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Annecy ’08 Winners

Kunio Kato

The prizes for the 2008 Annecy Animation Festival were announced last Saturday. The top prize for short film, The Annecy Cristal, went to La maison en petits cubes by Kunio Kato. He is only the second Japanese filmmaker to win the Cristal, following Koji Yamamura who received it in 2003 for Mt. Head. The top Cristal prize for animated feature was awarded to Nina Paley‘s wonderful Sita Sings the Blues. It’s interesting to note that the major winners in both short and feature categories are 2-D works of animation. A complete list of winners can be found on the Annecy website.

  • Congratulations to all the winners and especially New York’s own, Paley and Plympton.

  • Annecy this year was great! Seen a lot of animations, met famous artists, etc.
    La maison en petits cubes was rightfully desirved. Pixar’s “Presto” really blew my mind, it was awsome!!!

  • Gru

    And two little prices for the school where I try to make some movies! The Traveller by Johan Pollefoort and Margot by Gerlando Infuso. Sorry for the selfish comment, but I’m very proud of my mates and I think The Taveller is a really good short, hope you could see it sometimes!

    But I wonder why La dama en el umbral and Morana won something… well, maybe I miss something…

    Any thoughts about the selection and the winners?

  • I used to really enjoy going to Annecy, in spite of the number of students. There are people who just do circuits of these festivals all their lives. I don’t know how they do it. Or how they make money to live.

    But Annecy lost its attraction for me.

    Some good films on this list though and some well deserved wins. I’ve never met Mr.Plympton but he’s one I admire hugely simply for being able to do what he does. His depiction of that famous act in Monica’s Untold Story is priceless.

  • iluvhatemail

    no link to videos? Come on Annecy, share the goodness. That Sita one definitely deserved to win.

  • Hey Amid! Sure was a WHOLE lotta cheating going on in “Sita”, I guess! How bout THEM apples? ;)

    (Way to go, Nina!)

  • So much for the demise of American animation and the notion that Flash couldn’t possibly have a part in creating something worthwhile. Big congrats to Nina – very inspirational!!! And to Bill Plympton as well – always inspirational!

  • Another truly deserved winner was the very last film in the shorts competition: Skhizein, audience award

    13 entertaining minutes about a man literally “besides himself”. If you can get it somewhere, watch it!

  • And how wonderful is it that one winner was done in Flash?? Way to go, Nina!!

  • Steve Gattuso

    More proof that Flash isn’t a flash in the pan.

    But the kudos really belong to Nina Paley, whose constant determination finally let her finish her feature. I’ve only seen two sections of it, but I hope to get to see the complete movie very soon.

  • PorkyMills

    Out of all of these, I’ve only ever heard of Sita Sings the Blues (and that too from Cartoon Brew). So how is an animation enthusiast supposed to watch these shorts? I don’t suppose they release a compilation of it, and I’m afraid I have no industry insider status to watch it at some event.