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Undead Disney

These Disney Zombies (click picture above for full size image) made their debut at the recent London MCM Expo in October.

Take that, Disney Princesses! More Disney undead cosplay on Deviant Art.

(Thanks, Eric Graff)

  • Oh, Zombie Disney is an actual THING, is it? I saw some at the Collectormania fair in London a weeks ago: http://twitpic.com/rcrsu . Also a brave Zombie Tarzan: http://twitpic.com/rcryx

  • Anna

    there’s always undead/zombie Disney cosplays at Dragon*Con too


  • The Alice and Cinderella ones are especially creepy…

  • Hulk

    Are you sure they’re Zombies? Maybe they’re just pasty English chicks.

  • Ariel is still the hottest, even emo Ariel.

  • Ashanti

    How fun! It would be neat if the animation department did cosplay for the Cal Arts Hallowe’en party. However, there are usually only 3 girls in the department:/

  • droosan

    Now we need zombie Pirates of the Caribbean!!

    Oh, wait ..

  • Tom Pope

    Like Alice… but Aladdin is hawt.

  • They’re coming to get you Barbara…

  • Isaac

    Please don’t call it that. It’s dress up.

  • Haven’t we already seen enough pictures of Tiger Woods and his mistresses?

  • Inkan1969

    What? No undead Captain EO?

  • High School Dead Musical!

    Rich Ross, are you listening?

  • Jeff McAndrew

    I especially like Belle holding the bone. I think they should all carry some remains of their costars. What is Cinderella holdinhg here? Why does Aladdin have a C carved into his chest and why does he have a fanny pack? Does anyone remember when McFarlane toys did their line of Scary Tale action figures, they should do the disney princess ones.

    Oh and BTW Mulan, Alice, and Esmerelda were definitely not princesses.

  • Take that, Marvel Zombies

  • Yikes… did Belle eat Beast? That’s one hungry zombie @[email protected]

  • Nonimus

    Apparently, the undead are all the rage now… This Comedy Central series, “Ugly Americans,” looks fun….

    Sneak Peek

    Demon Chick

  • Jeff McAndrew: “Oh and BTW Mulan, Alice, and Esmerelda were definitely not princesses.”

    Not sure about Esmerelda or Alice, but Mulan became a princess at the end of the film. Kind of like how Cinderella became a princess at the end, and from what I understand, that’s the same case with Tiana.

    Oh yeah, and I only just realized Alice is holding the late (literally) rabbit’s head….

  • vzk

    The Princess and The Frog zombies would fit perfectly, considering it’s about Voodoo.

  • droosan

    Mulan became a Princess..? I must’ve missed that part of the movie.

    She impersonated a soldier, saved the Emperor from assassination, and was fortunate enough to be allowed to go home to her family. It’s implied she will marry the general (who was ‘Elite’ — but certainly not ‘Royalty’).

    It’s true that Disney sometimes includes Mulan on their ‘Disney Princess’ merchandise .. but that’s neither here nor there.

    BTW, I very much enjoy MULAN .. and I think there is much to admire about her character. But she is still not a Princess .. and the movie (correctly) never portrays her as such.

  • And talking about dark versions …


    the trailer for the sorceres apprendice has a small scene with dancing brooms at 2:13 =D

  • Not hot enough.