Weekend Box Office Report: “Tangled” Stays Strong Weekend Box Office Report: “Tangled” Stays Strong
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Weekend Box Office Report: “Tangled” Stays Strong

Mime Thug

Disney’s Tangled finished in third place this weekend, pulling in a FINAL $14.3 million. Its three week total is $115.4 million, pushing the domestic gross ahead of Disney’s last three features: The Princess and the Frog ($104.4M), Bolt ($114.1M), and Meet the Robinsons ($97.8M). In Russian, Tangled has become Disney’s highest-grossing animated feature ever after only two weeks. (Remember, Russians love American CG nowadays.) In Italy, the film moved from a third-place opening to first place in its second weekend.

DreamWorks’ Megamind finished in 10th with a FINAL $2.5M. Total stands at $140.2 million. Paul and Sandra Fierlinger’s My Dog Tulip snatched $3,148 from 3 theaters, lifting its cume to $139,923.

  • Darkblader

    Wow and call me a monkey’s uncle because I am just surprised. And speaking of computer animated films, some guy on You Tube did a comparison between Pixar and Dreamworks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FonD7JqiFI

  • snip2467

    Princess and the Frog took 4 months to get over $100 million! Shoot.

  • Does anyone know the production budget of My Dog Tulip? It would be absolutely criminal if it didn’t make its money back and then some. I’m somewhat saddened that it’s only made $141k.

    • Mario NC

      I read in an article that the budget was close to 1.3 million… so, yeah…

  • Jabberwocky

    Tangled IS a really good movie. I saw it twice- once with family and once with friends (who were all pleasantly surprised!), and I will probably go see it a third time in January because I still have some friends who are animation geeks who haven’t seen it yet.

    If the DVD was out, I would buy the hell out of it. <3

    • As would I.

      But heaven forbid if someone [shock! horror!] pirated the DVD while the film was still in the cinemas!

      Communities would be ravaged! Hordes of rowdy teenagers would roam the streets in search of somewhere to go! Abandoned cinemas would blight the American landscape.

      Oh the irony of it all!

      (I say all the above in a sarcastic tone of course.)

      On topic: I think Tangled has already established itself as a far superior film to either Bolt or Meet the Robinsons. It has stronger legs than any recent Disney film so we should still be talking about it for a few years yet.

  • Scarabim

    Just look at that still pic from Tangled. It’s the polar opposite of so much horrible character design that we’ve seen in too many CGI films. I look at that picture and I don’t think “ew, plastic people, gross” (see: Monsters and Aliens, Megamind). The sharp, classic-Disney-style character design and gorgeous animation are the real triumphs of Tangled. Kudos again to all involved. I’m so pleased the movie is doing so well (just wish it had the story strength of Lion King or Beauty and the Beast, not to mention better songs, but still, it’s a giant step in the right direction. As a mere member of the audience, I’m very pleased).

  • Marco.

    Tangled deserve a big success. The animation is just breathtaking, I was like “Woooaaa” the whole movie. I saw it once in 3D but have to go back to see it another time in regular format. The story is a bit generic but I didn’t bother, it’s a a fun movie to watch.

    Rapunzel is to me the best CG character ever made. The acting is just incredible. It’s a master piece that will probably mark animation history.

    Only the songs were weak, they had some “hunchback of Notre Dame” spoken singing touch I really don’t like. The “I want” song was ok because the sequence is really funny so it slides easily.

    I just can’t wait to get the dvd and the Art of.

  • Flynn

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  • Rachel

    I gotta say, I’m happy as hell that I was wrong about Tangled, it was far better then PatF which hurts because I REALLY wanted to love that movie. There’s alot of that classic Disney charm in Tangled, sorta reminded me of Aladdin for some odd reason. Sure the characters weren’t exactly ‘original’, they made up for it by being believable and engrossing. Which to me is a whole lot better then being flashy with no substance.

    It wasn’t a perfect movie but if this is where the future of Disney is going, I’ll hang on for a ride.