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80 Animated Series Will Be Presented At Cartoon Forum in September

If you want a preview of the TV shows that European animation companies will be producing over the next few years, Cartoon Forum is the place to be.

Europe’s largest co-production platform for animated television and new media, Cartoon Forum announced yesterday that it has chosen 80 projects to present at its next edition, which will take place in Toulouse, France from September 13 to 16. The forum has a solid track record of bringing together European producers, distributors, investors, and broadcasters. In the event’s 27 years, they claim to have helped over 680 animation series obtain financing valued at over 2.3 billion euros.

This year the event selected projects from a record 22 countries, including for the first-time ever, an entry from Canada: Carpediem’s Snowsnaps. French animation companies lead the line-up with 26 projects, followed by the United Kingdom and Ireland, with nine and eight projects respectively. Ireland is also the subject of Cartoon Forum’s first-ever country spotlight. In addition to its eight projects, Irish studios will be presented during Croissant Shows, and there will be an Irish Farewell Dinner & Party.

Four projects will be presented apiece by Belgium, Spain and Germany, and three apiece from Finland and South Korea. The rapid growth of children’s broadcasters has created opportunities for producers from across Europe, and projects will also be pitched from Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Bulgaria, among others.

Over half of the projects are aimed at children 6-11 years, while 25% are preschool shows, and 10% aimed at young adults and adults. Notably, 50% of the pitches at Toulouse this year will have cross-media components, designed to be viewed on mobile phones, video game systems, tablets and online, in addition to television screens.

All 80 projects can be viewed on the Cartoon Forum website.

Cartoon Brew will attend and report from Cartoon Forum for the first time ever this fall.

Here’s a look at how the event works:

(Top image: “Bitkiz,” a project by French producer Dandelooo that will be pitched at Cartoon Forum this fall.)

  • UsaMiKo

    Dangit! European animators get all the cool stuff! I know that plenty of European animators lament having trouble funding their projects, but the fact that things like Cartoon Movie and Cartoon Forum even exist show that there is much higher sense of respect for animation over there. Here’s to hoping some good stuff gets funded!

  • ea

    I had no idea Boy and the World was getting a TV show.

  • max

    Those plant characters at the top are great!

  • mechasus

    Would American independent producers be allowed access to such an event?