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Roger Rabbit crew photos on Facebook

This is animator Peter Western’s desk during the production of Who Framed Roger Rabbit at Richard Williams studio in London. Note the model sheets of Donald, Goofy, Road Runner, Coyote and Woody Woodpecker.

This is one of 82 personal photos Western has posted on Facebook . They contain everyone who worked in or came through the studio, including Richard Williams, Nik Ranieri, Andreas Deja, Tom Sito, David Bowers, Raul Garcia, Don Hahn, Steven Spielberg, Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd, and Robert Zemeckis – among many others. There are also a few memos and unused models. It’s fun to browse, even if you didn’t work there. Here’s the link.

  • Kevin Schreck

    What a great link! Big fan of Richard Williams, here. Thanks for posting that!

  • Tina

    Neat. Makes me wish the film was worth watching.

  • Mike Russo

    Two posts in and already the film is slammed. Figures.

    Nice to see that stuff, Jerry. Thanks for posting. Coincidentally, me and my friends were planning on watching the film tonight. It’s been a while. Definitely one of my favorites.

  • Phil

    I watch this film recently. Cool to see these now.

  • Thom Foolery

    Very cool stuff! I really dug the Toon Gun model sheet and the Eye Line memo. It’s be great to see this kinda stuff been collected for an “Art of Who Framed Roger Rabbit” book (Hint hint Chronicle Books. Seem like that’d be perfect for the 25th anniversary in 2013)

  • amid

    This post was not a request for people to review Roger Rabbit. It’s about the unearthing of a rare stash of historical materials related to the film. Any posts that are unrelated to the topic of this post (the documents posted on Facebook) will be deleted.

  • I love seeing these photos and reading the behind-the -scenes comments.
    Thanks for posting this!

  • This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this! I just saw a familiar face in the picture…someone I worked with in my first year in animation… I had no idea she had worked on Roger Rabbit! This just made my day!

  • Thanks for sharing the pictures, they were really inspirational! I didn’t know that Andreas Deja worked on this production.

  • Dan

    “Animator’s Survival Kit” on You Tube!

  • These are great photos. Some of these guys and gals really look different now! Does anyone know if the model sheets in the photo in the Brew post are online anywhere?

  • I love this. It actually gives me a better idea of how crazy it must have been to work on, much more than any of the documentaries I’ve seen about it. I like that the photo of Mortimer with the packaged dinners for people working overtime is tagged with “toxic waste.”

    I also like the snapshots of people goofing off. I’m surprised anyone had time to do anything but work. I guess it was necessary to maintain sanity.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Let’s not forget the LA unit that did the cab chase and the Toontown sequences. They were located in Glendale next to Imagineering.

  • Hi Jerry and Amid

    Thanks for providing the link to my “Roger Rabbit People” Facebook posting – the enthusiastic response has been very gratifying.

    Now that FB allows you to put up more pictures per album, I’ll be posting a few more items from my stash of memorabilia in the near future, including the crew’s trip to New York for the movie premiere.

  • Dave O.

    This is great. I love behind-the-scenes stuff like this …and involving my favorite movie no less!

  • Fantastic. I remember going to see this for the first time in the cinema when I was seven years old (my parents weren’t hugely attentive and I was a pretty mature seven). It was my favourite film from then on and it has remained one of my favourites throughout the years. Saw it a few months ago at a midnight screening and it was probably the best theatre experience I’ve had in the past eight months. It simply hasn’t aged, or has, in fact, gotten better as I’ve gotten older.

    Thanks for all the hard work you did, guys. Paid off in a giant way.

  • Sarah

    Thanks for sharing these photos! I’m an animator but I’ve been searching high and low for behind-the-scenes information about the nuts and bolts of production (how it’s structured, details about the many steps involved) and this archive has so much good stuff about the production itself. What an education.

  • Jenny

    These are fantastic. And Pete took a lot of trouble to carefully identify everyone which is great.

    It’s interesting to think: if Steven hadn’t made RR with Zemeckis he wouldn’t have subsequently set up Amblimation in London, which in turn became a large part of the staff for Dreamworks when Jeffrey left Disney in 1994. And if that hadn’t happened many top EU and other talents would probably not now be working in American animation and making it as rich and varied a community as it now is. The production of RR really started it all.