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Walt Disney Treasures live again!


It was announced late Friday and posted on several other websites since: the Walt Disney Treasures will go on.

At least, for another year. This latest “wave” of releases are literally due to popular demand. Your voices were heard. In production for release on December 11th, 2007 are:

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Chronological Donald, Volume 3
Disneyland: Stories, Secrets, and Magic

Leonard Maltin is back as host and producer. Each volume is a limited edition. Chronological Donald, Volume 3 features Duck cartoons from 1947 onward which, combined with the previously released two volumes, will complete our collection of every one of Donald’s classic short films.

Disneyland: Secrets, Stories and Magic is a “comprehensive look at the “Happiest Place on Earth.â€? The centerpiece is a new documentary with archival footage, including Walt’s own words, as well as new interviews, that reveal the secrets behind one of the world’s most famous destinations.

The big prize in this group is the volume devoted to Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, Walt Disney’s first animated star. Silent shorts made from 1926 to 1927 are revitalized with brand-new musical scores. This collection will also include Leslie Iwerks documentary about her grandfather Ub, The Hand Behind The Mouse.

More information on these sets will be posted here in the future. Click to read the official press release.

  • Paul

    I’m thrilled to hear that Leslie Iwerks’ documentary on Ub will be on the Oswald set. I saw the film a few years ago (with Leslie in attendance for Q&A and book signings), and I remember it to be a good documentary.

  • Michael Grabowski

    I don’t believe that Donald Vol. 3 will complete the presentation of Donald on DVD. The Disney press release simply indicates that Donald Vol. 3 will run from 1947-1950. If I’m not mistaken, there should be enough Donald Duck shorts from after that time period for a 4th volume, Disney willing.

  • Coolies! I can’t wait for Donald and Oswald. Should be good stuff.

  • So now all we need is one more Treasures wave with: 1) Chronological Donald vol. 4, that includes all the remaining bits and pieces, including “Donald in Mathmagic Land” and all the other Ludwig Von Drake shorts; 2) “Dr. Syn, Alias the Scarecrow” and 3) “Song of the South.”

  • Brad Constantine

    Wow! I guess he IS one lucky rabbit! as are we!…the Ub Special on DVD is worth the set all by itself….now all we need is ‘Song of the South” and we can all die happy.

  • Paul

    I’d love to see a “Zorro” Treasures release. I loved that show!

  • Chris = Oh man, you’ve reminded me of mathematic land. I loved that film as a kid, and would love to own it again on DVD. Sog of the South remastered would be a beauty too: even though I don’t really care for the live action segments, he animated bits are some of the best work the Disney animators ever did, IMO.

    Wow, first that Popeye set and now this…I still need to get Looney Tunes Vol.4 too! My wallet’s gonna be taking a beating this year. I’ve missed out on a lot of the Disney Treasures sets as I only started collecting them last year, and now some of them, like the Goofy one, are mega money, so I’ll be grabbing the Oswald one as soon as I can.

  • droosan

    I am definitely scooping up all three sets as soon as they’re available. If there is another wave, I’d very much like to see a set dedicated to Disney’s ‘educational’ cartoons, like the Jiminy Cricket “I’m No Fool” films, Donald in Mathmagic Land, Ben & Me, and etc.

  • Michael Grabowski

    “now all we need is ‘Song of the Southâ€? and we can all die happy.”

    I think not. I want to live long enough to enjoy all this animated bounty for decades to come.

  • I can’t believe they were going to end this series WITHOUT completing the Donald run! Donald in Mathemagic Land MUST be released!

    And Song of the South, but we can all dream…*sigh*

  • Chuck

    droosan —Can’t help you with “Mathmagic” or “I’m No Fool”, but “Ben and Me” is on the Disney Rarities set from wave 5.
    I myself would like to see “It’s Tough To Be A Bird” or anything else touched by Ward Kimball that’s still hiding away. Obviously, Song of the South needs to be released as well. I for one, can do without the Disneyland plugs.

    There’s a great rundown of the WDT series on Wikipedia

  • I’m excited about the animation DVDs you’ve mentioned, but I’m very excited about the Disneyland set. “Disneyland USA” didn’t contain as much stuff as I had hoped.

  • Kudos to Disney… But spare a thought for those in Australia (and elsewhere?), where the release of the previous waves seems to have stalled indefinitely after only a few sets.

  • I agree with Paul, a Zorro Collection would be a true treasure! But, for now I’ll settle for this history making collection of “Oswald”. Welcome back home, Ozzie!

  • I might be the only one, but i’d like to see “Disneyland Showtime” come out on that Disneyland DVD… the one with Kurt Russell and the Osmond brothers running around a late 60’s/ early 70’s Disneyland.

  • captain murphy

    I’m suffering from conflicting info the web has somehow fed me.

    I heard that Disney was going to stop the Treasures series.

    I also heard that they are increasing the moratorium, greatly limiting the time of availability, on the DVDs of their classic features as well. Although I figure that may have some possibility of truth with Blu-Ray and HD DVD around the corner.

    Any of you offishul types of this blog want to post clarification on this?

    I mean, its pretty obvious that some Treasures will continue. It is just that they have such a damn short shelf life. Why would I want Donald Vol three, when I can no longer buy Donald Volume 1 and 2 in the treasures series, on the open market?

  • My wife is in agony waiting for the followup installments of SPIN & MARTY and THE HARDY BOYS. Me too.

  • Christopher Peterson

    What, no “80th Anniversary” spin for Oswald? ;-)

    Hopefully the Oswalds will get a lavish restoration and some re-made title cards – and even more hopefully Disney will remember to put them on the DVDs! The Iwerks doco is a pleasant bonus – I was only thinking a few weeks ago how odd it was that it hadn’t made the leap to DVD yet, and eyeing the second-hand VHS prices ruefully. But the main disc will be a bit sparse, surely – aren’t there only 9 or 10 Oswald shorts that have escaped from the ravages of time and destruction?

    @Stephen Rowley: July should be an interesting month for Treasure-starved Aussies.

  • Kevan

    Captain Murphey:
    Of the animation sets, the following:
    Complete Pluto Vols 1 and 2
    Chronological Donald Vols 1 and 2
    Mickey Mouse in Color Vol 2
    Mickey Mouse in Black and White Vol 2
    Silly Symphonies Vol 1 and 2
    Disney Rarities

    Are all available right now from Bestbuy.com for 29.99 or less. I recommend anyone who has holes from previous waves in their collection to check it out while they’re still available. You need to search for the treasure with just the title. Searching Disney Treasures won’t come up with anything.

  • I’d love to have all the Ludwig Von Drake’s on DVD!

  • At about the time Disney announced that they were no longer going to release any more Walt Disney Treasures DVDs they added a page to the Walt Disney Legacy DVD site with a peek at what was to come in the second wave of the Legacy set. These were: “Disneyland: Secrets, Stories and Magic”, “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” and “Destino”.

    It looks like they’ve now abandoned the Legacy DVD series as these are no longer on the official Disney Legacy website, and two of them are now scheduled as Disney Treasures DVDs.

    I wonder what happened to Destino… again?

  • PaulBunyan

    It would be nice to see “The Martins and The Coys” dropped from the “Make Mine Music” DVD included on a future Disney Rarities Volume 2.

  • Doug

    To clarify Kevan’s post above re: Best Buy.

    I decided yesterday that it was high time to get The Silly Symphonies and went to BestBuy to get both volumes. Ugh, volume one is not available. Also went to Amazon to check and same thing. So now I’m doing the ebay thing (where I’ll pay too much for it no doubt). Moral of the story – get them when they release them!

  • KG

    Silly Symphonies Vol. 1 is not available. It’s interesting that it’s still on the Best Buy site since it was a first wave release (2001). I don’t why, but I have yet to pick up any of the last wave releases. I need to get the Silly Symphonies Vol. 2, but I’m not sure I want Pluto Vol. 2.

  • I missed the first Silly Symphonies and Mickey in colour wave, but luckily those were the ones that DID get an Australian release (albeit without the tin covers). So I have pretty much all the animation Treasures to date except Pluto 1, because I’m not THAT huge a Pluto fan.

    Yeah, grab them while you can. Ever since I missed those first three I’ve always pre-ordered the ones I wanted.

    I’m grabbing Donald 3 and Oswald as soon as Amazon lists it.

  • Hurray! Donald Duck is being released – that’s safer then releasing Song of the South and making the so-called African Americans angry, now isn’t it? Why are we kissing their backsides? Disney, like so many others, have been doing it for the past 43 years. When will companies like Disney finally come up for air and say, “Enough!! I’m not going to keep kissing your buttocks any more!”

  • Cherise Cowden

    I totally agree with David McHank. When is Disney going to release Disneyland Showtime with the Osmonds and Kurt Russell. I love this movie!