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Pooh diapers — and a rectal thermometer!

This week marks the anniversary of one of our most popular posts: the one about the Spongebob Squarepants Musical Rectal Thermometer. Nothing I find in the super-market again can ever top that.

However, last night I found myself at an overstock outlet store, Big Lots, and lo and behold: a Disney Pooh Rectal Thermometer! It doesn’t play the theme song in your ass like the Spongebob product does – but otherwise its a perfect match of character-to-merchandise! It’ll go great with the Pooh Huggies diapers and Looney Tunes Baby Wipes I also found.

  • OM

    …It was about this time when I was getting the toes cut off that Jerry & Amid posted the original story about the Spongebob rectal thermometer, and within 10 minutes of my reading the story to one of my nurses from the hospital bed, the story spread through the hospital quicker than Blue Flu hits a police precinct. For the next couple of days, when a doctor, nurse or even an orderly would drop by for one purpose, the ending conversation would be “hey, is it really true about that…”

    Needless to say, I kept the article bookmarked for easy retrieval until my release…:-) :-) :-)

  • matt

    A few years back my local post office had something I thought was just as good (or bad) – something called a “Pooh Dangler”. Like one of those dangling advertising tags you see in the supermarket to grab your attention, but with a little brown Winnie-the-pooh dangling off your shelf.

    On that note, I’m sure Disney Marketing has no idea that Down Under, poo that hangs from the arse (generally of sheep before they’re shorn) are called dags. And it’s a euphemism too – if you’re a bit of a dag or daggy it means you’re a slob or dork or have no aesthetic barometer. Sort of like dingleberry, but I don’t think that one has connotations of fashion faux-pas and a predilection for leisurewear…

  • I’m waiting for a Popeye rectal thermometer that not only play’s the theme but goes ‘toot toot’ when it’s ready to read.

  • Brian O.

    Huh… Jerry said “ass.”

  • Fred Sparrman

    I don’t think it’s that unusual for a rectal thermometer to have pooh on it.

  • If I’m going to use a rectal thermometer I’m throwing that thing out after its first use.

  • uncle wayne

    for those who are very PRO Pooh Bear….(especially Disney’s), this unthinkable pun is NOT acceptable!!


  • Surely, there must be “Pooh Wipes” out there

  • Aren’t pretty much ALL digital thermometers this shape?

    Just because it has a tapered tip doesn’t mean it automatically goes straight up the butt anymore. Nobody uses shake-down mercury thermometers any more, so calling it a RECTAL thermometer with POOH ON IT is a bit of a cheap gag shot.

  • Amy, I’m pretty sure that shape doesn’t help it stay put in anyone’s mouth. It only looks like that for one reason.

    Though you are right that all digital thermometers are tapered like that, it’s only to give you the option of rectal use. So it is a rectal thermometer with Pooh on it.

  • Anonymous

    I agree about the cheap gag comment. It’s not a “rectal thermometer”. It’s a thermometer that can be used rectally. Or orally, or under the armpit. Just like any other rod-shaped thermometers. This is like pointing to toilet paper with a Hundred Acre Wood theme and saying “LOL LOOK THAT TOILET PAPER HAS POOH ON IT!!!” Totally puerile.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Prozac should use Eeyore.

  • T

    Nah, it’s a Book on Tape with Eeyore reading Sylvia Plath or nothing.

  • KarmaRocketX

    Sorry but, try as they might, no merchandise can match the hilarity of the Hello Kitty Vibrator.

  • matt

    Whoa, some of you guys with the sour disapproving faces and ‘puerile’ comments are being a bit dare I say it, anal-retentive. Zing!

  • Brad Constantine

    I just can’t get the image of all the 100 acre wood friends lined up tugging on pooh stuck in the hole out of my head…hilarious idea.

  • Mike Russo

    Sometimes a thermometer is just a thermometer, folks.

  • Nathan Strum

    17 comments, and nobody has posted, “Eh, wipe up Doc!”

    For shame.

  • Bugsmer

    Did they design this product when Pooh was stuck in Rabbit’s hole, eating his honey? He was certainly there for a long time.