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Banksy’s Pet Shop Open in NY


Prankster/graffiti artist Banksy opened the Village Pet Store And Charcoal Grill in NYC yesterday. The tiny storefront installation, which is his first show in NY, runs through October 31. An article in the UK Independent offers more details about the show, including this statement from the artist: “I wanted to make art that questioned our relationship with animals and the ethics and sustainability of factory farming but it ended up as chicken nuggets singing.”

Though the only animation-related piece is the “aged Tweety” animatronic (picture above), the entire show should strike a chord with anybody who loves animation. The animatronics (including chicken nuggets, hot dogs, fish sticks, a make-up applying rabbit and a horny monkey) move in funny and unexpected ways that bring to mind an animator’s eye for detail. It’s also worth noting that the mechanics and the fabrication of the animatronics are top-notch Hollywood quality. (During my visit, I overheard from an insider that a large team of modelmakers and technicians was employed in producing the animatronics).

It’s located at 89 7th Avenue (between West 4th and Bleeker) in Greenwich Village. If you can’t make it, videos of the animatronics can be seen on the show’s website.

  • That aged Tweety is really great! Of course I can’t go (I’m from Spain) but I’m sure the rest of the stuff is great seeing this example. It actually looks nicer than some CGI designs.

  • Reader A

    So “Banksy” didn’t actually make any of the objects but instead conceived/designed them-or did he? I wonder how much his hand was in that aspect-and how much his ideas were plussed by the actual sculptors. I suppose that isn’t the point in this installation though.
    I mean, I don’t expect someone to actually manufacture a thousand items like the ones that fill the faux store, necessarily…but Ed Kienholz “sculpted” his found items into assemblages, to cite one example. In this case I do hope the talented animatronics people who did these things actually get credit, somewhere, somehow.
    It’s a neat idea.

  • Hank Gross

    The animatronics are awesome, but the ideas used to convey Banksy’s “message” are a bit unimaginative.

  • thanks! i heard about this last night, i really wanna check it out!

  • Wow… those animatronics are amazing!

  • Wes

    How does a show like this make money? Are they selling t-shirts or something, or do they sell those animatronics for an insane amount of money?

  • P.C. Unfunny

    Tweety looks like a poster child for euthanasia.



  • TJR

    Unfortunately, not all the links on their website are working. I went to Yotube to get look at that aging Tweety in motion.

    The whole thing was very cool and “Disturbingly fun”.

  • OM

    …That’s not Tweety! That’s a Dick Cheney fetus!

  • ChrisL

    Banksy is always amazing. This an interesting departure from his usual work. Nice to see he’s using his explosion of popularity to do crazy stuff like this.

    Seriously. Singing chicken nuggets. If that doesn’t make you smile, you must be dead inside.

  • Reader A

    “Seriously. Singing chicken nuggets. If that doesn’t make you smile, you must be dead inside.

    It may make you smile to read that, but it’s not in the show.

    As the NY Times points out (and as you can see by watching the videos) the “chicken nuggets” don’t make any sounds, just move a little. None of the “animals” make sounds. There’s sure no singing. But it sounds cute and funny so that quote of Banksy’s has made the rounds of most websites/reportage. Wonder if he’s seen the actual work the fabricators did? ; )

    The only cartoon character-y thing in the show is the psuedo-Tweety, who actually doesn’t fit with the style of the rest of the animals. In a way it sort of mars the overall impact of the concept for me.

  • rhinotonight

    i have trouble seeing bansky as “prankster, or renagade”. or at lest i do now.

  • The sausages are truly disturbing!