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Disney’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Nic Cage

This is Nic Cage as the Sorcerer in Jerry Bruckheimer’s live-action version of Disney’s “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” More photos of Cage as the Sorcerer at This news has inspired me to start a new tag category on Cartoon Brew, and yes, I plan on using this tag often.

(via Topless Robot)

  • wow! so are they going to redesign mickey to look like a sewer rat?

  • Ryan

    Well, if anyone ever has a bad idea, you can count on Nicolas Cage to be first in line for a part.

  • This is either the worst idea ever concocted or the greatest film ever conceived. One things for sure, this one will definitely belong in the “Nick goes nuts” category of movies (see also The Wicker Man, Ghost Rider and last weekend’s Knowing).

  • Chris B

    OK… that looks bad(stupid) and I ask why?

  • Cameron

    I only see this if Mickey is played by Joe Pesci.

  • This is an early April Fools prank, right?

  • kiint



    In the famous words of that great philosopher Homer Simpson,


    In my own words now….

    Jesus Mary Joseph! Good God! Why oh why oh why???

  • Why does he look like Hugh Jackman’s Van Helsing?

  • I wonder how the walking brooms will look like… OK I just threw up! :-(

  • It doesn’t have to be bad, although great potential exists.

    The Sorcerer’s Apprentice story predates Fantasia, so the Mickey version was a “re-imagining” also. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a four-foot mouse in the Goethe version.

  • The Bees!

    “Oh God, the Brooms!” <:O

  • Manning

    I am currently seeking funding for my live-action remake of “Duck Amuck”.

  • I think I officially feel sorry for Cage…I…think.

    ALSO: new tag is awesome. But you might need “Bad Ideas Turned Good” just in case…

  • tgentry

    Oh this looks bad. REALLY bad. Who on God’s Green Earth would watch the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and think: “Nic Cage in a leather biker trench coat! Of course!” Eeeeesh.

  • No. No. No.

    I have a better idea for Jerry Bruckheimer. Two words:


    Think of the franchise potential! I mean really…can’t he stick to Disneyland ride movies, and leave Fantasia alone? Pirates did so well…

  • Nicholas Cage looks more like a flasher than a wizard.

    Or perhaps Michael Palin as Ken Shabby from Monty Python.
    *hacking cough* “Aww, sorry, squire, I gobbed on yer carpet.”

  • Heed

    Brendan Fraser is SO gonna drink his brains out all weekend over not landing this part.

  • akira

    OH AWESOME!!! Tim Burton is finally starring in a movie!!!!

  • Scott

    In defense of Disney, this isn’t a “re-imagining” of Fantasia’s segment, but rather an entirely DIFFERENT movie inspired by the original tale/story/music, etc. It’s fair game and totally legit to make a movie on the idea, but THIS MOVIE is what I call into question.

    Honestly, look at that costume.

    Maybe it will be cool, who knows, but I just imagined something ELSE when reading about it in the trades a while back.

  • Tristan

    Everyone was against Kung Fu Panda when it was first announced, now look at it.

    I’m going to withold my thoughts on the topic for now.

  • I only hope they cast Michael Eisner as the Sorcerer.

  • Brad Constantine


  • Andy

    Wow! This looks terrifically awful. Nic must be trying to out-do “The Wicker Man” for crap-tasticness.

  • Chris B

    PU even if it is retelling. maybe they can reboot the haunted mansion movie better? do it properly this time and ruin something thats already been ruined.

  • Nick

    Can someone please murder Jerry Bruckheimer and Nicholas Cage, I’ll pay you, please.

  • Kirb

    You are now imagining Nicholas Cage being swarmed by brooms.

    ‘MY EYES’

  • ATTS

    My tired mind thought you typed Nick Cave who I thought found a Matrix columbine coat. Not impressed, but not livid either

  • Anna

    *checks date* ……today is still March, so this can’t be April fools joke…. ;_;

    ‘sides, shouldn’t Bruckheimer be busy on such massive butcher failures as Pirates 4, National Treasures 3 or whatever else involves numbers and “sequel to” or “re-imagining of” in title

  • WmWallace

    Nick says:
    Can someone please murder Jerry Bruckheimer and Nicholas Cage, I’ll pay you, please.

    In the old days these kinds of career moves could usually be counted on to “kill a career”…so ultimately they would do it to themselves …these days it actually gets them MORE work…… boggles the mind!

    I’ve switched to live theater………only thing is we don’t get paid mega-bucks for our work!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Finally, a movie I need NO LONGER see, thanks you Cartoon Brew!

  • my goodness… I do not even know what to say about this. Like really Disney? guys? come on… commee onnnn

  • Smeal

    Since Steven Spielberg had to go to Disney to get the money for his post-Paramount live action DreamWorks operation, will we be seeing a “Schindler’s List” Disney/Bruckheimer action franchise or even a park thrill ride? Disney is the birthplace of imagination, not so much taste.

  • Pedro Nakama

    So I clicked on the link and saw all of the photos. The thin man next to him must be playing Mickey Mouse. I wonder who is going to play Stokowski?

  • rhinotonight

    i think your new tag should be “wtf”.

  • Bugsmer

    If Mickey is played by Joe Pesci, I can only imagine how many little pieces the original broom will have been chopped up into, and how many thousands of new brooms will have been created to annoy him. I can picture the intense look of fury on his face as I write this, and the profanity coming out of his mouth as a result. Scorsese could have made this into a very interesting film.

  • FP

    ..there wasn’t a four-foot mouse in the Goethe version

    I think Mickey was only three foot six, but he wore lifts.

  • Little offtopic, because everything that should have been said already was said

    I love how you used SquareEnix’s Kingdom Hearts model for the comparison and not a screen of fantasia

  • s porridge

    On the basis of that photo, my mental radio’s playing Fun Lovin’ Criminals instead of Dukas.

    Be a great in-joke if Nicolas Cage does some conjuring that has him end up in Las Vegas for the five millionth time.

  • Andrew

    Not sure what the concept behind this revival is. But I’m not sure if I want to know.

  • Andrew Laubacher

    Nic Cage looks like he’s auditioning to play Harry Dresden rather than the Sorcerer of the classic tale. Which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad idea–if Bruckheimer was actually bringing Jim Butcher’s DRESDEN FILES to the silver screen.

  • My mother always told me that if you can’t say anything nice about something to say nothing at all.


  • VT

    My only issue is the fact that they are most probably going to involve some bright-eyed college-aged student as the apprentice as he discovers his powers and is guaranteed the love of a pretty woman by the end of the movie.

    • Sirius

      LOL! God, you called that one:P


  • Keith Bryant

    According to IMDB, Cage’s character is called Balthazar Blake not Yensid. Boy, oh boy! I can smell it from here.

  • Jason

    The redoubtable Floyd Norman opined:

    **I only hope they cast Michael Eisner as the Sorcerer.**

    I think they should cast Michael Eisner as the water and his Muppet purchase as the drain.


    I’m looking forward to Mr. Toads Wild Ride staring Jack Black.

  • Are we sure this isn’t an Undertaker biopic?

  • Holy generic-looking costume batman. I mean.. they aren’t even TRYING! This is… Wow.

    People spent years in school to work on this film. What a bummer for them. :/ All that time and effort to end up on a Jerry Bruckheimer production.

  • John A

    This is why I’ve stopped going to the movies, – and I used to love movies…

  • frank

    This film has many visual similarities to a 2006 french comics “Wisher” . take a look.

  • Sirius

    Okay, to each his own. I don’t judge that, especially now that the movie is out and people can actually watch it to say they hate or love it. My issue is this: How can you pass judgment on a movie that you know nothing about? Those of you who bothered looking up more than this little blurb… Kudos to you. If you hate what you saw, you’re completely entitled to it. Those of you who are complaining about it because you’re picturing Fantasia and don’t like Nic Cage’s costume (or just don’t like Nick Cage), at least get a real plot summary before you tear it apart. That’s all I’m saying. Personally, I had no expectations of the movie when I saw it, and I thought it was cute. Predictable and it had plot holes, but give me a break… it’s a Disney movie. They’re known for that. Watch it for cute, because that’s what you’re going to get. It isn’t going to be Lord of the Rings and it certainly isn’t supposed to be! Yes, it could have been better, but it certainly wasn’t as bad as these comments are making it sound!


    Just my opinion. Like I said. Certainly not attacking anyone’s opinion. I just get a little irked when people judge a movie based on a blurb as small as this one and one pretty lame photo that isn’t even from the actual movie itself.