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The Boys

Opening today in New York, L.A. and San Francisco is a wonderful documentary on the career of songwriters Robert B. Sherman and Richard M. Sherman – the Sherman Brothers of Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Winnie The Pooh, Charlotte’s Web and Snoopy Come Home fame. I saw this film the other night and it was very entertaining (loaded with their songs) and very enlightening (loaded with surprisingly intimate information about the duo).

It’s a really good film, but publicity for The Boys is not so good – and I think the film will only play for one week (in L.A. at the The Regent in Westwood, the AMC Meteron in San Francisco and Landmark Sunshine Cinema on Houston Street in NYC). Check it out this weekend – you’ll be glad you did.

  • Greg M.

    Think you for this info! I love these guys!!! Not only are they Legends who brought joy and happiness into all of our lives but they are great human beings as well – just an absolute joy to be around! By the way, Bob has been working on his Autobiography, and knowing some of his WW2 stories, can say that it will be a very revealing and amazing read!

  • Scott Harpel

    Disney has the trailer up over at you tube.

  • There is not much publicity for this film execpt D23, a place on Disney’s website.

  • I would like to see this film… if Disney would have put this out in a more wider list of theaters.

  • uncle wayne

    I, for one, would LOVE to see the film.

    (But, to most of us, the term “The Boys” generally refers to Laurel & Hardy, predominantly.

    Do let us know how one can obtain this film??

  • Thanks for the info, Jerry. I’ve been looking forward to this film. Planning on seeing it tonight…

  • I was lucky enough to see an early cut of this and I would highly recommend it to anyone who can catch it. Really impressive!

  • David

    This film is truly great, both entertaining and moving. Go see it while you can!

  • “The Boys” is playing at the Annecy Film Festival next month. I’ll definitely be there.

  • That looks great, thanks so much for sharing!

  • “The Boys” wrote “Trust in Me,” the delightful little song sequence Vance Gerry and I story boarded in “The Jungle Book.” Then some 30 years later, we were back together again on Disney’s “The Tigger Movie.”

    These guys just keep going and going.

  • David Breneman

    One of my favorite of their songs is the “Great big beautiful tomorrow…” theme from the Carousel of Progress. It was their paean to Walt Disney. He always talked about dreams turning in realities. Wouldn’t it be great if somewhere, somehow, the original Carousel of Progress could be reintroduced as a historical exhibit if nothing else. As a kid it was my favorite ride at Disneyland. That hopeful vision of the future was lost in the 1970s, the bleakest decade of my life.

  • jordan reichek

    This is an absolute ‘must see’ if you care at all about animation history and have affection for the way Hollywood ‘used’ to run.

    It’s as about as intimate as you’re going to get on a Disney related topic and even more noteworthy that the Disney company eventually backed this film. This is not Eisner-era drivel. It’s not an ad for the company driven Disney-Scientology blind faith.

    It’s certainly heartfelt, created by the two sons of the Sherman Bros (The Sherman Cousins). However, even more than that, it’s a gut wrenching study of the inner workings of family, professional gauntlets and the heights one can attain when your boss simply believes in you.

    If you love Walt, if you admire the work of the Sherman Bros, if you simply like to be entertained, see this film!

  • Gray Nixon

    I saw the film last week and loved it. It’s a great tribute to two great songwriters. Every song brought back childhood memories.

  • Mike Jihnson

    Having been born in 1960, I can say that the Sherman Brothers were THE soundtrack of my childhood, and their music has followed me all of my life. To this day. My Ipod is filled with their music (I think I can say with absolute certainty that there isn’t a song they wrote that I don’t have) and it amazes me at just how darned HAPPY most of their music feels. There is such joy that pours from their songs that even the cold-hearted and curmudgeonly surely must feel a warm glow somewhere deep inside when they hear them. Except for “Feed The Birds” which still tears me up all these years later! It is little wonder that Walt Disney latched on to them! What a true treasure these two men are.

    I don’t normally get all gushy about people, but Richard and Robert fully deserve to be gushed over, which is why I am so happy that this film has been made. I agree with ParamountCartoons that this film is certainly NOT getting the publicity it truly deserves, which is a shame, since there is such a massive audience out there who would certainly be willing to shell out serious dough to see this. Just think…everyone (and I do mean everyone) has at least one or two (or more) favorite Disney songs, and chances are that many of them are from the Sherman Brothers.

    Please, release this more widely, or at least make it available on DVD, so that all of us who don’t live in California can see it.

    This would occupy a space on my video shelf right next to Frank and Ollie, and don’t you know what a GREAT double feature that would make!

  • This is an intelligently directed, incredibly touching film. Seriously…If you can, go see it. The Sherman Brothers have an amazing story. And as it was said before, if you are a fan of their music, a Disney fan, see this film. A side from being a film about their music careers, it is a film about two brothers, and perhaps interestingly, two American Jewish boys.

  • Seeing it again, tonight! I’m a fanatic.

  • Wow. Thank you, Jerry, for this lovely post. Thank all of you, above, for your outpouring of love and respect for my Dad and Uncle, their wonderful body of work and for my cousin Gregg’s and my new feature documentary, “the boys: the sherman brothers’ story.” I just returned from the beautiful 2009 Annecy International Animation Film Festival where we screened the film to a very enthusiastic multi-national audience.

    I and my family are thrilled and touched by how the film’s been received and by how Disney Studios truly embraced this film and our fathers’ (and family’s) legacy. From the top, down, they have been simply amazing in their respect and assistance. The film has gotten terrific reviews in all the newspapers in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and elsewhere it’s opened and audiences enjoy it, as well. There is a gap, somehow, in getting the word out on the film, though. Disney and we are all trying to figure a way to effectively communicate what this film is to the public. It’s presently playing in Los Angeles and a couple of other places and we re-launch the film in August in Toronto, Canada. From what I’ve seen at Annecy and from what everyone’s ben writing, I think this film would be well received in cities all over the world, simply because the Sherman Brothers’ songs are loved everywhere. If anyone has an idea of how we might better publicize the film, I would truly welcome your thoughts. ([email protected])

    Also, please tell your friends about the film and contact Disney Studios and your local theaters if you’d like the film to have the film play in your town.

    Thanks again for the warm words about the film and my Dad and Uncle.

    Best regards,

    Jeffrey C. Sherman
    Director/Producer “the boys: the sherman brothers’ story”