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Audiences Crave “Despicable” DVDs

Yesterday’s DVD release of Despicable Me was a smash hit and the film is on track to become the “second biggest-grossing animated home entertainment title of the year,” according to Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Its home video success is counter to the general trend in animated home video; The Hollywood Reporter writes that both Shrek Forever After and Toy Story 3 are underperforming on DVD.

This press release from Universal has more details about Despicable Me‘s first day sales:

Despicable Me made off with first-day sales on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download of nearly $25 million on December 14. Fueled by the exclusive debut of three all-new mini-movies on DVD Double Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack and 3D Combo Pack starring the film’s wildly popular Minions, the mega-hit animated family comedy sold well over one million units to consumers (excluding rentals) in its first 24 hours of release and is poised to become the second biggest-grossing animated home entertainment title of the year.

Amazon is heavily pushing Despicable Me on its site, which is reflected in their sales rankings where Despicable Me currently holds three of the top ten slots, including number one. A screengrab of their sales rankings follows the jump.

Despicable Me on Amazon

  • This factoid can’t be right:

    “…Universal’s Despicable Me, which earned more domestically than Shrek Forever After even without the benefit of high-priced 3D tickets.”

    Despicable Me was definitely in high-priced 3D where I saw it and it’s only slightly ahead of Shrek4 “domestically”, so it can’t possibly have made more 2D dollars than Shrek4 did total.

  • Mike

    I believe it- I went to Best Buy today to buy a blu-ray 3 pack, and they were completely sold out…only the regular dvd was there. 2 other local stores were also out of it…just a single day after it was released!

  • Every kid I talked to about Despicable Me loved it. Something about the combination of the cute kids and yellow minions really struck a chord with the young crowd.

  • Hardly a member of the young crowd – I loved the movie as well.

    Naturally, I had no intention of seeing the film, but my grandson dragged me to it. Once the movie was underway, I enjoyed every minute. Who knew?

  • I think a lot of people were surprised by Despicable Me. The trailers didn’t give the film a lot of promise until close to its premiere.

    It does help prove that any production company can make a successful animated feature if they know how to reach their audience.

  • Expect sales of McNuggets to rise after this, after all, the Minions resemble Chicken McNuggets!

  • James Mason

    This movie is advertised very, very heavily online and elsewhere. This marketing blitz must have had at least some effect on sales.

  • FC

    I think it also helped their retail success when they not only had little minion “biggest loser” pieces but also the commercials they had a quick cameo in though at the moment I cannot remember which ones. I could be mistaken so do correct me.

  • Shawn’s Bro

    Hey, how can you not love a movie where the “hero” drives a car with the carbon footprint of a 747, and the bad guy is a too close for comfort caricature of Bill Gates?

  • Gobo

    Seeing as how I can’t turn on the TV or open an internet browser without seeing an ad reminding me about the EXCITING UPCOMING RELEASE OF DESPICABLE ME ON DVD & BLU-RAY, I’m not surprised that its first-week sales are high. Advertising works, who knew?

  • abel

    I also think it was a fun movie. The thing I really enjoyed, and caught me completly off guard was the slightly “dark” tinges it had. The “blood” gag and the whole back story with the mother. I was surprised that sense of humor and voice was allowed to get past the desperate housewives test screenings.

    Did Amid even see the movie?

    • abel

      I’ll take that as a no.

  • Lucy

    Well, I think that Despicable Me just had more of a retwatch value, really… I mean, I love Toy Story 3, epically, but I know if I watch it I’m going to cry (every part of this I’m saying rings of blasphemy, but, it’s the truth. I like a good amount of peril for my characters, but Toy Story 3 was just a group of characters I loved going through levels of Hell. Not even the comedy could save it from that fact, that it made me feel uneasy. Kids can watch Despicable Me and know that it’s not the same level of terror that the characters are being put in as Toy Story 3. Bottom line, with all of its comedy, Toy Story 3 was an incredibly depressing movie, even with all of the comedy). As for the last Shrek, well, I suppose I just never got around to it. My bad there.

    I know out of the three, Despicable Me is the one I’m most looking forward to Christmas. I don’t think it was the marketing that affected kids. I think it was the fact that a lot of them are just having more fun watching things like minions dancing as opposed to Woody and the gang going through bad thing after bad thing.