Walt Disney’s “Taxi Driver” Walt Disney’s “Taxi Driver”

Walt Disney’s “Taxi Driver”

Martin Scorcese made Hugo and, due to its success, might decide to revise his classics for a more family friendly audience. San Francisco based artist Bryan Boyce imagines this mash-up:

(Thanks, Steve Menke)

  • Toonio

    I have to say, this raises the bar compared to Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck.

    My sides are still hurting after the Herbie, Goofy, Queen, pussies and skunk shot. Not to mention the “are you talking to me” gag – which is hilarious.

  • Mic

    HAHAHA! Love it.

  • Stéphane Dumas


    I can’t wait to see some future mash-ups. It so tempting to imagine mash-ups with for example Bullitt, the Searchers, the French Connection, Dirty Harry, Gran Torino, Police Academy, Slap Shot and The Good, the Bad & the Ugly. ;)

  • K

    I thought these were supposed to be opposites of what they are, this still feels creepy.

  • That fills me with more warmth than any twenty Disney movies combined

  • Ned

    This is really funny, haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. The “You talkin’ to me” scene with the mouse ears is priceless. Really well done!

  • Robert Schaad


  • Loved it! That was a great way to start the day.

  • Hulk

    Unfortunately that’s how a lot of women react when they find out an adult heterosexual man is a Disney fan. :(

    LOVE the ending BTW.

  • Mr Verde

    You talkin’ to me?!

  • richard fox

    i love people who mess with other
    artists work! What an unholy alliance!

  • Hal

    That’s some AAA tracking and roto work there!

  • Inkan1969

    I always wondered if someone could make a sequel to “Taxi Driver” showing how Travis Bickle would react to modern day Times Square, where on the one hand the porn stuff has indeed been washed away, but OTOH it’s been replaced by everymall stuff, Disney included.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Why a sequel probably wouldn’t be made in the first place.

      • drmedula

        Martin Scorcese once teased a TAXI DRIVER sequel, saying that, since Bickle was still out there at the end, it might be genuinely interesting to check back on him. (However, he followed this by noting that neither he, De Niro, or Paul Schrader had any idea WHAT Bickle would be like today, and unless one of them came up with a valid story, it would never happen).

  • Hans W.

    Great! I just LOVE it, being a Disney AND a Scorsese fan…