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Looney Tunes on Blu-Ray: The Platinum Collection

At a special Comic Con panel today in San Diego, Warner Bros. Senior VP George Feltenstein announced the forthcoming release of the first Blu-Ray collection of classic Warner Bros. cartoons, The Looney Tunes Platinum Collection. The panel, moderated by yours truly included writer Paul Dini, and directors Spike Brant and Tony Cervone, included a video presentation comparing a standard DVD image against the new blu-ray transfers. Two cartoons in blu-ray were also shown, Bob Clampett’s The Great Piggy Bank Robbery and Hanna-Barbera’s Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Mouse. Information about the Tom & Jerry Golden Collection was posted here.

The Looney Tunes Platinum Collection contains 50 classic cartoons in high definition. Disc #1 includes Hare Tonic, Baseball Bugs, Buccaneer Bunny, The Old Grey Hare, Rabbit Hood, 8 Ball Bunny, Rabbit of Seville, What’s Opera Doc?, The Great Piggy Bank Robbery, A Pest In The House, The Scarlet Pumpernickle, Duck Amuck, Robin Hood Daffy, Baby Bottleneck, Kitty Kornered, Scardy Cat, Porky Chops, Old Glory, A Tale Of Two Kitties, Tweetie Pie, Fast And Furry-ous, Beep Beep, Lovelorn Leghorn, For Scent-I-Mental Reasons and Speedy Gonzales.

Disc #2 includes One Froggy Evening, The Three Little Bops, I Love To Singa, Katnip Kollege, The Dover Boys, From A To ZZZZ, Chow Hound, Feed The Kitty, Hasty Hare, Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century, Hareway To The Stars, Mad As A Mars Hare, Devil May Hare, Bedevilled Rabbit, Ducking The Devil, Bill Of Hare, Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare, Bewitched Bunny, Broomstick Bunny and several others to be announced.

Bonus material includes several Behind-The-Toons pieces and Chuck Jones documentaries, numerous bonus cartoons including Chuck Jones’ FDR re-election film, Hell Bent For Election (1942), a rare Air Force re-enlistment film, A Hitch In Time (1955), and Ken Mundie’s expressionist anti-war animated short, The Door (1967) – plus two all-new documentaries on Marvin The Martian and The Tasmanian Devil.

Additionally, the collection comes in a sturdy plastic box, which will include a 52 page booklet, a commemorative magnet and mini collectible drinking glass. The Looney Tunes Platinum Collection will go on sale in November.

  • Greg Chenoweth

    This is great news. I am all set to get the Tom & Jerry set and now I have to think about the Looney Tunes one. Animation looks so fantastic on Blu-Ray (i.e., “Pinocchio” and “Snow White”). Will there be a DVD release of the Looney Tunes set as well?

  • top cat james

    I’ll get it just for “Katnip Kollege”, “Hell Bent for Election”, “The Door”, and the extras, but damn, that’s an awful lot of double-dips there.

    • David Mackenzie

      BTW, Katnip Kollege already appeared on the HD DVD release of “Robin Hood” (I think it was that one). I remember seeing in 2006 and being amazed by it.


  • Geoff Gardner

    Well, I’m disappointed. I was hoping that this was going to be a collection of new to DVD shorts … i.e., stuff that we have not yet seen. Instead it looks like mostly double dips of the previously released Golden Collection. I don’t yet have a blu-ray player, but … I might have considered buying this in the expectation that I will probably get one in the near future – but not with this many double dips. The most frustrating thing about this is that there is so much of the Warner library that has not yet been released to DVD.

    • paolo

      for instance, Coal Black and de Sebben Dwawves?

      • Geoff Gardner

        Well, that’s a whole other thing. I really don’t care about the “censored 11” as much because those that I’ve seen aren’t all that hot. Although if it were offered on standard DVD, at least that would be something. I’d be happier if I had the opportunity to obtain the other 500+ Warner cartoons on standard DVD. I guess my only hope is that the “Super Stars” series will continue, but so far those have only been a couple of discs a year.

      • RupanIII

        I agree, I’d rather see a focus on releasing stuff that hasn’t been put out yet on DVD. Don’t get me wrong, BR is nice and all, but I think some people get more into the technical hype and lose sight of the actual content. I see this all the time online. Also, I’ve seen some upscaled BRs that don’t look as good as the DVD versions, which, I guess, comes down to how they were remastered.

      • Occams Breadknife

        Exactly so. I have all the last batch of Looney Tunes Warner put out on DVD, and I had the run of videos before that. I wish they’d just complete a run before axing a line then starting it up again with stuff we’ve seen before. I am less interested in extra whistles and bells than the entire run of cartoons.

        I suppose it is cheaper to repackage than to complete.

  • Anthony D.

    Is the new Looney Tunes set be coming to DVD too or just Blu-Ray?

  • David Mackenzie

    It’s great to hear that they’re publicly showing people the difference between DVD and BD. I don’t think the public is aware just how poor DVD quality is compared to film.

    All too often, I hear people talk about High Definition as if it’s some sort of enhancement of the original, almost like a modern-day gimmick. They talk like DVD is the standard to aspire to, when in reality, HD is the only way to get a high quality representation of the original film.

    Hats off to Warner.

    • Funkybat

      Well, of course, the reason the general public thinks HD res discs are just a “gimmick” is because it was drilled into their heads years ago that DVD was so sharp and crisp that it was practically “archival quality” and the end all and be all of home video formats. Knowing what I know about film resolution and digital depiction of same, I know that Blu-ray res is a lot closer to the “end all and be all” but the non-videophile public is largely fed up. A lot of people I know are about as happy watching DVDs upconverted by their Blu-ray players as they are with Blu-rays. It certainly compared more favorably than the VHS-to-DVD gap. I can enjoy viewing a DVD on a 50 inch LCD screen, a VHS coming through RCA cable inputs on that same screen? Not so much.

      I own a Blu-ray player and buy a few favorite films on that format, but my HD viewing is mostly from cable TV, or rented Blu-rays. I’m not planning to re-buy most of my DVDs just for a moderate video quality increase.

  • Kyle Maloney

    Excellent. I never got around to buying the looney tunes dvds so I don’t mind if they are mostly golden collection. I just hope their not DNR’d to death.

  • This is obviously positioned as a true “Best of” as opposed to a “Best of what’s not already on DVD.” And that suits me fine. It looks like all my favorites are there (even The Dover Boys and The Three Little Bops!), so I’m very pleased to put this on my to-buy list. There may be lots of other LT/MM cartoons left to release, but the ones slated for the Platinum set are certainly the ones I’d want most in hi def.

    Seriously, the list of cartoons on this set is practically identical to what I would have hoped for. Good job, Jerry!

    As for the more obscure cartoons, I’m still happy with the bountiful LaserDisc sets.

  • Randy

    Yawn….Warner keeps releasing the same 25 cartoons….how about something we HAVEN’T seen??

  • dbenson

    Still hoping for Beanstalk Bunny . . .

  • Mike Russo

    What did you guys expect? Warners’ first Looney Tunes blu-ray release to be full of new-to-disc cartoons that the casual buyer has never heard of? Yeah, I can see something like that selling REALLY well.

    • Funkybat

      Well, as long as one or two of the shorts are ones “everyone knows about” such as ‘What’s Opera, Doc?” or “Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century,” I think most people would enjoy seeing obscure Looney Tunes just as much. Most of them are, you know, funny and entertaining, and the general public isn’t hung up on seeing the same 6 or 8 shorts over and over. They just like to see the characters well animated and acted, doing their typical antics.

      The only Looney Tunes that would probably alienate a noticeable segment of the general audience would be either pre-1940s shorts, especially those in B/W, and the late 60’s shorts that had lesser animation quality and obscure characters. No one who isn’t an animation geek will feel “cheated” getting a disc set full of 1940s and 1950s Looney Tunes shorts.

  • looks like most of the new to home vid ones are marvin and taz ‘toons…
    and I’m ok with that :-)
    bring on the blu, and keep it coming.
    I’m REALLY hoping for that tex avery set they suggest might be coming down the pike upon the news that the tom and jerry blu collection gets favorable sales.

  • Jon

    Eh. This is full of stuff I already have. I’ll pass. The dollars I have to spend on DVD and Blu-Ray have become to scarce for double-dipping, despite the obvious upgrade in quality.

    • David Mackenzie

      Is it REALLY a double dip though? It’s the first time we’ve had the chance to own these cartoons in quality on the same level as cinema-goers did when they watched them on prints in the 40s and 50s.

      Previous versions were just video facsimiles. This is the first time we’ve had a chance to own something which is basically on the level of ‘the real thing’.

      • Wait… Blu Ray looks like film? No.

      • David Mackenzie

        Blu-ray can look like film, yes. What makes you say it can’t? Although much of what determines what you see will be a combination of the disc itself and the display device.

        Assuming a properly calibrated projector, the remaining differences I find between a high quality scan on BD and real film are:

        1. Motion resolution. Current LCOS projectors manage about 600 lines out of the full 1080 during movement; real film and high end digital cinema projectors are sharper during movement.

        2. Flicker. I love the gentle flicker of real film; it makes the image seem less sterile.

        3. Weave

        4. Dirt/scratches.

  • BJ Wanlund

    Why in the WORLD are you guys complaining?!?! This looks to be a VERY awesome set!! Yeah, it’s mainly double-, triple-, and maybe even quadruple-dips, but this is more awesome for a first set of LT on Blu than I could possibly have ever hoped for, and we STILL don’t have all the cartoons revealed yet! (I’m personally hoping we get to see High Note and Long-Haired Hare on this set myself.)

    I’m very happy, although my wallet is screaming in pain at all the stuff I’ll have to buy in order to make the purchases of Blu-Ray Disc-based media possible (Blu-Ray player, TV, etc).


  • Tooniio

    Warner home video really needs some classes on marketing strategy.

    They have so much yet to release on their back log: hysteria, tiny toons, animaniacs vol 4 (for crying out loud); Making this re-pack the golden collection on blu an utter waste of time.

    • Yes! “Animaniacs Volume 4” and “Wakko’s Wish” on DVD, please! We’ve waited too long for these already! No offense to the Looney Tunes, I still like ’em, but we need to complete our “Animaniacs” collection like sometime this decade! (…if not sooner.)

    • Funkybat

      It’s not just Warner’s home video department that pulls this stuff. Disney home video stopped their DuckTales DVD release just short of the end of the series. One more set would have done it, but nooo… Darkwing Duck and Rescue Rangers also got rather abbreviated releases, and Gummi Bears and Tale Spin are missing a lot of eps.

      I think if studios want to release TV shows to DVD, they should really release all of the episodes within a certain time frame. If the first set or two doesn’t do the numbers that were hoped for, release the entire remaining series in one big batch for slightly more than the previous sets and at least make money off of the completists.

      • Boomer

        SO agreed! I would easily buy the last season sets of the Gummi Bears, Talepsin, Ducktales, and Gargoyles no matter the price. Just make them available! Please Disney please…

  • Gerard de Souza

    Warner’s has to do what it can do but I can’t keep buying the same cartoons for economical reasons. I do see a difference with Blu-Ray and DVD when I’ve done a side-by-side, so I won’t being doing a side-by-side.

  • Full frame? Not cropped?

    Was there some confusion with some of the 50s cartoons?
    I forget the details, but apparently they were shot full frame but composed for widescreen, and the syndicated TV versions were actually wrong. Or something. This is a Jerry type of question.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      You pretty much have the idea right there. These were known as “Flat” ratio since they could be made to be seen both ways essentially. The problem of course is how most of us had viewed these for years after the cinema on TV and get it in our mind that’s how they should be presented anyway (and for animation nuts, pointing out the things that are missing when matted).

  • Robert Fiore

    What I find disappointing even if it’s not surprising is that they’re maintaining the same piecemeal approach. It’s a shame they won’t give the aficionados what they want — complete collections, chronological collections, single director collections. Honestly I would have been more excited if they had announced a Warner Archive disk of Bob Clampett in black and white.

    • Ted

      Aficionados have also wanted HD releases. In a challenging economy, releasing things they transferred years ago has to be a big plus compared to all new transfers. If anything, I dislike that I can’t screencap bluray on my computer (suck it up and let it be a paid option, Apple), but the release itself is overdue. It’s a shame about the cover tho…

  • Nathan

    Do we know if this will be released in Region B?? If not will it be region free. I need these blu ray sets!!!

    • James Mason

      Warner blu-ray discs have a habit of being consistently Region-free so I wouldn’t worry much there

      • Bryan

        James, don’t know how your transmitting your thoughts but could you really see Warner Tunes after 1954 since your tragic drowning “accident”?…Or explosion in a submarine?…Or being twicked off Mt. Rushmore (“I’m a steppin'”)?

        Oh well, good time to go ’cause after 1954 the cartoons were cropped to meet vision-demand.*

        *Hmmm, parallel to today’s 3-D Mania.

  • Why, in a bad economy, does WB want people to buy the same cartoons again, but also have to buy a new video player format, a new kind of TV to support it, and pay more for the cartoons themselves? To what end? Just to see…well, I guess I had to pay a fortune to go to Comic-Con and see just how much better the picture quality is.

    I have all six of the LT Golden Collections and converted my VHS collection to DVD as well. Why would I buy the same thing again when there are literally hundreds of Looney Tunes that haven’t even made official DVD yet?

    Tom and Jerry, too. I’ll pass!

    • David Mackenzie

      If you’re happy watching approximations of the cartoons on VHS copies, OK. But this is the first time we’ve had the chance to see these cartoons in their original film quality (in fact, better-than, given that they’re not scans of release prints).

      How in the world can any animation fan be anything OTHER than over the moon at this news?

      • Dave

        Unless Warner decides to ruin the color and dvr half the toons.

    • Roman

      if you really want to you can pick up a BluRay player for close to $50 at walmart, and they almost all have a composite video out (yellow wire, same as a DVD player) that you can use to watch the BluRay in DVD quality on your existing TV.

  • Trond M.

    Warner’s blu-rays has always been region free. There’s no reason to think this’ll change now.

  • Despite being very conservative in nature, I do think this is a pretty good set for a Blu-Ray debut, showing a whole disc and a half of Looney Tunes classics… along with some Marvin and Taz cartoons. :)

    I do have to ask, though, Jerry… what’s with the love of Porky Chops? I mean, it’s *okay*, but being on the first GC and now here, you seem to hold it in higher esteem than the average cartoon watcher. (I could say the same about Katnip Kollege, but I love that one as well.)

  • Spargs

    Must admit this is disappointing – I had hopes after the Tom & Jerry Golden Collection announcement that Warner had finally learned their lesson. But this simply looks like a rehash of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection DVD format, which will all but guarantee declining sales on each successive Volume released – once the more well-known shorts are released on the first 2-3 volumes, the casual fan won’t bother with successive volumes, leading to Warner ceasing production on new volumes.

    I believe that Warner should have done the format chronologically by decade – the first set could have been “The 1950s, Vol.1,” and had every short released theatrically in 1950 and 1951 in chronological order. The following set could then be “The 1950s, Vol. 2, ” followed by “The 1940s, Vol. 1,” “The 1950s, Vol. 3,” “The 1940s, Vol. 2,” “The 1960s, Vol. 1,” “The 1930s, Vol. 1,” “The 1940s, Vol. 3,” etc. Interest from both collectors and casual fans should be maintained throughout the series’ run, as it’s not a random collection of shorts, and every set will have classics as well as new-to-DVD/BD shorts.

    Plus, Warner would win as well – it would not need to start at the very beginning in 1930 with the Bosko/Buddy shorts and early Merrie Melodies, which would only appeal to collectors and would probably have the highest restoration costs.

    Sigh. I guess I should just resign myself to the fact that I’ll never have a complete Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies collection, which would be my Holy Grail of DVD/BD.

  • Tory

    I will get it when I get a bluray player, unfortunately I can’t get one for a while or a tv worthy of this material. I hope this is a success and the full library gets the hd treatment. Bless you all.

    • David Mackenzie

      BD players do connect to standard def TVs as well, and will give you slightly better quality than standard DVD. You could pick up a BD player (they can be had for $100 now and with Blu-ray, there’s not much point in spending too much more) and future proof it for when you do get an HDTV, at least.

      • Tory

        Unfortunately, I can’t even afford that right now but I do need a new disc drive for my computer, it stopped working so whenever I next purchase anything, well I need a new mouse first as having no mouse is no fun, (everything is falling a part, my computer is held together with Garrelli tape) but when I get a new disc drive, I am hoping to get one that plays bluray as well as dvds and cds. I think my monitor for my computer is of decent quality if I am looking at it in a dark room.

        My television of HD quality was pawned to help a friend in need and lost a while back. I have an old tube with dials and screws on the back, I wonder how much noticeably better bluray will look on this. I still have a region free DVD player and loads of DVDs many of the animation releases (imports of French Betty and Tex Avery collection) though I missed out on the 6th Golden Collection, the last Popeye and Woody’s, Thunderbean’s Tom & Jerry (my highest priority) and the final 2 waves of Disney Treasures (I think final 2 I missed Donald Volume 4, and if Disney ever goes the Bluray Treasure route, I hope they start with the complete Donald Duck.) So, as you see I am behind the times. I hope those animation DVD releases I have not purchased are not going off the market . All I see in stores are spotlights.

        I really want to support all efforts to release animation on bluray though. I hope Thunderbean rereleases some of those Van Beuren collections on Bluray. Also it would be nice for a complete Fleischer library. Have any of those Large cheap no quality PD companies gone bluray yet with their 600 cartoon sets?

      • David Mackenzie

        Sadly no. Blu-ray is not a friendly format for independent studios. The worst part is that studios who want to release Blu-ray Discs HAVE to pay fees for the AACS copy protection system – regardless of whether they (we) want it. AACS is mandatory on pressed (pre-recorded) Blu-ray Discs.

        So, the little guys have to fork out and pay money for a content protection system which has already been cracked, that only the Hollywood majors asked for in the first place.

        Couple that with the costs of HD telecine and disc replication, and Blu-ray isn’t really viable yet for the little guys.

      • Jubal

        The AACS license fees for a run of 1,000 Blu-Ray discs seem to run to $2.25 a disc — not outrageous, although certainly more than zero dollars.

  • Even though there are a ton of double-dips, I’m pretty happy with this Looney Tunes set. The fact that there are ANY new cartoons on it is quite a nice surprise. And remember, Jerry said there’s more to be announced on the second disc– We might get even more new stuff. I’m really excited to see “Hell-Bent for Election” in the bonus section, I love that short. Will there be any commentaries, Jerry? Or is it too soon to say?

    This will be an amazing set because that it’s got pretty much all the greatest, most famous cartoons on it… Sort of a “Looney Tunes Blu-Ray Essentials” set. That does make me wonder, though, if they’re deliberately doing that to make this the sole Blu-Ray release for Looney Tunes. There aren’t really too many other big cartoons they could put on further sets. Although I’ll still be happy with just this.

    • Mesterius

      Well, according to the box set cover this first “Looney Tunes: Platinum Collection” will be ‘Volume 1’. Thus indicating more volumes to follow.

  • Mark Sheldon

    Wb. Please look at Disney’s treasure collection. It’s an absolute joy to know I gave a reasonably cronological release of ALL the cartoons from one of my favorite studios.

    As opposed to a arbertray mish-mash of really great toons in no particular order. Jerry, why is this so hard???? I had the same issue with the gold collection. Why not go cronological by director? Or if you can’t sell that how about by character?

    Seriously bummed.

    • dbenson

      Strictly chronological collections would mean whole sets of Buddy, Bosko and dancing salt shakers before you got to the franchise characters and high quality of the classic Looney Tunes. And out on the cold cruel shelves of Target, precise history won’t cut it.

      Likewise, a chronological MGM would be a long slog through cutesy sentimentalism before you got to the red hot mouse-on-cat action that actually moves product.

      The two Woody Woodpecker sets finessed the issue by including straight chronological runs of Woody, but more random assortments of non-Woody toons. The Rocky and Bullwinkle season sets kept the title serials in order but sprinkled Dudley DoRight — a last-season addition, but the studio’s second-biggest character — throughout all the sets.

      Even the Disney Treasures punted on the Silly Symphonies and B&W Mickeys, assembling “greatest inoffensive hits” packages and filling in the rest only after the Treasures seemed to find their market.

      As a child of the pre-video era, I’m just tickled that I can get these at all in any random order. A bit less cheery about the double dip, but oh well.

      • James Mason

        I dunno, I like to think Bosko has some market appeal and. if marketed correctly, could sell well. Heck, if Casper can get his own collection, so can Bosko!

      • Spargs

        Not necessarily – who says Warner must start at 1930? See my earlier post – start with “The 1950s, Vol. 1” with the first 50-60 shorts released theatrically in that decade. The next set could be “The 1950s, Vol. 2” or “The 1940s, Vol. 1.” The predominance of the first 5-6 sets can be the 40s and 50s era, which featured Warner’s most popular characters.

        When it gets time to do “The 1930s, Vol. 1,” those uninterested in Bosko, Buddy, and nothing but black/white shorts can pass on purchasing those sets. Likewise, those who are unhappy with the quality of Warner’s 1960s animation can pass on “The 1960s” volumes when those arrive. This way, customers who aren’t interested in those shorts aren’t force-fed them in the mishmash that the Golden Collections did (and now, apparently, the Platinum Collection will).

      • Mark Sheldon

        I saw your post after I wrote mine. I agree that you could go by decade or character. Which is what Disney did (true there was a mx between the volumes weed out the blackface gags). I would love to see by Director but looks like that’s all a pipe dream… Oh well.

      • Ted

        The trouble with “put the ’60s by themselves then people don’t have to buy it” is that people will be expected to not buy it, and it won’t be released. Plenty of us would buy it, but that does not seem to be enough for WB to be on board with the idea. Thus, Golden and Platinum collections.

    • I strongly agree with dbenson. However, even Disney did not release all its theatrical cartoons. For instance, I’m still missing the three Chip ‘n Dale cartoons and the Ward Kimball classic ‘It’s Tough to be a Bird’.

      But that’s beside the point. I wish Warner Brothers could be more like Fantagraphics Books. If they can pull off complete series in chronogical order, why can’t a major like Warner Brothers?!

  • Geoff Gardner

    I guess I should say that I think this is great for those who love Blu-Ray/HD format; that’s all well and good. My frustration and disappointment is just that there is no further offering for standard DVD, which we have been waiting for … other than the Super Star series, which there have been issues with. I really wish that Warner would at least offer further “Golden Collection” volumes via their Archive On Demand service, if nothing else … something for Standard DVD.

  • A few that are new to DVD! Better than I expected!

  • Anthony

    Well Amazon have it up for preorder and there are THREE discs!
    I wonder what is on the third one?
    Also there is a regular set and a limited edition one.
    Already preordered mine!

    • swac

      From Amazon:
      “Disc 3: Contains over 5 hours of content saluting animator Chuck Jones, insightful documentaries and rare shorts from Jones and others!”

  • Mathew

    Hopefully these sell well so that WB will get to all releasing all of the shorts. I wish Disney would do this with their shorts.

  • NickLott

    I’ve given up hope ont here ever being a chronological collection of Looney Tunes. WB will always want to do a grab bag to maximise sales. Instead, my new ideal would be them releasing “Director” collection where they would collect a Director’s work chronologically. I think that would be a good comprise between grab bag and chronological. Having all of Tex Avery’s or Bob Clampett’s work in one package would be my ideal.

    • Funkybat

      I wonder if they might consider doing something like that through the Warner Archives. I’m sure if they did, the sales numbers for such a collection would far exceed most of the other made-to-order DVDs they offer.

  • I’m on board with SCRAGS’ comment and suggestion on releasing volumes of the cartoons in decades. Those at Warner Brothers have gotten enough comments (in whatever form) that clearly show that, no matter what the decade, there is an interest in that decade amid the versatile animation collecting community, and mixing up the decades definitely insures that the collection would never, ever get boring! When all is said and done, if SPARGS’ suggestion were to be utilized, we’d have *ALL* the animated cartoons that came out of Warner Brothers in the theatrical golden ages. Everyone would be satisfied, and that’s a guarantee!

  • Brian

    I have and adore the Golden Collection. Nevertheless, I clearly got burned believing WB when they said they wouldn’t double-dip. I see no reason whatsoever to buy this unless and until they complete the entire run of Warner Bros. Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies. If they think they had a hard time selling Golden Collection #6, I’m curious how they feel after trying to sell this to skittish, twice-shy fans of their classic animation.

    If I’m wrong, and they actually complete this, then I’ll be happy to buy the whole thing at that time.

    • Geoff Gardner

      I find it hard to believe that this will be a successful series. To be sure, there are a lot of Blu-Ray/HD enthusiasts out there, and long may they enjoy … but I think there are still a lot of standard DVD enthusiasts out there. I don’t profess to be an expert on marketing, but Warner has done nothing to keep these classic films in the public eye by airing them on a regular basis. On top of that, I think any audience that’s out there looking to by for home entertainment now, probably a fair amount of them will think like I do: why buy this set if you’ve already got several of these on the Golden Collections? So I for one would be greatly surprised to find sales for this first Blu-Ray set to be better than the first set of Golden Collection. I mean number of copies, not amount of money since the Blu’s will probably be more expensive.

  • Bugsmer

    “A Hitch In Time” is a very, very rare short. This set would indeed be worth it just for that cartoon alone. Still, as Matt Hunter and others have said, there aren’t enough new cartoons to justify buying this set right away. There’s no telling where this Looney Tunes Platinum series will go. I’m going to be watching the contents unfold for at least several years before I bother to purchase any of them. In that time, I may or may not buy a Blu-ray player.

    I’m sure they’ll look great, Jerry.

  • swac

    Also from Amazon (I didn’t see this in the comments above, so sorry if it’s a repeat):

    “Warner did spend some money to make a few new Hi-Def transfers and here are the big improvements:

    Disc #1
    Lovelorn Leghorn – Foghorn Leghorn – only available previously on VHS

    Disc #2
    Hasty Hare – Bugs Bunny & Marvin Martian – previously available on the Laserdisc “Looney Tunes After Dark”
    Hare-way To The Stars – Bugs Bunny & Marvin Martian – previously available on the Laserdisc “Looney Tunes After Dark”
    Bill of Hare – Bugs Bunny & Tasmanian Devil – previously available on the Laserdisc “Stars of Space Jam”
    A Witches Tangled Hare – Bugs Bunny & Witch Hazel – only available previously on VHS.
    Feline Frame-up – previously available on the Laserdisc “Assorted Nuts”

    So if you have all of the DVD Golden Collections, The Oscar Winners & Nominees collection, and the Superstars Collections, you will likely only be buying this for the above 6 newly restored cartoons.
    I guess a direct re-release of the Golden Collections on Blu-ray would have sold less than a Blu-ray collection featuring 6 new titles not previously on DVD.”

  • akira

    Mr. Beck,
    please don’t include any pop-up graphics when these cartoons (like in some disney films) are paused so that we can still-frame through these suckers in their glory. and PLEASE keep DNR to minimum, and let Blu Ray show off any imperfections (or humanity) contained in these pre-cpu masterpieces! (and if you really want to be cool sneak Coal Black on there as an Easter egg)

    • Geoff Gardner

      I don’t think Jerry has any control over how the DVDs are produced or manufactured.

  • Steven Harley

    Aww, Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid – isn’t featured. Oh well.

  • Jiles M

    It may have been addressed, but does anybody know if this will be in widescreen? My Golden Collection DVDs are cropped.

  • Jim

    We could expect possible Hanna-Barbera variety classics on Blu-ray containing the cartoons of Yogi Bear, the Flinstones, Wally Gator, Huckleberry Hound, Jonny Quest Scooby-Doo, Quick Draw McGraw, Tom and Jerry, Wacky Races, Peter Potamus, the Jetsons, Space Ghost, Top Cat, the Smurfs and Magilla Gorilla.

    That would be awesome.

  • lastdragon

    what languages are available? French?

  • red

    Any info about “LT:Platinum Collection VOLUME 2”?

  • Jow

    Just Heard From tvshowsondvd.com That A DVD Version Will Be Released On July 3!

    • Mike

      Why Go To The Trouble Of Making Vol. 2 When You Can Rerelease Vol. 1 On DVD Instead?