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Brad Bird Presents Dr. Zhivago

Dr. Zhivago

On Friday, October 3, Brad Bird will present a screening of David Lean’s Dr. Zhivago at the Skirball Cultural Center (2701 N. Sepulveda Blvd.) in Los Angeles. Tickets are $10 for general admission and $6 for students. Here is the website for additional details and tickets.

(Thanks, Matt Jones)

  • FP

    Will Bird do a runnning commentary or some kind of MST3K riffing? Because, otherwise, that movie is too boring to watch.

  • Dan

    You mean, Mr. Animation, Mr. Cartoon, Mr. Pixar/Disney/Warner Bros/Fox-Brad Bird is showcasing something that isn’t animated? There’s going to be an uproar. Is he going Cartoon Network too?

  • greg m.

    Brad used to screen many different films of this type for the crew of Iron Giant. His appreciation of film, no matter what genre, is second to none.

  • Brad Bird

    Nope. Just presenting the movie, and talking a bit about why I like the story. If you think David Lean is boring, or you’re just interested in animation, you should do something else that night. It’s not an animation thing, it’s just a film thing.

  • Dan

    Hey, now that’s cool! I was making a little jab at people on the brew who get all stirred up about “off-topic” posts. But, it’s great to hear from the man himself. I hope I can be there for the screening. Thanks Brad!

  • jip

    Wow Brad Bird actually talking here!
    Now I want to make a comment too, so I can be on the same page talking as him:D

    I never actually watched that film. And I won’t that night, because… I live in the Netherlands. But I certainly should watch this film.
    So thanks for reminding me!

  • Chris

    Wish I could attend, would love to hear Mr. Bird’s thoughts on anything, not only because I
    admire and respect his body of animation work greatly. From that I gather he’s an insightful thinker…
    Mr. Bird, if you’re reading my comment, how would you kindly suggest I reach you? Write to
    you through Pixar? I’m a self taught artist, where I am in the world I’m cut off from all
    things animation. I’ve wanted to meet you since I heard of you at 14. You could get my
    email from the cartoonbrew sitemasters perhaps?
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained…Hopefully my dream to meet you in some way may one day come true.

  • matt

    I love the story about the miles of white plastic laid down for a long shot of the house to look appropriately ‘snowy’.

    And personally I could see this time and time again for the music alone.

    Brad, if you’re still there – is this a restored/re-mastered print? It doesn’t say on the site.

  • This sounds great! David Lean is truly one of the greats. Is this a 70mm screening? I hate that I can’t attend this (I live in India), but I think such screenings are very important.

    Thanks for posting this Amid. It’s good to know that this site extends beyond “animation, cartoons, PIXAR, Disney, Warner Bros., Fox”. Some people need to expand their horizons, or as Mr. Bird pointed out – not attend.

    Like jip, I think I’ll be re-watching this one on DVD (sigh)!

  • Dan

    Hey Rohit, Maybe you could attend these presentations sooner than you think…if things keep going as they are we’ll all be in India. Sat Sri Akal!

  • A salute to Brad for this! Dr Zhivago blew me away when I first saw it at the NFT in London. I’d love to be there to hear what he has to say about it – no doubt it’ll be inspiring but sadly I’m on the wrong continent to attend. Any chance of a podcast of your intro, Brad?
    Rohit is right about needing to expand our horizons – animators need more inspiration than other animators if we’re going to produce fresh work, and we couldn’t do better than David Lean.

  • Great movie, although I’ll never need to hear the balalaika again. Worth it for Klaus Kinski.

    I’d like to see Ryan’s Daughter on the big screen…it’s the only Lean epic I haven’t had a chance to see in a cinema.

  • Bud Bread

    Also, I’d like to point out that on that same night across town I’ll be hosting Lean Cuisine’s Night at the Movies, and we’ll be showing Doctor Chicago.

  • If you can read this Brad, thanks, you dont know why im telling this, but really thanks, something that you make a few years ago maked me change my life, sorry for the bad english, take care.