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“Animaniacs” Show Tunes – Live!

Hellooo, Nurse! Animaniacs fans in L.A. later this month are in for a treat. Voice actor Rob Paulsen (Yakko) and composer Randy Rogel will perform songs from the Steven Spielberg/Warner Bros. animated series’ Animaniacs for a live podcast. On Friday night, July 27th, Paulsen and Rogel will take center stage at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal City Walk to sing some of Animaniacs most memorable tunes including Yakko’s World, Yakko’s America, I’m Mad, Variety Speak, The Presidents Song along with several musical numbers that never made it into the animated series. The 90-minute show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets can be purchased online. According to the press release:

Since 2011, Paulsen has been hosting his own weekly podcast series based around cartoons. The shows have been such a hit on iTunes; they’ve reached #1 in the audio Film and TV category. Some of animation’s biggest stars have been guests on Paulsen’s show including actor Mark Hamill, Debi Derryberry (voice of Jimmy Neutron and Speedy Alka Seltzer), Bill Farmer (voice of Disney’s Goofy and Pluto), Kevin Michael Richardson (voice of Cleveland Brown Jr. from The Cleveland Show), and Emmy Award winner Maurice LaMarche (voice of The Brain from Pinky & The Brain, The Chief on Inspector Gadget, Futurama) to name a few.

  • Rob’s podcast is by far one of the best I’ve listened to in a while; just more proof of how talented professional voice actors really are.

  • Animator-in-Training

    I can’t make it to the show, but I will definitely be tuning into the podcast. I highly recommend checking them out to anyone who hasn’t. Not only are they hilarious, but Rob and all his guests are so enthusiastic and good natured. They helped me get through the last couple weeks of wrapping up my own film. Listening to them talk about how much they enjoy their livelihood inspired me to push through those rough nights.

  • Animaniacs is one of my all-time favorite shows. Where can I listen to the live podcast when it happens?

    • howefitz

      I’m a huge fan of “Talkin Toons”, so I felt compelled to fill in the blanks for you, ParamountCartoons!

      The podcasts can be found on iTunes, or at Rob Paulsen’s website,

      The first ‘live’ podcast was with Maurice LaMarche, and was a BLAST! Really, every episode is highly recommended.

    • Ed Thompson

      I found a podcast with Rob Paulsen on iTunes, ‘Talking Tunes with Rob Paulsen’ but I did not find the one mentioned here. If you go to you will find his most recent shows, including this one.

  • wever

    His podcast has been on a roll! It’s been consistently among the top 5 most viewed on iTunes in several categories! I can’t wait to hear this one.

  • rnigma

    Randy Rogel wrote what it perhaps my favorite “Batman: the Animated Series” episode not written by Paul Dini (“Two-Face”).

    • rnigma

      I meant “what IS perhaps…” But “Two-Face” is one of the best B:TAS episodes (or two of the best, since it was of course a two-parter, though part 1 was better).

      I really enjoyed “Amimaniacs,” but I admit some segments were hit-and-miss, and many fans have their least favorite characters: for me, they were Hip Hippos, Katie Kaboom (the same joke retold with diminishing returns), and Chicken Boo – and only Bernadette Peters saved Rita & Runt.

      • Funkybat

        I find myself in almost total agreement with you rnigma. I loved Animaniacs, but even at the time saw clearly that some parts were better than others.

        The Hip Hippos seemed like a misfire from the start, though even then there were some funny lines and gags here and there in their shorts. Katie Kaboom was predictable (and was intended to be) but also wasn’t really all that funny (which I doubt was the intent.) Chicken Boo, well, there was a certain surreal humor in that one that the other laggards didn’t have, and Rita & Runt were appealing characters, but I would have trouble recalling the plot of a single one of their shorts off the top of my head.

        I would love to hear people’s “best of” votes. My top five are:

        #1: Slappy Squirrel
        #2: Pinky and the Brain
        #3: The Warners
        #4: The Randy Beaman kid
        #5: Mr.s Skullhead (Good Idea/Bad Idea)

        The rest of the recurring characters like the GoodFeathers and Buttons and Mindy fall somewhere in between the top and bottom, and the one-off or very occasional segments/characters ranged from hilarious to just OK.

        As for the Animaniacs haters, I would be love to hear what your top 5 cartoon series’ are. Animaniacs is one of mine, so it’s always fascinating to learn what others’ tastes are when they are clearly so different from my own.

  • Bud

    Good lord, the show was bad enough. Do we REALLY need this?

    • Luke

      No one’s pointing a gun at your head
      to make you go.

      Me personally, I’m very exciited, I adore the music in Animaniacs. And Rob Paulsen’s podcast is hilarious.

      • Bud

        I get it…it’s just that that kiddy show was awful and completely worth forgetting.

      • Planty

        And I must assume Johnny Test is either below Satan-tier or absolute gold to you

    • LOL!

    • wever

      There has to be someone going against the current, doesn’t there?

    • Joel

      Hello, John K.’s blog!

  • Mr-Famicom

    You Gainax and Spumco purists need to just leave us be, If you hate Telecom Animation Film’s output that much, just stay out of it, nobody is making you guys attend this (I do wish I can go, But I don’t live in the area).

    Anyway, I adore Tiny Toons and Animaniacs (like with most if not all of Telecom’s fans as it is their swan songs), and I think Rob Paulsen is one of the best modern voice actors of all time, I really do miss when voice act sound like voice actors and not like some guy off the street (like on Avatar/Korra), and whenever I hear someone who dose a voice and just ends up sounding like your next door neighbor, I just think to my self “Wheres Jim Cummings when you need him?!?” and look down on the whole thing, thank (Shigeru) Miyamoto that people like Koji Kondo and Jun Ishikawa are making sure that music dose not end up the same way (having the whole BGM being nothing be background diddly stuff like on again, Avatar/Korra).

    Anyway, thats just my 2 cents about it.