Annecy 2007 Annecy 2007

Annecy 2007 Selections


The official competition selections have been announced for the world’s longest-running animation festival, the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, which takes place this year from June 11-16.

224 films were selected from 1826 entries. The breakdown is:
* 51 short films in competition,
* 51 short films in panorama,
* 51 graduation films,
* 71 TV and commissioned films (34 TV series, 9 TV specials, 20 commercials, 6 music videos and 2 educational films)

If you have the opportunity to attend this festival, don’t miss the chance. It’s an experience you won’t forget.

  • * 51 short films in panorama

    Including one of mine, I am pleased to say!

  • amid

    Congrats Elliot! That’s awesome to hear.

  • robert

    Good Lord, who is doing the programming at Annecy these days? Not to sound like a party pooper, but I’ve seen over half those shorts in COMPETITION and I gotta say, they’re extraordinarily weak. C’mon, isn’t this supposed to be ANNECY?

  • Matt Jones

    I’m hoping this year’s festival will be a grand meeting of Animation Bloggers. Will you be there Amid & Jerry?

  • amid

    Not sure if I’m going Matt but I’m thinking about it. We gotta hang out if I end up heading over there.

  • Whoohooo!!! Our promo films is selected!! 2 guys competing with 19 big studio’s!!!!

    Culturele Zondagen from the Netherlands

  • Raphael

    Hi, who’s going to attend? I live in Annecy. Could be nice to meet some animators.

  • hi to everybody!see you in annecy,i hope!

  • Eric

    Ruby Gloom’s got a nod too, whoo hoo!

  • I think I’m going…Jerry can’t make it though. He’s heard the restaurants aren’t too clean- they can’t keep the snails out of their food.