Top Four YouTube Tributes to the Nine Old Men Top Four YouTube Tributes to the Nine Old Men

Top Four YouTube Tributes to the Nine Old Men

You know you’re popular when the kids are making video tributes about your life:





And a bonus video–a list of today’s Nine Old Men:

  • They might be tributes but they don’t seem very well made :/

    The first video shows the Nine old Men and then shows a bunch of animation that the Nine Old Men were not apart of. For most of the movies you don’t see any point in the type of transitions and pictures they use. There really does not seem to be much of a goal to the video’s except to say a little bit about the Nine Old Men with really hard to read font. I hope someday there will be a tribute to Walt and the gang that really shows the world what they gave us.

    If I had to choose I would say #3 was the best tribute. It goes slow enough that you can see most of the pictures clearly, and it shows some of the actual art that the Nine Old Men did for Disney.

  • erlab

    Not to mention that the last video isn’t even about Disney exclusively.

  • Sprat

    Yeah, that last video is kind of a plate of steaming B.S.

    • jic

      That last video is really only 6 old men: Ralph Bakshi is retired, Don Bluth is inactive, and Hayao Miyazaki can’t be considered “one of the best animation directors in Hollywood”, which is the criteria the video sets for itself.

  • Their movies represent them well already, much better than a still frame montage.

  • The last video wasn’t about animators but about producers. there’s a big difference.

  • warnervet

    It’s about time that the ‘nine old men’ designation was dropped. It was a joke Disney made. It takes more than nine people to make a movie.
    And not all the top animators today are men.

  • Sydney Carton

    The new nine old men video is worthless. Show’s how people don’t know what constitutes a good animator anymore.

  • Geez, this is just people paying tribute to artists they admire, they don’t deserve all this carping. I don’t think they ever thought their videos would be reviewed by a panel of animation experts. The productions values are weak, I’ll agree, but this is You Tube, what else is new? At least #4 uses appropriate music.

  • The Kids

    haters gonna hate

  • Was my face red

    Hatey hatey hate hate. So make something better yourselves. At least the kids had a go.

    • I think it’s the internet plagiarism workflow model that’s so underwhelming here…

      -take some music you didn’t compose
      -take some pictures you didn’t create
      -mix them together with stock transitions to create no new insight
      -credit no one

      …and that’s a tribute.

      Perhaps they’ve had “a go” at creating actual animation but my sense after seeing these is… probably not.

  • Dan

    The new Nine Old Men, just men who were in the right place at the right time. They definitely don’t serve the title the New Nine Old men! Some of them are average, they don’t deserve the praise they recieve!

  • Well the only reason i would apporve of the last list is Bill Tytla is not in the first list joke and he is the greatest Disney animator of all time.

  • Mesterius

    Well, that was pretty… uninteresting.

  • Devon

    I created a channel on YouTube called DisneysNineOldMen. I mostly just uploaded shots that Les Clark animated.

  • A.C.

    My main problem with that new “Nine old Men” list is how does Bakshi or John make it on before Richard Williams?

    To each their own-I think he BELONGS there.

  • Next we’ll be seeing nine old men fan fiction.

    Wait..better not give anyone any ideas…..

  • To be honest, I actually agree with most of the people listed under “The New Nine Old Men”. Yeah, I understand not all of them should really qualify (Ralph Bakshi retired, etc.) but I really would consider them some of the more influential modern animation directors. Selick has breathed new life into the stop motion industry. Lasseter needs no introduction– he’s largely the reason Disney animation hasn’t completely sunk. Most of the guys are the reason I have hope for future animation in the first place.

  • Yeah I agree with the majority of the people.This is definitely a subjective dream.

    The original 9 old men were all disney.So how did Nick Park Hayao Miayazaki,Don Bluth and Ralph Bakshi make it in?Don Bluth has been inactive for the longest time…and Bakshi I believe has always been in a league of his own and if memory serves me correctly he’dedicated most of his time to painting…

    Here’s a better more logical list take note…I’ll give you five strong contenders you can fill in the rest…

    Eric Goldberg
    Rubin Aquino
    Andreas Deja
    Glen Keane(my personal fav)
    Bruce W Smith