Ollie's Garage Sale Ollie's Garage Sale

An Animation Legend Has A Garage Sale

Ollie’s Garage Sale

The last surviving member of Disney’s Nine Old Men, Ollie Johnston, has moved to Oregon, and this past weekend, there was a quietly advertised estate sale at his La Canada home. I didn’t attend, but animator Mark Kausler (It’s the Cat) has a lengthy report on his blog (yes, he’s finally blogging!!) along with photos from the sale. DreamWorks animator Donnachada Daly also checked it out and shares a few of his purchases on his blog. Other folks on message boards—here and here—are also posting items they purchased.

  • There’s something very sad about this. When Ollie passes, an era of animation will truly be gone. But now its up to us younger folk to create a new era. Here’s hoping it’s just as worthy of the praise the nine old men truly deserved.

  • derick von fuscho

    yeah, very sad indeed

  • Besides the so-called “nine”, there were other Disney artists equally deserving of the title and the adulation. The moniker allegedly created some animosity among the ranks.

    I wonder if the people on the other message boards realize they probably bought copies of art and not the orignials as some think.

  • Does anyone know what is to become of the home itself? When I visited Frank and Ollie in the summer of 2003, Frank told me that he feared that both his and Ollie’s homes would be bulldozed eventually, as all of the other homes near theirs were large mansion type estates. He joked that the land was worth more than the houses.

  • Matt, it’s long gone. It’s just that people who made it great are dead or retired.

  • Ollie’s moving HERE??!!

    Oh my god, maybe I just MIGHT get a chance to meet him before he goes!!!


    A great pause when I saw this post. Of course I’m glad you had the chance to visit the place. And even pick up a few mementos from one of our favorite guys. So sad though that this era is all but gone. When Ollie passes I’ll reflect even more. So, thank you so much for sharing your visit with us. It’s through all of you who live out there that I get to read about my Heros and hear what they were really like.
    Thanks so much again for sharing.

    Please keep us up to date on how Ollie’s doing if or anyone can.

    Cheers from Phoenix AZ