<em>Walt and El Grupo</em> trailer <em>Walt and El Grupo</em> trailer

Walt and El Grupo trailer

We’ve mentioned the new Ted Thomas documentary Walt and El Grupo several times on the Brew, but hadn’t posted the trailer. Here it is:

  • Lindsay

    I really would love to see this cool little doc. I hope and pray that Landmark Theatres brings it to Minneapolis… :O

  • Dave

    Eagerly looking forward to seeing this.

    That sparkling 16mm Kodachrome footage … Wow. Kind of sad that Kodak discontinued Kodachrome .

    Walt Disney shooting 16mm footage in South America

  • Pedro Nakama

    I hate the way Disney kills the advertising and releases on their documentaries. I saw the Sherman Brothers documentary and it was really good but it was only playing in one theatre in town.

    Now the question is…
    When will this be released or was it already released?

  • Muy bien.
    I wonder what the tone of the film is gonna be
    (with the Disney logo at the end it may not be too controversial),

    that Argentinian gentleman didnt sound too cheerful.

  • I’ve been able to pour over these wonderful still photographs at the Disney studio, so I’m really looking forward to this documentary.

    Kodak’s Kodachrome film is amazing. Color footage I shot back in the fifties still looks great.

  • PedroWalt and El Grupo opens in theatres in the United States on September 11th 2009.

  • This is stupid of me. When I read the title I didn’t think at all that Walt would be Walt Disney.

  • I’m interested to see if the film touches on the fact that Walt’s brother Roy forced him to go on this trip so he could straighten out the Animator strike without Walt there in Burbank making things worse. Taking into consideration that the film is being released by Disney I think they’ll probably leave that part out.

  • Dan Jeup

    COOL! Can’t wait to see it!

  • Professor Widebottom

    It’s amazing how many endless niches of Disney history can be made into books and documentaries, which I’m all for. This is the kind of film I used to wish I could see but never thought I would.

  • Ange

    I’m so excited for this! I can’t wait to see it… I should try to see it in the theaters, looks too cool to pass up.

  • Hulk

    Someone may have addressed this already but is Ted Thomas the son of Frank Thomas?

  • Hulk – Yes, Ted Thomas is Frank Thomas’ son.

  • Diane

    ‘Walt & El Grupo’ documentary
    in theatres for limited release
    Los Angeles and New York beginning September 11
    Additional cities coming soon

    Press Release from Walt Disney Family Foundation Films

    Acclaimed documentary WALT & EL GRUPO, a festival favorite in Rome, Rio, San Francisco, Palm Springs and Seattle, is set to begin its theatrical run with limited releases in Los Angeles and New York on September 11, 2009. The film, from writer/director Theodore Thomas (“Frank and Ollie”) and producer Kuniko Okubo, is also scheduled to run for a week in Seattle starting September 25th and will debut in additional markets soon after.

    In New York, the film will open at the Quad Cinema. In Los Angeles, the film will release on two screens, at the Landmark’s Regent Theater in Westwood and the AMC Downtown Disney 12 in Anaheim. For more information on the film, check out the official website at WALTANDELGRUPO.COM, become a fan on Facebook, or follow the film on Twitter.

  • Patty

    On the 2-movie DVD release of “Saludos Amigos” & “The Three Caballeros”, there is the original short documentary in the bonus feature section called “South of the Border with Disney” – made in cooperation with The Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs. It follows Disney and a plane load of animators as they tour various south American countries. Very cool little treat to check out if your interested in this Disney/South American promo trip.

  • I’m really looking forward to seeing this! Thanks for the heads-up about its release.

  • It sounds like an interesting premise for a documentary in its own right, and would probably see it because of the historical context that this is set in.

    But it does raise the question when was the last time a team of ‘artists’ were assigned to visit a country to get support of them for their war efforts. I can’t imagine, for example, the US government assigning a team of artists from the current animation studio scene (Pixar, Blue Sky, etc.) to go to a neighbouring country, like Mexico, in order to boost support for the US troops in current warfare. This means that they might be inspired to resurrect that country’s culture in their batch of work, like Disney’s works during the 1940s (The Three Caballeros). I can’t see history repeating like this in our times… or maybe it has somewhere else in the world.