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The Magical Toyland of Bernie Shine

Anyone who has been to the Shine Gallery at L.A.’s Farmer’s Market or has seen Shine’s collection showcased on the Walt Disney Treasures DVD know that Bernie Shine is one of the world’s biggest collectors of original Disney memorabilia.

Former LA County District Attorney Gil Garcetti has recruited Shine to host a party in his home for a very worthwhile charity, Wells Bring Hope. That’s Willie Ito’s art on the poster (above). Rarely does Shine allow anyone but his closest friends into his home see his entire collection. Please click this link for full details of a unique evening of cartoon fun for a good cause – a must for Disney fans who think they’ve seen it all. It’s happening on Friday October 16th at 7:00pm. If you are in L.A. that evening, it will be well-worth attending.

  • ATTS – Brother Andrew

    Wonderful generosity there, I’m not The Disney fan, but admire the unusual, the rough drafts and lost in translation ephemera. I want pictures from the event!

  • Goooosssshh…*huge sparkly anime eyes* Sure makes me wish I were a close friend…! The opportunity to (figuratively!) drool over all that charming, awesome, nostalgic memorabilia would be pretty unreal.