<em>Toy Story 3</em> trailer <em>Toy Story 3</em> trailer

Toy Story 3 trailer

  • Doofus

    Hey, that looks good :D

  • uli

    I love it how the CG in the flash back bits at the beginning looks dated and inferior compared to the footage taking place today. Very clever.

  • Billy Batz

    Wow! they really ran out of ideas on this one.

  • Isaac

    Finally, Toy Story gets a sequel. ;)

  • Tom D

    I’m in. The story feels a smidge forced this time around, but it’s going to work out fine, I’m sure.

    Does feel forced though. Especially on a second viewing. Another breakout/break-in storyline, another reason to have Buzz be out of touch.

    Oh! The humans look fantastic this time. Right up there with Ratatouielle.

  • No toy gets left behind… except Bo Peep. Where’s Annie Potts in all this? :(

    Anyway, I really like how they aged and contemporized Andy and his family. It’s funny how the humans over the three movies have been all over the map in their appearances. From being borderline disturbing in the first film, to pretty improved in the second film, to post-Incredibles/Ratatouille “glossed over” in this third film. But, still committed to that old look.

    It looks like this film will be a sincere followup to the spirit of the second film. This is John Lasseter’s swan song. I wonder if Andy goes to CalArts?

  • Oh yeah, anyone else getting a serious Brave Little Toaster vibe from this film?

    “It’s the master!” “He’s all big now.”

    Which by the way, Brave Little Toaster is a major foreshadowing of the humor and storytelling styles of its core creative leaders, future Pixarians Joe Ranft and (the dismissed) John Lasseter.

  • Joe

    Yeah the humans look alive and not the empty shell feel. Its nice to see these characters again, but I have to say I did think to myself the story seems a bit thin. I’m still gunna go see it.

  • Tim Schuit

    Trailer gets a 6/10 from me.

    Doesn’t look like it offers anything that wasn’t already in TS 1 or 2, but still looks like it could be mildly entertaining.

  • greg m.

    I’ll take it for what it is… …fun!

  • Harukuro

    Looks pretty good so far, not to much shown in terms of story so far besides what we’ve already known from online sources though. Also where are all the other toys? The army soldiers, Little Bo Peep etc. All we’ve seen so far are the ‘main cast’ of toys. I hope we get to see the rest in action.

  • Jay Stephens

    Isn’t this the plot from Brave Little Toaster?

  • Melissa

    Was that Boo I saw among the children rushing in to the daycare at about 1:25?

  • Cyber Fox

    I saw the trailer at the Toy Story 3-D double feature and i’m a bit skeptic, My brother compared Buzz Lightyear’s spanish attitude to Don Flamingo from Punch Out!!

  • Tim

    hahahaha oh man that looks F’n amazing. i was crying with laughter when i saw Buzz turn Spanish. i must say i wasn’t really stoked when i heard they were making a 3rd film, but after that trailer i can’t wait!!!!

  • I miss Jim Varney.

  • I kinda felt like they where showing a lot of the plot in this trailer. I will see it regardless because its a Pixar film… But i really hope they have some tricks up there sleeves !

  • Looks good to me. More excited to see this than Frog.

  • ask

    Dunno… a day care center doesn’t look like it could top anything in the previous films, and it could STILL risk being very depressing… but hey, it could be another hit!

  • Mac

    Can’t wait! The biggest laugh for me was Potato Head’s body parts going up that kid’s nose. I don’t think this is giving away too much of the plot just yet, which is good. I trust that the folks at Pixar to make this an excellent film. I’m wondering what else will happen and where certain characters are too, but this is just a glimpse.

    It’s weird how we haven’t seen Bo Peep at all yet though. She belonged to Molly so maybe she ended up somewhere else? Since she’s Woody’s girlfriend I’d be surprised if she doesn’t have some kind of role in the film (it’d be a gaping hole in the continuity of the three films) so maybe it’s a plot point that’s being kept secret for now. Maybe she got smashed?

  • Brave Little Toaster eh?
    Looks like I got my wish.. :O

  • Isn’t Bo actually part of a lamp anyway? I hope she isn’t just dropped out of the movie, but it would be really horrible if she ended up being given away separately and was never seen again.

    Regardless, this looks really great and I can’t wait to see it.

  • it seems like a cliche storyline, but with good direction, ho knows. All im saying is it isn’t gonna be as good as the first two

  • I’m still part of the group that says a Toy Story 3 is not necessary. But it seems like Pixar is going to give it more meaning than other studios do with their endless array of sequels.

    “I wonder if Andy goes to CalArts?”

    If you see a license plate that reads ‘A113’, you can bet on it. :)

  • Inkan1969

    Why doesn’t Andy just give the toys to his kid sister?

  • Mac

    A lot of people are commenting on the story based on this 2 minute trailer, but I don’t think too much is being given away just yet. It looks to me like they bust out of that kiddie care centre pretty early on and what happens next is anyone’s guess. It’s already been revealed that there’s a whole bunch of new characters which aren’t even seen in this trailer, so there must be a whole lot more to the plot.

  • Don Arbogast

    You know what’s really weird? That Andy was so careful to keep his toys together and in pristine condition through high school. I think he’s been in a body cast since TS2.

  • I think it makes sense for the third and final Toy Story to reflect on Andy’s growing up and leaving the nest. The first two films definitely had their bittersweet side, moments of great sadness and ultimately hope in the face of inevitability. So story-wise I’m excited for TS3.

    I’m always a little surprised when people come down hard on a film’s trailer (or teaser for that matter), throwing out some sweeping judgment like “This is gonna be horrible” or what-have-you. And keep in mind that almost every Pixar shares the same story element of character being taken out of their element. A rat in chic Paris, toys separated from their owners, fish abducted and placed in a tank, an arthritic senior having to run about the wild of Brazil, and a sleek racing car in a backwater town are just a few examples. So stop trying to pin TS3 as having a “lame” or “thin” story. It’s all about character interaction and development, not the overall premise.

    Speaking of Cars, has anyone heard the plot for its sequel? That sounds infinitely less interesting than what’s featured in TS3’s trailer. For crying out loud it involves Mater teaming up with a secret agent car to foil baddies, all in the context of a World Grand Prix. Now to me, that’s thin stuff, but I was a fan of the first Cars and for all I know the second could turn out to be even more fun.

    In other words, calm down, knee-jerk naysayers.

  • Nonimus

    Toy Story 3 is written by Michael Arndt (Little Miss Sunshine). So, I’m hopeful, as well. The trailer is just a formality to get people in the theater seats. I’m happy when it doesn’t give away the whole movie. My guess is it’ll be fun stuff.

  • A.C.

    I was amused, and I’ve been looking forward to this movie since I heard the announcement. By the time this comes out I’ll have just finished my Freshmen year of college, and I was just four when Toy Story came out. I have very fond childhood memories of TY and TY2.

    I’ve learned to never just a movie by it’s trailer. I thought Cars was going to suck, and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not my favorite Pixar film, but it’s still good. Also, so what if the premise of the movie has been done before? It’s how it’s delivered and the character interactions that make it stand out. Don’t tell me that Coraline didn’t have a cliche premise. Girl finds a portal into a parallel world that at first seems wonderful, but soon turns into a nightmare. Haven’t we all heard of stories with similar premises? What made Coraline awesome was how it was told.


    Okay, maybe it’s just because I’m a girl and a rather cutesy one at that, but many of my childhood toys are still in pretty good condition. I haven’t played with them for a while and they’re in a storage container under my bed, which isn’t too unlike Andy having his toys in the chest. Perhaps he’s kept them for nostalgia’s sake. I’m hesitant to throw out my favorites for that reason.

  • I really want to see this just to find out why Mrs. Potato head has only one eye in the movie. I hope the anwser is something really in depth and unexpected. I really hope the rumors about the Cars sequel isn’t true. I know it sells about a bajillion $$$ worth of merchandise to preschoolers, but Cars is my least favorite of the Pixar movies.

  • That IS the story for Brave Little Toaster. If the actually follow him to college (road trip) then it will be exactly the same!

  • Ok, I’ll say this one was pretty disappointing to me. As a trailer, of course.

    These guys have already been able to make a 2nd movie almost better than the first with Toy Story 2. Perhaps they could make a 3rd movie that isn’t annoying, and it would be a miracle.

    BUT I’ve just seen ‘Cloudy’ and it felt refreshing in so many ways. Overall the story wasn’t that touching, but there was some different humour, different designs, different taste :- )I thought for the first time that it’s also a good thing that Pixar isn’t the only studio around making CG movies.

    And seeing this trailer only confirmed that feeling.

  • I think it looks great!

    And I’m gonna make a bold prediction that the end of the movie will have the toys coming full circle and belonging to Andy’s little kid somehow.

  • At 1:28 in the trailer Buzz’s butt reads Disney/Pixar.

    Is that breaking the fourth wall? ;)

  • Dan

    I can’t wait to see this remake of The Brave Little Toaster!!

  • Sergio

    Andy’s design as a teenager is pretty meh

  • vzk

    I thought the toys being sent to a kindergarten was going to be the end of the movie.

    “Oh yeah, anyone else getting a serious Brave Little Toaster vibe from this film?”

    Not that the first movie was THAT original anyway *cough*The Christmas Toy*cough*.

  • Sylvain

    Yeah. It’s all about story, story, story… until it isn’t. To those who only critique the story aspect of animated films, I’d say you chose the wrong medium.

    I’m cautiously looking forward to see it. I really don’t mind a thin story, as long as there are good jokes, good animation, or any other points of interest that make it fun to watch. Not only TS3 but any animated film.

    Shameless off topic comment : Go see Cloudy if you haven’t already, it’s very very good :)

  • jaktheparrot

    Apparently Bo Peep is not in the movie. Pretty strange. I hope they make it a plot point.

  • Humble The Goose

    I spy with my little eye, Buy N’ Large batteries.

  • If it does well, good. If it doesn’t do well they can say “We told ya that sequel stuff isn’t so great. Back to original concepts!”

  • BT

    I think it looks excellent. I love seeing the Toy Story characters with the modern Pixar detail. More importantly it looks like it will continue in the tradition of the first two of somehow finding deep human emotion in this fantasy concept of toys being alive. That shot of Woody looking out over Andy’s room really hits me, reminding me of what it felt like when I left for college or every time I move, and I’m sure it has other strong emotional associations for parents.

  • Y’all, once the cowgirl Jessie entered the picture, Bo Peep was out! Goodness knows I’d love to see a BoPeep/Jessie showdown over Woody, but it ain’t gonna happen.

  • Jason

    Nuts to the Brave Little Toaster. Badly animated and who cared about a bunch of talking APPLIANCES???? Not me, brother.

    This looks great. I think it might bring the Toy Story saga to a satisfying and logical conclusion.

    And I agree with Kelly Toon about Woody/Bo/Jessie. Jessie always made more sense as a girlfriend for Woody than did Bo, and don’t get me started about Jessie and Buzz. Not that I’m all that into toy love. But it just makes more sense. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to this. As for Frog…man, I hope some serious tweaking is being done on that film, from what I saw of that snippet Disney recently yanked off the internet. I was not impressed. But I’m rooting for it all the same. Hope the public likes it overall, or it’s the end of Disney 2D, I’m afraid, now that bean-counters run the Mouse House now. Iger? Fooey. Not an improvement on Eisner in any way.

  • The fanboy in me REALLY REALLY hopes there is a reference to “Crazy Ernie’s Emporium of Total Bargain Madness” somewhere in this movie.

    Also I have to echo what BT said. That show of Woody looking over the room (a room both recognizable and yet scarily different) really says alot about what I think the emotional impact of this film will be about.

  • Gio Renna

    I remember asking myself as a kid what would happen when Andy grows up. I’m actually kind of glad they decided to get into this. Toy Story 2 didn’t compare to its predecessor, but I believe the premise behind this movie gives it potential to soar beyond the accomplishments of TS2.

    Also, did anybody notice that this trailer is VERY reminiscent of the premise from Pixar’s Tin Toy? At least the pre school bit is.

  • Nerd

    Yes, I’m sure nobody at Pixar is aware of Brave Little Toaster and they’ve made the exact same movie. Sometimes I wonder about you people.

  • Mike Kozlowski

    …I laughed myself to tears over this and am very much looking forward to seeing it!

  • Brandon B.

    John Lasseter and Joe Ranft both worked on Brave Little Toaster, and their work on that film probably heavily influenced the first Toy Story. So, the way I see it, The Brave Little Toaster is more of a prototype for the TS franchise than anything else.

  • calartskid

    the human characters look stiff and lifeless! Does that have to be the “style” for this movie? stiff and lifeless?

  • Sylvain

    Don’t worry, they can always show a sketch of toy story 3 on a napkin, and say that it was sketched while working on brave little toaster. They got it all covered with those napkin concepts :)

  • The animation was nice, but the opening was mawkish and the rest not funny.

  • Brad Constantine

    I remember back when Toy Story 2 was going “direct to DVD” until Lasseter saw the entertainment value was as good as TS1. This trailer had some nice animation, and some mildly funny bits, but I’m not entirely sold on the plot so far…We need a new term…”Direct to 3D!!”

  • LIL BO

    How can they possibly make a Toy Story 3 without Bo? How sad are they to do that?

    Bo is featured on the Wikipedia page cast of Toy Story 3 though?

    Any one any ideas whats going on?

  • Janine

    Dude, they should have kept Bo Peep on instead of Jessie. Bo Peep was there from the very start.. Jessie is a loud spaz and annoying as all hell.