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Annecy 2009 Winners


The 2009 Annecy International Animation Festival wrapped up a few hours ago in Annecy, France. Here is the link to the complete list of winners. Top prize for short film, the Annecy Cristal, was awarded to the Swedish film Slavar (Slaves), a CG piece about Sudanese children forced to work as slaves. A special distinction for short film went to David OReilly’s Please Say Something and the Audience Award was awarded to PES’s Western Spaghetti.

The Annecy Cristal for feature film was divided between two films: Henry Selick’s Coraline and Adam Elliot’s Mary and Max. Audience award for feature film went to Tomm Moore and Nora Twomey’s Brendan and the Secret of Kells.

Other notable awards include Cristal for best TV production to Alexey Alexeev’s Log Jam, best TV Special to Philip Hunt’s Lost and Found, music video to Karni & Saul’s “Float” for Flogging Molly, and best graduation film to Carlo Vogele’s For Sock’s Sake.

  • Nice to see stop motion getting some recognition!

  • Tristan

    Any info on whether or not more of the films will be released for online viewing?

  • amid

    Tristan: Many of the winning (and non-winning) films are already online. Readers who want to be helpful could look through the screening line-up and post links to the films already online here in the comments.

  • Saturnome

    Some of the winning ones:

    For Sock’s Sake have been on Gobelins’ website for more than a year :

    Western Spaghetti is on PES site of course:

    Please Say Something:

    There’s some excerpts from Slavar here:

  • Emill Fromm

    Blu? Priit Parn? Kaspar Jancis? Jonas Odel? 9.99? Paul Fierlinger? Is it normal the members of the jury to award themselves? Strange choice…

  • To be clear: the members of the juries did NOT reward themselves. Adam Elliot served on the shorts jury and Henry Selick the graduation films jury. Awarding art is a subjective process which will always leave something up for debate. During the awards ceremony, both Adam and Henry commented on the difficulty of choosing winners in their categories. It was a wonderful festival full of good films.

  • Dave Chua

    A great festival with lotsa awesome films. ‘Grats to the winners and all those showcased!

  • Phil

    “Karni & Saul’s “Float” for Floating Molly”

    I believe the band is called Flogging Molly, Amid.

  • Priit Parn’s new film was incredible.

  • Jip

    Slavar was impressive, as it was a real story told by real children. But animationwise it wasn’t that great. And certainly not the best of the festival. The other Swedish documentary I saw was much better. Maybe that wasn’t a competition film though.
    But it’s great the story of slaves is being told. Now if we could do something about the situation, that would be even better…