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2008 Annie Award Nominations

The nominations for the 36th annual Annie Awards were announced today. Kung Fu Panda recieved 17 nominations including Best Animated Feature and individual nominations for character animation, character design, directing, music, production design, storyboarding, voice acting and writing. Walt Disney Animation Studios, led by Bolt, received 9 nominations and Pixar, led by Wall-E, received 8 nominations.

The nominees in the production categories are:

Best Animated Feature

Bolt — Walt Disney Animation Studios
Kung Fu Panda — DreamWorks Animation
$9.99 — Sherman Pictures/Lama Films
Wall-E — Pixar Animation Studios
Waltz With Bashir — Sony Pictures Classics/Bridgit Folman, Les Films D’ici, Razor Films

Best Animated Home Entertainment Production

Batman: Gotham Knight — Warner Bros. Animation
Christmas Is Here Again — Easy To Dream Entertainment
Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs — The Curiosity Company in association with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Justice League: The New Frontier — Warner Bros. Animation
The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning — DisneyToon Studios

Best Animated Short Subject

Glago’s Guest — Walt Disney Animation Studios
Hot Dog — Bill Plympton Studio
Presto — Pixar Animation Studios
Sebastian’s Voodoo — Joaquin Baldwin
Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death — Aardman Animations Ltd.

Best Animated Television Commercial

Giant Monster — Curious Pictures
Long Legs Mr. Hyde — Curious Pictures
Rotofugi: The Collectors — Screen Novelties
Sarah — Z Animation
United Airlines “Heart” — Duck Studios

Best Animated Television Production

King of the Hill — 20th Century Fox TV
Moral Orel — ShadowMachine
Phineas and Ferb — Disney Television Animation
Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II – ShadowMachine
The Simpsons — Gracie Films/Fox TV

Best Animated Television Production Produced for Children

A Miser Brothers Christmas — Warner Bros. Animation
Avatar: The Last Airbender — Nickelodeon
Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends “Destination Imagination” — Cartoon Network Studios
The Mighty B! — Nickelodeon
Underfist: Halloween Bash — Cartoon Network Studios

This years Winsor McCay recipients, previously announced, include Mike Judge, John Lasseter and Nick Park for career contributions to the art of animation.

Winners will be announced at the 36th Annual Annie Awards ceremony on Friday, January 30, 2009, at UCLA’s Royce Hall, in Los Angeles, CA. A complete listing of all the Annie Award nominations is posted on

  • Tom Pope

    The short subjects, though the ones I’ve seen ARE good, do seem pretty predictable as choices, with the possible exception of Sebastien’s Voodoo, which I haven’t seen. I would think there’s enough great shorts out there (well known example being Oktapodi) that you could get a more diverse group. I think the Oscars do tend to have more independents and internationals.

  • Don

    Wait….didn’t that Kung Fu Panda short just come out in November? If entries were due in October, then how would it possibly qualify?

  • Kevin H

    No Hertzfeldt?

  • EHH

    Bolt got more nominations then Wall-E? Nice surprise!

  • Rob T.

    Actually, Bolt only got five nominations; the other four Disney nominations were for Glago’s Guest. Of Pixar’s eight nominations, seven were for WALL-E and one was for Presto. Sorry, EHH, but WALL-E got more nominations than Bolt. (On the other hand, for Kung Fu Panda to get more nominations than WALL-E and Bolt together is just mind-boggling.)

  • Jason

    In regard to the movies, I’m pulling for Bolt all the way. In regard to the TV noms, I’m torn between Avatar and Underfist. Both were highly enjoyable in very different ways. And I’m pleased that Fairly Odd Parents got zilch. That show has *been* zilch for quite some time. I want to run for my handy-dandy portable soudproof booth every time that wife-hating boob Cosmo opens his big fat flash-animated mouth and that horrible voice comes out. It’s so high that dolphins throw themselves into tuna nets when he speaks. Auuughh!

    Morel Orel got nommed, huh? Spew.

    Hmmm…no noms for Spongebob. Well, it has been off of its game of late…

  • Chiskop


    any good nomination that is ahead of wall-e is a nice surprise.

    I hope kung fu panda wins, better yet, i wish these awards are a pointer to what oscar winners will be.

    Can’t wait for the oscar surprise. go panda go.

  • Surprising that Kung Fu Panda gained so many nominations and WALL-E gained so few.

  • Jules

    Conspicuous that Wall-E was not nominated for writing.

  • I just wonder, if Glago’s Guest is nominated, does that means it’ll get released? Will they release it with another film, on on home video/iTunes (maybe on the Bolt DVD/Blu-ray?)? Somebody tell, I really want to know!

  • Emily

    You can actually view Sebastian’s Voodoo on the creator’s website:
    It was made at the UCLA MFA Animation Workshop. It’s pretty cool to me that his film has been nominated. Congrats to him.

  • Kevin H

    “Conspicuous that Wall-E was not nominated for writing.”

    Not to dredge up old arguments, I loved the movie, but I think perhaps the weakest aspect of it for me was the third act problems…

    So I’m not too surprised in that respect. Though Madagascar 2 is a bit suspect.

  • bob

    how did Batman: Gotham Knight get nominated, it was a piece of garbage. and why the hell is Phineas and Ferb inbetween moral oral and robot chicken, dosnt it belong in Best Animated Television Production Produced for Children. its a damn kids show, and it sucks. why didnt The Spectacular Spider-Man get a nomination.

  • Sam Filstrup

    There’s some great choices up there I hope either Gotham Knight or Justice League: New Frontier win best home entertainment both were excellent films. As for the big one’s I’ve only seen Kung Fu Panda which was surprisingly very good compared to Dreamworks BeeMovie and Shrek the Third. Unlike previous years there all top contenders. I’ve yet to see most of the other nominees but I plan to check them out.

  • I will say this much for “Kung Fu Panda”–the animation on that turtle was frickin’ amazing.

  • Mike

    well if kung fu panda wins, maybe dreamworks will realize that type of film is about a billion times better than their pop culture referential crap… but it also means less movies will take risks like wall-e did… i personally loved watching the first forty minutes of pure acting without any dialogue. who knows.. i liked them both, i just liked wall-e more and was a little surprised panda got more than double its nominations.

  • Tom Pope

    Yes!! I take back a portion of my earlier comment. I have seen Sebastian’s Voodoo, at the UCLA show last year. It is indeed worthy.

  • PJ

    Ugh, I can’t believe Batman Gotham Knight was nominated for anything other than a surprisingly enormous waste of time. I’m an animation fanatic and a Batman freak and I couldn’t stomach that collection of awful.

  • Steve Gattuso

    “Sebastian’s Voodoo” got nominated for best short? WA-HOOOOO!!! I didn’t even realize he’d submitted it!

    It’s a good short, folks, by a young student animator at UCLA. Keep an eye on him, he’s going to go far.

    The only real surprises to me are in Writing for Feature and Home Entertainment, but I’d rather not go into detail as why.

  • Jacob

    The Simpsons is still up for consideration for “Best” of anything? I loved the show dearly, but it is a horrible mess now and has been for many years.

  • What about Presto? Where is the love?

  • Pieless

    I looked at this hours ago and I’m still trying to figure out why Moral Orel and Robot Chicken were nominated but Superjail wasn’t. I’d understand them ignoring Adult Swim as a whole, but this is just silly. There’s more interesting animation in one episode of Superjail than all five of those shows combined. Maybe it’s the over the top violence and gore turning off the nominators.

  • Hey, this is Joaquin (from the short nominee Sebastian’s Voodoo). If you guys haven’t seen the film yet, it’s been available for free on my site since the release day, it is at:

    The film was my second year film at UCLA, I’m working on my thesis now, just starting it.

    This is exciting!

  • Kurt

    Pieless, I am totally with you on Superjail. The unbelievable violence can become a little tiresome, but the rampage scenes at the end are always so much fun to watch. Augenblick does really great work and it would be nice if they were recognized for it, though Superjail! seems a little beyond the rather antiseptic Annie Awards

  • Chuck R.

    “I will say this much for “Kung Fu Panda”–the animation on that turtle was frickin’ amazing.”

    I’ll second that and add that everything about the turtle was amazing: the design, the writing, the voice and the animation. Is he the first cartoon character to go to his peace non-violently onscreen?
    For an unpretentious crowd-pleaser, Panda’s got a lot going for it. The color is absolutely stunning.

  • I really liked Kung Fu Panda too. The worst thing about it is its title; everything else about it is much better. Excellent design, a solid enough story, great acting. That it starts with a gorgeous 2-D sequence is another huge plus.

    I recently learned that PDI/Dreamworks runs on Linux. That seems like good karma to me.

  • Chris J

    I know it seems like heresy to find a Dreamworks film on the same level as Pixar, but Kung Fu Panda, although not as artistic, is simply a more entertaining movie than Wall-E. Appreciate Wall-E for the stunning piece of work that it is, but also appreciate that Kung Fu Panda was a dazzling piece of entertainment with a third act that actually seemed to make sense.

  • Glad to see some appreciation for Avatar The Last Airbender!
    And Mighty B!

  • Mr. Semaj

    “well if kung fu panda wins, maybe dreamworks will realize that type of film is about a billion times better than their pop culture referential crap… but it also means less movies will take risks like wall-e did… i personally loved watching the first forty minutes of pure acting without any dialogue. who knows.. i liked them both, i just liked wall-e more and was a little surprised panda got more than double its nominations.”

    Maybe the mere fact that Kung Fu Panda got so many nominations is enough indication for DreamWorks that there’s more to their end than the billionth reincarnation of Shrek, which wore out its welcome ages ago.

    Concerning another nomination, Seth MacFarlane apparently had to bug everyone to death in order to shore up a lone nomination for Family Guy.

  • I’m pulling for WALL-E.

  • Jeremy

    The Annie awards are a joke. Last year, if you remember they cheated all the short subjects because of there stupidity when it came to showing the films and then voting…and to not have Don Hertzfeldt’s “I am so proud of you” even nominated. What a joke. The whole organization is a farce.