When Disney Animals Attack! When Disney Animals Attack!

When Disney Animals Attack!

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but something tells me this isn’t the type of family entertainment Walt had in mind when he started Disneyland.

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  • intergalactic

    I think had that Grandma not knocked Pluto on his ass he could have caught that little whipper-snapper!

  • oh goodness….watching that made me nervous! i had a friend who used to do characters at Disney World in Florida, and I remember him going down the list of miming to even simple hand-gestures you couldn’t do. I don’t think this particular Pluto must have ever donned a costume again!

  • tom

    I wonder what that little kid did to pee off Pluto so much? Is there more story behind this video somewhere?

  • Tom Bertino

    This brings up chilling memories for me, as I myself was traumatized by the Disneyland Pluto when I was a kid!! I was four years old, and I’d seen advertising footage of kids squeezing Pluto’s bulb nose, and him doing the generic oh-gawsh-ain’t-I-silly hands-on-head bit, and I couldn’t wait to to it myself. Well, the big chance came, and I duly squeezed. Pluto then wheeled on me and leaned in close, drawing his arm back in anticipation of a backhand, and snarled, “You do that again, you little bastard, and I’ll bat your ears down!!” I ran to find my father’s leg and trembled for about an hour. I’ll never forget it! And still I made my career in animation. What is it with these Plutos…do they have issues because they didn’t get to be Captain Hook, or something?

  • red pill junkie

    Bad Doggy!!

  • This reminds me of that story about how one guy in a Winnie the Pooh costume had been froclicking in cocaine before he donned the suit.

    Then proceeded to tumble down a flight of stairs in front of a bunch of children.

    I would have loved to see that.

  • Someone is gonna get fired.

  • I was more shocked by the people around Pluto ready with their cameras. Everything has to be on camera and on youtube nowadays. Then after 5 or so “normal” comments, you’ll get personal attacks and complete off-topic hatred.

    Let’s see… Yep

    “the lady is a bitch. the kid is a monster. the kid deserves a beat down. seriously.”


    But who am I to complain. I loved the video with the guys in costume humping each other at Disneyland Paris. I’m a hypocrite.

  • Petrifying!! It’s almost impossible to walk in those things, much LESS run….and even lesser….run FAST!? I am now dying to hear the REASON for this incident! And when!? The pushing him down was also frightening!! Whoa!!

    What gave!??

  • Uranis

    Pluto must have a history of violence. I vividly remember being at Disneyland and watching Pluto wrestle my teenage cousin to the ground and then proceed to tickle him. When Pluto tackled him both legs went off the ground and then he landed on his back. I was terrified but everyone else was laughing.

  • Floyd Norman

    I once got “attacked” by a costumed character at Disneyland. I wasn’t upset, however. Somehow, I think the person inside the costume knew who I was.

    Hey, it’s all part of the magic, right?

  • As usual, the video doesn’t show the kid’s attack on Pluto and Pluto’s attempt to get offstage after asking other guests “Did you see what he did?!” And I agree with Jean-Denis’ comment about the people videotaping it all instead of assisting! Truly a dreadful situation but I for one would want to know the Pluto’s side of the story as well as his health after the whole thing. True, if what I heard happened to him actually occured, he should have just left and gone offstage instantly and contacted security immediately and have those guest thrown out of the parks!

    But sometimes we have to remember when characters who are there to create magic for guests are attacked and pummelled mercilessly, well, even characters have a human side that is pushed to the limit by guest’s taunts and physical abuse. And of course, he shouldn’t have gone after the kid though he obviously deserved it, but the Pluto’s job is at stake and of course, the cleverly edited video winds up on youtube before nightfall the day an incident happens. Yay for our currently and constantly litigious society.

  • Well, they can’t SEE very well in those costumes obviously. Maybe he mistook the kid for Barbra Streisand. Who knows.

  • My friend was Mr. Koolaid one summer. He got knifed, and slowly deflated.

  • uffler mustek

    it’s pretty clear to me that the kid’s mother (or father) is video taping his son and Pluto in a staged wild chase – which was misunderstood by the woman who grabbed him and knocked him off balance. That’s why Pluto puts his hands in the air, quits and asks the kid’s parent (behind the camera) did you see that?

  • Ron

    This just makes me sad.

  • red pill junkie

    “True, if what I heard happened to him actually occured”

    Ok Edward, start talking! :-)

  • Autumn

    Regardless of what the child did, he’s still a CHILD and NO ONE should chase after a child like that and deal with it their own way. I understand these characters go through a lot of abuse, but they know what they’re getting into by taking that job. It’s not their place to discipline. Security needed to be contacted if the child did something bad. Now this bad dog HOPEFULLY lost his job.

  • OM

    …More than likely the kid came up and hit him in the balls, or threw something in the face of his mask. The low-rez of the clip doesn’t allow us to see any damage to the suit in that manner, nor does the clip show what the brat did to piss off the guy in the Pluto suit.

    …All the frisky Tigger stories aside, I’ve heard some really sick pranks played by punk kids at these amusement parks on the employees in the suits. It’s really, really rare that the kids are called to task for their actions, as the park is more interested in keeping the customers happy than keeping their employees safe from abuse. With that kind of attitude from customers, it somehow makes the revolt of the robots in Westworld justifiable.

  • TJR

    I went to the youtube page and read the posters comments:

    Pluto is attacked by a Disneyland tourist. Pluto returned with another park employee who talked with the woman, and Pluto left the scene. Everything appeared to be settled peacefully.

    It sounds like Pluto may have been playing with the kid (Who knows maybe the kid invited him to chase him) and this woman mis-interpreted the scene and intervened.

  • Adam

    hahaha Great stuff!

  • I took my mother and father to Disneyland a few years ago. While in the Toontown section with my kids, my mother asked my father to stand next to Chip and Dale for a photo. He refused. “They might try to grab my nuts!”

  • Richard

    Get Pluto his dang rabie shots, Mickey! I mean come on!

  • OM, I can’t believe you mentioned “Westworld”. I just watched it last week-end and it’s still awesome. I love the atmosphere, just like with “The Andromeda Strain”, or “Time after Time”.

    And Mr. Hill, nice plug. :)

  • Paul N

    The visibility in those heads has got to be awful. I once saw Bullwinkle at Universal bend down to say hi to a kid in a stroller. When he stood up and walked away, he apparently didn’t see that the front of the stroller was in his way. He tripped and went down hard, face first, onto the rigid nose of the costume head. It hurt just to watch it.


    I think Goofy spiked Pluto’s bowl…. I’m sure there was a bowl involved somehow…uhhhh don’t you think?

  • and, besides….don’t they all have the damn escorts!?? Where was the character’s escort??? (It is they who are truly the one to rescue…and thwart…such rage and craziness!!)


    Uh…..also..the problem with Disney today is the CORPORATION.
    S A D…

  • That was scarier than Rob Zombie’s Halloween. (And I like Rob Zombie).

  • As a kid I, too, victimized a poor Pluto costumed character at Disneyland. I tried to tie his tail in a knot, perceiving him to be there for my amusement any old way I felt like. He wheeled around on me very fast, perhaps fearing someone was trying to pull him over backwards (a legitimate concern). I ran away, figuring I’d lose him easily, only to have him follow me at first—much to my shock. But he never touched a hair on my head; he just wanted to be sure I got the message, I think.
    I’ve read that of all the theme park walkaround characters out there, the ones that no one wants to “play” are those who—in their original cartoons—are frequent victims of abuse: Pluto, Donald, Daffy, Sylvester. I recall reading about a Daffy walkaround at some Six Flags who was repeatedly clobbered by guests, almost as if they presumed the costumed actor as ready to endure any thrashing that the corresponding cartoon character took on film.

  • Joe

    It seems very likely that Pluto was playing with the kid. As Pluto begins to walk away, you can see the kid come back into the shot maybe trying to get to Pluto. Then again, the last we see of the kid is that he’s next to that crazed lady. So who knows…

  • Roger Freedman

    One of my favorite Disneyland memories involves the Goofy character. My wife and I were walking along the Rivers of America as the Mark Twain moved past, with Goofy standing on the uppermost deck.

    My wife looked up at him and shouted, “HEY, GOOFY!” — and every man on the ship turned to look at my wife.

    We almost fell over laughing.

  • c.tower

    Spent some time in a costume myself when I was younger (although not for Disney). Heard that the guy before me had quit because of somebody grabbing them by the tail and dragging them backwards for several blocks. Ran into the neferious culprit myself…and it turned out to be somebody I knew! (Boy, did SHE get a suprise when she tried the same trick on me, and I called her by name!)

  • Spit And Spite

    how cute is that pluto guy? when he throws his hands in the air??? and when he pantomimes “you see that? you see that???”….

    top notch all the way


    This footage could always be rotoscoped into an all-new ‘PLUTO’ short………..it could herald in a new form of ‘hyper-realism’ in anthromorphic characters[!]

  • A guy claiming to be the one dressed as Pluto said this in the comments on the video

    “Hi, that was me at my summer time job at Disney, I just saw this link on digg and said to myself “Oh great”

    ANyway, me and the kid where just playing around, his momma and his daddy egged me on, they where cool with it, than this busy body lady out of no where comes and starts fucking with me, I had to deal with bitches like that all the time, ordering me around and shit. FUCK THEM I QUIT AND AM NEVER GOING BACK! “

  • greg m

    I remember the stories a famous animator friend shared about his days in costume at Disneyland – whooooaaa! They get abused quite a bit by kids.

    On another note, a overly hormoned Donald was being quite frisky up against a female friend of mine on a visit years ago. I kindly told him he should chill out a bit!

  • Richard

    I am sure Pluto had something to say about this. It’s too bad Goofy is Disney’s talking dog.

  • I worked a little bit with a local sports mascot, as a spotter when his regular guy (who worked on stilts) wasn’t available, and the abuse the kids put him and his costume through was truly amazing. Peripheral vision in those things truly stinks and forget about even suspecting when someone is behind you yanking on bits and pieces of your costume. That said, Pluto’s irritation doesn’t seem to be directed at the kid but at the “good Samaritan” who grabbed him, and as far as he knew pushed him off the curb causing him to fall.

  • Anne

    Loved how people were filming it instead of helping out…not terribly surprised at their behavior, though.

    Poor Pluto…I hope his next costume job takes him somewhere nice and peaceful. Like a fast food chain.

  • Looks like good old fashioned fun to me. What’s the problem? Wouldn’t uncle Walt do the same?

  • Ron

    If everyone was filming it and no one intervened then it stands to reason that the guy who claimed to be “Pluto” in the Youtube comments was telling the truth: that the parents egged him on and the kid was playing along. I would like to think that if the kid were in real danger, SOMEONE would have stopped Pluto sooner. I did a little bit of costume character work at malls and birthday parties back in the days…(though it was not official- they were knock off costumes for a birthday clown company) and when I wore a costume with a tail, the kids who pulled on it were just trying to get my attention to say hello. What annoyed me more were the snyde comments that parents made. One woman said to me “You look like Barney on crack!”…though she did have a point…it was a lousy costume. Still why say that in front of your kid who thinks it really is the character?

  • I saw Mickey playing a xylophone passage on a row of cow’s teeth and stretching a cat to make a stand-up bass instrument, so what’s out of order about this? Everyone go back to your homes and grottos. There’s nothing to see here. C’mon, clear the streets!

  • victoria

    Whatever the brat did, Pluto should’ve caught him. I mean people don’t endager they’re jobs for just anything.

  • Whoa, some video. Although that video really got to me, I still would like to hear “Pluto’s” side of the story.

    I remember being in Disney-MGM two years ago when all the characters were coming out near the big Sorcerer’s Hat & Tigger took a Superman-sized leap off those steps under the hat. I remember two cast members picking him up while he was holding his arm in pain. As he passed by I heard muffled screams coming out of him. As he was going back through where he came out, Piglet made a broad “Oh no!” take, holding his hands on his cheeks & shaking his head. Part of me thought it was kinda funny, but mostly I felt really bad for the guy.

    I know people who used to work as costumed characters at Disney & I’ve heard horror stories 100 times worse than this Pluto incident or even the whole Tigger fiasco. I know how hard it must be to see or manuever in those suits. It’s a crying shame, all the work that these people go through just to keep the “magic” of Disney alive. It’s a tough job.

    Mike Rowe should do a Disney-themed episode of “Dirty Jobs”. I bet it would get good ratings (& really tick those pesky executives off).

  • Theodore

    Ryan Seacrest could kick Pluto’s ass.

  • Fox

    As everyone has already said I wonder what the back story is. At any rate it doesn’t look like Pluto is doing anything more than play with the kid. He never makes an attempt to grab the child so I don’t think he was trying to detain him or anything if the kid did something wrong. It also looks like the kid he was chasing comes back at the end after he’s fallen to the ground. I think it’s just youtube’d home movies taken out of context.

  • Mike Russo

    Maybe the kid told Pluto that he thought his cartoons were boring. It’s possible.

  • Goldenboy

    That’s the best Disney film ive seen in years.

  • i’m guessing pluto got kicked in the balls.

  • Charlie

    You can’t really take Pluto seriously…he’s smiling on the outside, but in the inside he’s like “Alright, keep you horrible death child”…