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Sexy Disney “Fine Art”

These pieces (of art) were spotted on display aboard a recent Disney Cruise, for a very high priced auction by the Park West gallery. They were created by M Kungl, a “fine artist” specializing in art deco creations. Cinderella, Tinker Bell and Ariel are given the Miley Cyrus/Annie Leibowitz treatment. Even Jessica is more graphic than usual. What do you think?

  • Tom Pope

    I like the Jessica (the others not so much). As a matter of fact, I like the cropped Jessica better then the full view.

  • Nice, very nice. Wonderful use of color.

  • Luke

    Look pretty crap to me. I’ve seen much better ‘sexy’ disney pinups.

    The ones of Mickey and Donald are more interesting though not amazing.

  • Gobo

    Love the art deco styling, but the characters are pretty wooden.

  • Brian D. Scott

    I like the Captain M very much.

  • As one who has done more than her fair share of Disney fanart pinups… is he allowed to sell these?
    If they were found on a Disney cruise, I guess it’s one thing if the company commissioned a few pieces to sell in their galleries.
    But is he allowed to sell them personally?

    Not the first time I’ve seen fairly lacklustre art slapped with the Disney ‘Fine Art’ tag and sold for massive amounts.
    At least they’re originals and not those stupid giclee prints on canvas to look like fake paintings.

  • BaconIsGood4You

    I agree with Luke. The work is very mediocre and terribly one note (especially since he’s just stealing Art Deco stylings).

    I find it pretty arrogant to draw someone elses characters, give them slightly bigger boobs and call it “fine art.” They’re not even sexy drawings.

  • I like anything that has sexy cartoon girls, so, this gets my vote! *thumbs up*

  • The cubist-like Mickeys are kind of interesting…the princess paintings are underwhelming.

  • Chuck R.

    I’ll agree with Amy that this isn’t particularly noteworthy. I’m sure his work is sanctioned by Disney, so the only thing shocking here is that they couldn’t find a more talented sell-out. There are countless designers out there willing to ape AM Cassandre’s look.

    If you want a really really good deco poster on your wall and only a Disney property will do, you can’t get much better than this:×17/dp/B0004WTS0M/ref=cm_lmf_tit_6

    If it’s gotta be a cartoon, I’ll suggest one of the many nice Popeye theatrical poster reprints.

  • Charles

    I would have to say that he put more style and thought into the male characters and didn’t seem to know what to do with the female characters.

  • The ‘Mickey in the motorcycle’ was the best of the bunch, methinks

  • Ouch! They stink. Lifeless. Dead.
    Apart from the Mickey one which is okay.

  • Wow, Ariel doesn’t look 16 years old anymore, more like 20!

  • Amy’s being far to modest. Check out HER awesome Disney pin-up girls. Girlie art done right by a (former) Disney animator!

  • SR Das

    That’s nothing compared to what I’ve seen on DeviantArt! There’s this guy called who practically does the same thing—not just with Disney, BTW. Case in ponit, his images I find disturbing.

  • Disney did a nice Mucha-esque print of the Sprite from the Firebird Suite several years ago.
    The watercolour painting was nice enough, the problem was it was obviously a smaller piece of art blown up to poster size which didn’t really do it much service.

    Don’t forget the BnL “retrofuture” posters done for Wall-E, those are cool too.

  • Not bad I, like the art-deco look !!!

  • Keith Bryant

    Ariel looks pretty hot to me but I don’t get out much.

  • K. Borcz

    those look like drawings I did in middle school…couldn’t they afford a better artist?

  • Pez

    Looks like 1980’s Art Deco

  • Jesse

    Yeah, I like Amy’s work MUCH more. Her Edna is hilarious (not to mention disturbingly hot).

  • I’m sort of on the fence here. While I do like the paintings, I hate to label the works here as ‘fine art’. Sure they’re attractive, but I would define ‘fine art’ as having some sort of artistic value that somehow enhances the original. Unfortunately, there’s nothing with these pieces that would justify that name tag, even if they are art deco representations of modern characters. Some of the artists’ other paintings of buildings or objects appeal to me much more.

  • Degeaffus Unum

    These are really dull. The characters in the movie are a lot “sexier,” and interesting. They are very cold and lifeless, and remind me of the awful expressions on faces in the fashion world today.

  • Anna

    kinda tacky and generic
    Did Jessica’s boobs just get bigger and take half her dress with it? *eyeroll* the one crazy-high slit on her skirt was waaaaaaay sexier

  • And for those who prefer a little more bite in their Disney knock-offs, check this out. Drawn by the late Wally Wood.

  • David Breneman

    Did you ever notice that in the opening of “Disneyland” Tinker Bell isn’t wearing panties, but in the openng of “Wonderful World of Color” she is? That said, these pictures are a little silly. Innocence is sexy. Sluts aren’t.

  • Beth

    in the case of ariel this is total crap. her character is not about tits and ass, it is not who she is. i hate when female characters are stripped of their character and clothes to cater to a certain type of consumer. like with princess leia and her jabba “clothing”. as a plot point it is good and i have nothing against it. she is such a strong person and that is the most degrading experience for her character and yet that is the outfit she is represented in so much especially in posters. blah. if i were going to buy art of a character i liked i would want it to represent the character.

  • Jerrod

    Ick! The sexy treatment for cartoon characters always creeps me out. But even beyond that, I don’t think these look that great. I get the style the artist is shooting for with these but it lacks a slickness, a graphic language that usually defines the “deco” look. I’ll pass.

  • Jerry you spent “Fan” wrong.

  • I’ve seen the Jessica one and reproductions of it in various sizes in The World of Disney Store in Manhattan.

  • J Hobart B

    Blecch. To the concept AND the execution.

  • unclewayne

    “What do we THNK!??” One word….”Yummm-MEEE!” (Tink is always #1 in “Hot,” tho!)

  • annie oakley

    sexist and brainless. the two go together.

  • JJ

    They should’ve had Amy Mebberson do them!! I don’t know you Amy, but your work is amazing! They have grace, style, personality and a whole lot more sex appeal (if that is what you’re looking for in your Disney characters ;)) than these drab, overpriced, cardboard cutouts.

    Those other links are kinda disgusting.

  • Samantha

    I love this guys stuff!
    I heard Terry Fator (America’s Got Talent Season 1) bought the Original Painting of Ariel! So this guy must be pretty good!

  • Rock N Roll Art

    Kungl was on the cruise I was on in November. The Disney Magic. He was there painting live – I will admit, I had my reservations about his Disney stuff…. but when I saw his process- I will have to say I was impressed.

    He has other great stuff too that is not Disney. Maybe Disney limits him as to what he can do. I don’t know – just food for thought.

  • Jessica

    Being that my name is Jessica, I love the character Jessica Rabbit and am always looking for new things to buy that have Ms. Rabbit on it.
    I have to say this guy does a great Jessica. The colors are accurate and the character is accurate too – she is sexy!
    I checked out his website and he is really a talented artist. His other sexy women are hot.
    Good job.

  • Scott D.

    looking good.
    I am familiar with this artist’s other stuff.
    The Disney characters are def in his style –
    For me, I likey like! I like how he puts boobs and a$$ on the girls.

  • Kirk Watson

    nice stuff!

  • Kim Resone

    I like the Tinkertini! She is cute. I like the play on the words.
    Can I purchase on this website?

  • Kim La Rue

    I just bought all of the Disney princesses from a gallery in Utah.
    The pieces are incredible and now I have heard that all of the prices are going up on this guy b/c of his notarity and collectibility.
    I am glad I bought when I did.

  • Kim R

    I found this looks like he has some other good stuff coming out?[email protected]

  • Andrew Kaufman

    I like this guy’s art. I just saw he released a couple of mew Jessica Rabbits. They are dress in other type of clothing =hot!
    My vote= GOOD JOB.

  • Melinda R. Regala

    Like this art a lot! Thanks for posting this to this site.



  • cam

    I like the new Jessica’s.

  • M Ventura

    This is great art. I like his Star Wars art the best.
    I just purchased the Leia.

  • Cam W

    I just saw his stuff on a show – he has great Star Wars pieces.

  • Leena Gustavo

    I like his stuff. I bought 3 Star Wars pieces from a gallery after seeing them at Comic Con San Diego last year.
    His style is def. unique. Good job to you Mr. Kungl.

  • Richard A. Mocela

    Good job. This guy is talented. I met him at Art Expo. Not only is his art hot, he is a very nice, humbled guy.

  • Serena

    Great Art! I like the other Jessica’s he does.

  • heather carre’

    I just happened onto Kungl art. He has some very cool Art Deco pieces!
    It was cool purchasing my first piece of his other collection then I found out he is WAY talented and does Disney, Star Wars and even some Marvel. I went to Comic Con and also found a pice in the Linda Jones Gallery – it was Marvin the Martian in a Kungl Style. This guy is off the charts.