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The John Basmajian Collection online

In 1984, Christie’s East held a pivotal auction from the John Basmajian Collection of Walt Disney Animation Art. No one had ever seen such an extensive collection of vintage Disney cels and assorted artwork assembled before – it was the first of many upscale animation art auctions to come.

Now, 25 years after that historic auction, the Basmajian family has launched JohnBasmajian.com which tells the story of how this former Disney animator amassed his collection, with exclusive interviews, articles, and animation art galleries. The website is still a work-in-progress, but there is a bio and video profile of Basmajian which tells his incredible story.

  • Walty

    what??? he didn’t sneak the work out of the morgue with a tricked up jacket???

  • Artisticulated

    I love that the site was created using lowly li’l iWeb.

  • Chev

    What a site! I’d heard about this guy, but this sheds a lot of light on the story. Cool

  • kelli

    this is my grandpa!!! i hope you enjoy all the wonderful things my family has choosen to share with you! Everyone who looks at this site should feel priviledged to have seen such incredable works of art! we have pride in our family name and my grandfather was truly a Disney ledgend! lots of love.

  • Amanda

    This also is my grandpa who we all miss very much. I thank you all who have seen this site and hope you like it.Walty, No he had a letter signed by walt disney himself saying that what ever my grandpa could save he can take.

  • Amanda

    Sorry to all i got the information wrong. Sorry again.