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A Bob Hope Auction

This Saturday and Sunday, Julian’s Auctions is having a Bob Hope estate sale in Beverly Hills, California.

A friend of mine who once interviewed Hope asked him if he’d ever seen DC’s Bob Hope comic books. Hope replied he had — and that he saved every issue. It was in his contract to have copies of each issue sent to him as published. (I wonder what he thought of Super Hip?). Alas, those rare personal copies are not among the voluminous material being offered. Can you imagine owning Hope’s personal bound volumes of those beauties?

The only “cartoon” stuff in the catalogue (which can be viewed completely online) are some caricatures by Mort Walker, Milton Caniff, Russell Patterson and others (click on thumbnail below to see this lot). No Techincolor prints of any of the Paramount cartoons he was parodied in (like Popeye’s 20th Anniversary, pictured above), nor any autographed Frank Tashlin scripts. Oh well… thanks for the memories, Bob.

  • Karl Wilcox

    Bob Hope has always been (and will always be) my favorite comedian. He was the greatest. He was with us for one hundred
    years, and that still wasn’t long enough. He did indeed leave us
    with some wonderful memories.

  • Katella Gate

    When I lived in Palm Springs, you’d frequently see Bob at the post office, or out and about running errands. Everybody instantly knew who he was, but it was also very respectful: No crowding – no pestering (none that I ever saw, anyway). A few folks would come up and complement him on his work. He found time to speak at leisure to them.

    Bob was definitely “Old Hollywood”: Composed, courteous, and interested in his well-wishers. Pure class. Where did it all go?

  • Thanks to my wife (who used to work as a Hollywood charity fund-raiser), I’ve got my copy of THE ADVENTURES OF BOB HOPE No. 1 autographed by Ol’ Ski-Nose himself. (On a phone call, Mr. Hope mentioned his collection of BOB HOPE comics to Judith, proudly telling her that he had multiple complete collections of ’em.) It’s also been signed by my friend and co-worker, the late, great Owen Fitzgerald, who drew the entire funnybook!

  • Pedro Nakama

    Years ago I heard a story that Bob Hope had a room in his home that had files of every joke he ever told. After he died I wondered what ever happened to all of those jokes. I imagine the government seized them and has them stored in a warehouse somewhere. Those jokes entertained soldiers who won many great battles. They must not get into the hands of our enemies!