam it’s SOOOOO annoying! We don’t need this crap because we have TOM AND JERRY!