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The ‘Sharknado’ Studio Has Found A Way To Cash In On ‘Finding Dory’

Best known for the Sharknado franchise and dozens of live-action ‘mockbusters’ like Transmorphers, indie production studio The Asylum is bringing its notorious brand of shoddiness to the animation world.

This spring, The Asylum will release their first animated mockbuster, Izzie’s Way Home. The film marks the launch of their new animation division.

“I think it’s a very natural progression,” said David Rimawi, CEO and co-founder of The Asylum. “Our in-house VFX department is used to creating many, many sharks and robots for our live-action films, so animating creatures for a film like this just makes sense.” An example of Asylum’s character animation capabilities can be seen below in this clip from San Andreas Quake:

Starring Tori Spelling and former NSYNCer Joey Fatone, Izzie’s Way Home is a not-so-subtle riff on Pixar’s Finding Nemo franchise. In Asylum’s film, an aquarium fish gets lost in the ocean, and “with the help of other misfit sea creatures, she learns not only how to brave the perils of the deep, but how to be true to herself.”

Asylum is “totally re-designing how to make an animated movie at not only the artistic and technical level, but also to create a whole new production methodology,” claimed the film’s technical director Ron Thornton in a press release. “We are extremely excited to be a part of what is going to be a quantum leap in terms of animation production.”

Izzie’s Way Home will be released on DVD in May 2016, one month before Pixar releases Finding Dory.

  • WanderPony

    Ehhh…can’t be worse than Norm of the North. At least these people have the brains to make this straight to DVD.

    But WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT GREEN THING IN THE FIRSR PICTURE?! It looks like the Loch Ness monster banged a Dr. Seuss character.

    • Not A Chicken

      Oh hey, Wander! Fancy seeing you here, fellow Equestria Daily…ian.

    • Marielle


    • Nicholas Walstrom

      It’s Duckie from The Land Before Time. Even got the crest and the lips.

  • Wow! That Hippo animation is up there with the bear from Revenant!!!! All kidding aside, after attending the last AFM I saw that this model is being practiced by a slew of companies. The right kind of creative individual can work this system to his or her advantage and actually make something original, in stead of these mockbusters.

  • Windlifter

    Video Brinquedo is certainly shaking in their boots at this development.

  • Tre

    So they have their fins for swimming then extra fins as arms that hang down when they’re not using them? Okay. Why not?

    • old school original

      honestly funny, but believe it or not, it’s the true physiology of the Anthias Purple Queen fish. only reason i know, i modeled it for them.

      • Aaron

        Wait – so you worked on this? Do they farm everything out, or is there an in-house team that works on these movies?

        • Ron Thornton

          In House…

      • Tre

        Really? Wow, well I learned something today.

      • Marielle

        Cool looking fish.

  • J.S
  • white vader

    Wait wait, THAT Ron Thornton is spouting this stuff? Now I’m depressed…

    • Ron Thornton

      Don’t be… this is revolutionary!

  • Hankenshift

    “totally re-designing how to make an animated movie at not only the artistic and technical level, but also to create a whole new production methodology,” claimed the film’s technical director Ron Thornton.

    Yes, by cutting out all imagination, talent, taste, wit, and charm. Here’s what happens when technicians run the show.

    • Ron Thornton

      I’m not running the show… just providing the means to make it :)

  • Mack

    Nothing new. When I was a boy, my local dollar store used to get a mockbuster for each of Disney’s major animated releases. My parents, not knowing any better, would sometimes buy me one to tied me over until the Disney movie came out. Some of them weren’t bad, but others were horrible–anyone else remember The Secret of the Hunchback, in which Quasimodo’s hump broke open to reveal wings (yes, seriously)?

  • Elsi Pote

    Well they are not far off from the ton of crap (sans obvious feature exceptions) being produced north of the border. So more power to them for diversifying.

    • Ron Thornton

      Being produced in LA!

  • GS

    Ron Thornton? I did a little checking and sure enough, yes, it’s the same Ron Thornton who ushered in the use of CG on television with Babylon 5. Sorry to see him reduced to doing this sort of thing.

    • Ron Thornton

      Actually a good opportunity to test out a methodology that the big studios would be too scared to do! Bringing Game Engine tech into production??? Love it!

  • Marc Hendry

    I wonder if it’s possible to do a good looking cheap CG movie? I think it’d be possible if you were to simplify and not try to fake the Pixar/DW look

    • man, student work has been consistently better than these knock offs. just a little more effort put into the style and design of the characters/backgrounds can go a long way D:

  • Andrew Alderson

    I wonder if Disney and/or Pixar sues The Asylum for ripping off Finding Dory.

  • Paul M

    If ripping off the industry leaders gets a fledgling animation studio (or department) off the ground then I’m all for it, but it would by wise of them to have a plan for developing original work that takes a few risks – once the books are safely in the black.

    • mechasus

      I doubt it, though. The Asylum specializes in camp and mockbusters. I don’t think they’ll do anything legitimately original in animation or otherwise.

      • Paul M

        Agreed. Sigh. Maybe quick, cheap, dumbed down crap will always constitute the ideal cost-vs-profit business model for smaller studios, but one may hope.

  • quasimike

    That green ‘thing’ looks like Steven Tyler schtupped the Grinch by way of Marty Feldman. Ouch!

  • Mightyflog

    I have always been a big fan of the Asylum. Glad to see them get into the animation field only to show those big wig hollywood folks up. I think you could easily make a nice animated movie for 2 million USD. I wish the Asylum would produce creator owned projects from us smaller guys. Please fund me Robert. :)

  • mechasus

    Still looks better than Foodfight.

  • Mashed Potato

    My takeaway from this is Asylum wants to go up against Video Brinquedo.

    Now THAT’S one deathmatch I’d pay premium dollars to see.

  • Thomas Hufnagl

    Instead of doing another Finding Nemo rip-off how about making an over the top ” so bad it´s good” trash animated movie with an adult audience in mind?..Something like Sharknado only animated. That at least would make the studio stand out of the other ” animated knock-off” companies like Video Brinquedo.